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The Celestial Retinue

The Retinue

The Celestial Retinue is a congregation of powerful entities completely loyal to their common lord, Sik'vdili Theondume Khurvash. The retinue consists of angels and demons, immortals and mortals, all retainers and indeed high ranking servants of Sik'vdili.



Sik'vdili Theondume Khurvash, Wrathking, Lord of Strife, Benefactor of the Celestial Army, the Wandering God, the Many Aspected One, the Blackmarked Reaver, God-King of At'asi Mamakats'i, Soulclaimer, the Black Rider, the Raven, Blademaster of the Seven Arts, God of Power, the Wildfire, the One-Eyed Mystic, the Silent God, Stormcrown, Iceblade, Flametongue, Emperor of the Dark Sea, Arkyr the Grey God, the Aeternus, the Father of Gramor, the Archdaemon of Ku-Vun, Ildrvan the Unnering, Ydmyk of Valores, Keinthurah the Windcaller, Axebearer Lord. He needs no introduction. He is the Lord of the Celestial Retinue, He who they all have sworn fealty to. He can be benevolent or malicious, but he can never be a good enemy to have.


The Wolfknight

Crown Prince Aegis

High Captain Aesj of the Honorguard

Gramor Halfgod

Grand Admiral Kjell

King Dagobert Urzogsson of Ordhr

Neyema the Huntress

Grand Assassin Tor, Son of Tor, Son of Tor

Blademistress Sceafa

Varessil the Golden Snake

Archus Gabriel of the Scy-Re

Dark Lord Firion

Master Rathian of the Tavari

Warlord Durash of the Krathor

Vampire Lord Th. Varmo

Count Tyramin

Lord Emperor Aldis of Lesari

Grand Warlord Yaxmar of Zielony

Peryn Eramant, Lord of the Hidden Cities

Alric Lacrelle, Sovereign of Starspire

The Warden of the Pale Lands

Lord Governor Tyr Hrafnsson of Fimbulvetr

Kuvunda, Demon King of Pain

Dhaka, Demon King of Torture

Korrvod, Demon King and Grand Warlord of Ku-Vun

Deathmonger, Demon King of Psychological Torture

Morag, Assassin to the Demon Kings

Shvilo, Demon Prince of Ku-Vun, Son of Sik'vdili

Riskhva, Demon of Wrath

Nadirobis, Demon of the Hunt

Xxheel, Fallen God of Alchemy and Dark Spirit

P'at'ara the Executioner