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A Brief History of Adregon

The predecessors of the modern Adregonian people were bands of roving barbarians known collectively as the Adregoths. These bands had a habit of roaming from region to region until they inexplicably settled in the region now known as New Lemuria.

The center of the modern Adregonian territory was gained when the Adregoth army invaded and conquered the ancient Kingdom of Terragon, as well as number of other neighboring territories. Upon the end of the conquest, Theodoric, the warlord of the Adregoths, proclaimed himself as the first King of the newly formed Kingdom of Adregon.

Adregon's classical era was personified by the institutionalization of previously barbaric practices, as administered under Queen Quetzalli.

The Kingdom of Adregon expanded from a city-state to a larger territory through the conquest of King Osmund.

Centuries later, Adregon was reclassified as an empire during its expansion into previously uncharted areas of New Lemuria. During this time, the region as a whole began to fear the nation as an upstart hegemon, that could prove to be a threat if ever angered. The Emperor Frederico III personified the imperial desire to expand and absorb all the empire could contain.

Unfortunately, a growing state of economic inequality coupled with major shortages of every vital resource led to a large-scale revolution and the nation was renamed the Principality of Adregon, losing much territory in the process. Despite making advances in social issues, the new government's policies had the effect of crippling the economy without making most of the citizens any better off. Despite the best efforts of Chairman Helianthus, the empire began to dissolve.

Following a series of conflicts in neighboring countries, Adregon deployed the full strength of its military and conquered several nearby nations; more than doubling the territories held and regaining several of its previously held colonies.

During the Great New Lemurian War, Adregon gained control of yet more territory, including the remainder of its former colonies, in addition to gaining international acclaim for the fierceness of its reinvigorated military. However, the citizens had begun to chafe under the strict regulations and restrictions of personal liberties imposed by the state. Notable quantities of civil unrest threatened to break up the primary territory until Chancellor Amestris gained enough influence over the revolutionary council to re-establish a multi-party basis for the parliament and institute economic reforms, installing herself as Archon.

International arms races and spikes in espionage caused seemingly innumerable conflicts, through which Archon Artorius gained popularity through a devastating series of counterstrikes that left surrounding nations greatly humbled.

After the end of the war, continuing military and economic conquests began to strain foreign relations and the nation was eventually persuaded to stop its expansion, as it already controlled more territory than it could realistically fill. This finally gave way to modern times, the rule of Archon Rakiya, and the continuing issues that now face the nationstate.