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The Manifesto of my ideal political party

Unhappy with the current political programs, i decided to create one of my own that completely reflect my views of how society should change for the better, that covers everything from social policies to the form of the government.

Program of the liberal monarchic party

Monarcoliberalism is a technoutopic liberal monarchical political ideology born to reform the political system, starting from the very concept of "republic".
We promote a programmatic change of the political life of our society towards greater innovation and reduced political influence in the life of our citizens.


Replacement of the republican head of state/support for the royal family of the country
The job of the Head of State is to represent the family unity of the nation and not the party interests. The "monarch" as a ceremonial figure exists in republican nations as a figure elected by parliament and as such corrupted by deceptions and party interests. It is no coincidence that in the Transparency International list of the least corrupt countries on the planet, 7 of the 10 least corrupt nations are monarchical. Republican heads of state represent a side of politics, the deep state of communist and democrat state employees who are unable to represent family unity like a ceremonial head of state can.

Innovative healthcare
As proven by the economic studies of the major universities in the world, privatizations allow to improve the quality and scientific research of health services and the competition to lower prices by creating a network of hospitals in competition with each other and responsible towards their consumers, due to a reform necessary to increase the power of the consumer to allow him to report directly and more easily the doctors who commit medical errors, with greater penalties for those who commit medical malpractice and remove health from the hands of local policy, so that medical managers are not appointed more by the local government but by a board of directors that assesses their work.
The emphasis on the privatization of healthcare for greater innovation should be with a reduction in doctors' wages, a digitization of healthcare services and a partnership with multinationals such as Amazon and Google to improve the quantity and quality of drugs and medical equipments.

Maintaining, implementing and strengthening the basic income and the disability pensions.
By working on the healthcare offer to improve and innovate it and thanks to the lower costs for health by the state, the best approach is to enhance the demand and the consumer through a substantial increase in disability financial benefits, considering that disabled people are the greater consumers of health services, and with greater individualization with a limitation of the powers of their curators and their guardians, trying to remove it for most of the cases and also making the use of this figure more difficult for public administrations.

As for the Basic Income, it is a effective anti poverty that in Italy has allowed millions of families to increase their purchasing power and lift them up above the poverty line, and as such is also the intention of the Party to discuss with the Central Bank the proposal to give $200 for each person, including those in the Citizenship Income program to replace a part of the Quantitative Easing, increasing savings and consumption, and at zero and non-inflationary cost for the taxpayer .

Welfare, justice and dismantling of the collective welfare model:
As the cornerstone of the family unit, one of the main tasks of an individualistic and monarchist party is a policy oriented towards the family and the birth rate, currently in danger due to policies that make society inadequate to raise children due to lack of social and economic opportunities. We believe that some of the unemployed who receive citizenship income that the private sector and the market cannot absorb, must be trained and then employed to build a few hundred thousand homes a year and recover dilapidated housing in the country. After that, we should give these houses to couples residing for at least two generations in our country who want to have a child with interest-free loans and without a deposit. This policy should encourage the birth rate. Couples should therefore repay 100% of the loan, but if they had 1 child 25% of the loan should not be repaid. If they had 2 children, 50% of the loan would be canceled, 3 children, 75%, and finally with 4 children 100% of the loan would be canceled. So if a couple has 4 children, they get a house for free. This helps to stop population decline. Another thing that stops population decline is having a wonderful country where you would like to raise your children, and be happy and have a purpose. Many people don't want to bring children into the world in most western countries.
As part of the fight against the collective welfare system, we are support the dismantling of associations by placing the emphasis on the protection of the individual's right and not of the group, by taking away the funds for any association related to matters such poverty management. Prisoners should work in (mostly private) prisons that provide them with training skills so that they can better fit into society. We continue to oppose the death penalty and the absurd ideas of chemical castration or any kind of unproductive punishment.

Creation and improvements of existing special economic zones:
As an essential part to boost the economy, and taking example from the extraordinary success of China, the country should open for business, from the north and south and along the coasts, in each region some special economic zones without taxes, customs and with subsidies and easy regulation to open industrial logistics areas and branches of companies especially in high-tech sectors in the land and in ports, with favorable agreements with companies such as Samsung to use logistics and plants for the production of televisions and computers.

Privatization of public transport services and financial incentives for the use of cars and private aircraft:
No means of transport has ever been attacked in this collectivist era as much as the automobile. Far from being a mean of transport to be repealed or limited, the car is a key good that allows citizens to enjoy maximum freedom of movement and transport, and reducing the problem of overcrowding in state and local cities that cause risks of disease contagion. Therefore, in our program we foresee the total exoneration of all taxes on the first car, the repeal of excise duties on fuel and a decrease in the tax burden on driving schools and on car registration fees and car stamp and the introduction of the Swiss toll model that include a mandatory annual subscription of 40$ to use all the highways in the country at no additional cost.

We shall also introduce a 9.99$ netflix-style subscription per month for self-driving electric car sharing, which will be important for the poorest people(that will be lifted up with a basic income) to enjoy freedom of movement, or for people who just don't want or can't purchase a car).

The public transport system should exist, as long as it doesn't crowd out the car, and be totally privated, so that it's managed the most efficiently.

Support for nuclear energy in all of its forms (Fission and Fusion, sources as both uranium and thorium):
The clueless opposition on nuclear power was caused by the implosion of the Chernobyl nuclear power and the outcome is that nuclear-free countries have higher electric utility costs. We want to give energy companies the opportunity to build more nuclear power plants, thus creating highly specialized scientific and well-paid jobs in nuclear engineering.
Nuclear power is the effective and definitive solution to drastically reduce C02 emissions and cancel
the country's contribution to climate change. France, in fact, produces 30 million tons of C02 less than Italy thanks to nuclear power, and France is the largest European exporter of electricity, while Italy country is the largest importer. Italy, like France, has negligent fossil resources and the yield of solar and wind power plants is prettu low, the total factor capacity of a nuclear power plant is 90% and one gigatone, the same production as three solar power plants and of two gas plants, 7 of the 10 most productive energy plants in the United States are nuclear, reflecting clear evidence of the effectiveness of the nuclear solution.
We intend to create a free energy market market by reducing the costs and the size of any energy authority.
We intend to collaborate with India, China and France for the application of thorium as a possible choice with uranium altogether(thorium is much more abundant than uranium, doesn't create radioactive waste and you can't create nuclear bombs from them) and for the advancement of nuclear fusion research (a type of energy supply in development that would quickly outperform all other sources. Nuclear fusion power plants in the future would guarantee a long-term source of energy from hydrogen atoms without any type of emission)

To give our companies a last chance before failing, we support opening up negotiations with bankrupt private companies to restructure them in a effective way.

War on drugs:

One of the most puzzlings things about our time is that governments do not campaign enough against recreational drugs, thus allowing ignorance and misinformation to arise, spreading some of the most powerful drugs that ruins countless lives.

Thanks to the lack of anti-drug campaign of the authorities, people do not know how to reduce drug addiction, do not know that drugs are nothing but a poison that causes short lived pleasure and lifelong harm, they do not know that drugs inflict permanent damage to the brain, devastating our brains areas that belong to our memory, our feelings, our personality, our intelligence, our vital functions, and more.

The choice of governmental authorities of not wanting to oppose recreational drugs on the mass media or to make them of little impact does nothing but fuel the suspicion that what had been said for decades is true, that is, that drugs are useful to the government to spend more money on drug addiction rehabilitation services and further expand the public healthcare system.

Effective anti-drug campaigns could easily be carried out, for example by showing the permanent damage that drugs inflict on the brain (which is the only part of the body where cells cannot recover as easily), and by supporting the war on drug cartels and supporting the efforts of judges and investigators to conduct cocaine, heroin and narcotic traffickers mapping. Mapping of Ndrangheta, Mexican Drug Cartels and the Nigerian Mafia should be a priority and promoting alternative materials such as silk, bamboo, and any cellulose cloth for industrial and cosmetic uses compared to Hemp that has psychoactive potential, Hemp is nothing but a fad.

Environmental policy: Removal of compulsory recycling and massive use of incinerators:
In addition to nuclear power, in order to greatly reduce utility costs and the toxicity of waste by destroying it, we promote the use of waste-to-energy plants to produce electricity and dispose of waste by converting it into energy, as is widespread in Denmark today.

In foreign policy, we should just conduct respectful and balanced relationships with and within our allies.

Tax reform:
Introduction a tax reform to download all the annual amount of medical expenses in the income report avoiding bureaucracy.

Renovation of the main airports in an international effort to reintroduce the air ferry capable of loading both vehicles and people in the same cargo plane.

Education and research:
We support a significant increase in R&D spending, and the creation of scholarships for STEM teachers in schools and additional funding for start up STEM companies, as well as promoting technical and vocational college, and introducing a progressive college system tuition based on the income, the more you earn the more you pay, and digitalize the classroom to promote e-learning.

Fiscal policy
A good fiscal policy exists when the private sector grows faster than the public sector, while fiscal ruin is inevitable if public spending grows faster than the productive part of the economy.
The part of the GDP that makes up the private sector is expected to grow faster than public spending. Balancing the budget inevitably causes a cost to the nation's wealth due to tax increases and the use of deficits and debt makes the country fiscally vulnerable. The solution is to adopt a golden rule that could be implemented regardless of whether a country is in deficit or in surplus. This rule states that the growth of nominal public expenditure should be less than the growth of the economy. If nominal GDP increases by 1% and therefore tax revenues increase accordingly, the growth in public spending should be 0.5%. Over time this solution allows to reduce the deficit, the debt, to preventing increasing taxes and also helps to reduce public spending as percentable of the GDP. It can allow for future tax decrease and increasing public spending in surplus conditions once the deficit has been repaid. Therefore, we propose an amendment that replaces the spending review with the follow up spending. This fiscal policy predicts that public spending will rise more slowly than future revenues. So, at any government level, if, for example, tax revenues increase nominally from 800 to 830 billion/million in five years due to non-exceptional growth, it would make sense that public spending moves from 810 (In deficit of 10 billions/millions) increased to 820(A surplus of 10 billion/million compared to 830). This will allow to reach a budget surplus without austerity.

Social security policy:

Reform of the social security system with individual financial funds, partially covered by safe-haven assets:
The Social Security of old age pensions has proven to be a Ponzi scheme, too expensive for the new generations and for the taxpayer with a very modest return, and with mistakes in inflation indexing of benefits. We propose that this bankrupt system should be replaced by a system of private retirement funds covered by various assets, especially gold and silver, which are deflationary and have a significant return over time to even the poorest employee to enjoy a good return for retirement, so that the taxes that should go to Social Security to be returned to the employee to promote its freedom of choice and improving their financial literacy.