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Gurkland in general(Wiki)



Motto: Ab ovo, usque ad mala

Anthem: "LinkIf Elephants Could Fly"
Original Composer: Marcus Warner

Planet owned by the Nation of Gurkland: First 4:
(Starting on the top left: Munilla ,Krafitelia, Belleste and Verdotia)

Population: 9.800.000.000(Munilla).

Capital: Sheoth
Largest City: Sheoth.

Official Language: English.

National Languages: English, Latin, Japanese, German and Italian coming from Madokamic encoded runes.

Demonym: Gurklandian

Government: Gesellian Democratic Parliamentary Monarchy.

Technomancy(Gained in the transition to a Type I Civilization).
- King/Queen: Mitriel Vulanio.
- Viceroy: Luke Mccratowitch.
- Prime Minister: Daniel Kochino.
- Speaker of the House: Petego Riposi.
- Chief Justice: Jennifer Yoshimoto.

Legislature: People's Chamber.
- Upper House: Legislative Council.
-Lower House: House of Commons.

Establishment: from No Nation.
Independence: 13 March 10.000 B.C.

Land Area(Exclusively Munilla): kmē 1,523,654,552.
Water Area: kmē 6.094.618.211.
Water %: 80%

GNP (nominal): $100175.6 Sixtillions.(1.00175 Quadrillion Freigelds.)
GNP (nominal) per capita: $102200 trillions(102,220 Freigelds).

Currency: Freigeld.

Time Zone:(Not located in the Earth).

Drives on the: (They use Teleport and they drive their spaceships and Flying anti-gravity cars on the center).

Calling code: +745

Internet TLD: .Gk


The Parliamentary Monarchy of Gurkland, also commonly called Gurkland is a nation with the current status of Megapower in a small bubble of space and ocean of the multiverse. It occupies a vast territory of more than 100 planets component of every shape, size, structure, and physical laws, but the four most famous are Munilla, Krafitelia, Belleste and Verdotia, representing the four major standard atmospheric conditions of all the other planets. It is an economic power of all respect and the few independent nations surrounding are all subjected to its massive influence and economically dependent on it, which Gurkland is the largest supplier of witchcraft and supertechnology. It is a futuristic nation ranking Type II.8 in the Kardashev scale and with some ability of VII Civilization due to divine influence. The nation's GNP is a stunning 100175.6 Sixtillions dollars and the national currency is the Freigeld. The per capita GNP is 102200 trillions dollars.
The economy is based almost entirely on the private sector. The tertiary sector made up the 93% of the economy. Secondary is 6% and primary at 0.1%. All individuals have a big capital and manage their own magic private island.
The industrial sector is fully automated to instantly produce futuristic mass goods and it is held by a large number of hard-working clones.
The major economic activities are galactic engineering, cosmic education, biological and genetic manipulation, magic fitness, cell regeneration and designing of alternative realities.


Gurk in the ancient language of the Grummites of the Shivering Isles means cheese. Other meanings related to the word '' Gurk '' are wealth and prosperity. '' Land '' is the English word for the land. The name of the country was decided in honor of the Passion of Sheogorath for the cheese. '' Gurkland '' is '' Land of the cheeses ''.

Gurkland borned in 10.000 B.C. with the spontaneous union of all the tribes who have had contact in the Central Continent in a meeting of the 17 mythical clans who agreed to assign absolute power to the DemiGod Mitriel. The concepts of separation of powers was in fact unknown at the time and the tribes were entrusted to the most clever merchants and entrepreneurs with an admirable reputation to hold the reins of command in hopes that their tribes flourished as their commercial traffic. Mitriel was the creator of the planet and descended as a bourgeois man who made a fortune with vegetable wool production and sale: it is a super soft man-made material for industrial and home use. Given his fame, the coronation was unanimous with the advice of members from the clans.
It was a Kingdom with a primitive level of technology rather similar to that of the Shivering Isles. Mitriel was known by the nickname ''technocrat'' for his preference for pragmatic decisions over ideological ones. He get a enviable reputation as a Wise King and commanded Gurkland as powerful monarch for 4351 years.
The political and civil liberties were not yet sufficiently developed in this era for security reasons and ignorance.
From 9947 B.C To 5203 B.C.:
A long chain of events has made sure to create a world government with Mitriel residing in power and the Birth of Religion.
Among these, there are remarkable points worthy of consideration:
In 9947 B.C. the Appearance of Madoka came. The gigantic and hyper-powered spirit of Madoka appeared in the skies of Gurkland and her voice boomed across Gurkland in the event known as the Revelation and various diplomatic relations occurred between Madoka and Mitriel of Gurkland who welcomed her in the nation. The power of Madoka is by far superior than any inhabitant of the nation and the Advisers were initially suspicious of her intentions. Contrary to expectations, Madoka has proven more useful than useless and caused a great leap forward in reforming the physical structure of the planet and strengthening the magical force of Munilla. With its ability Madoka is worshiped as a omnipotent Goddess and in the territory her Church borned and attracted many people. Once created Madokaism, the crown was blessed by the Goddess offering Mitriel a divine mandate to legitimize his absolutist reign.
In 5649 B.C. a liberal philosophy in embryo begins to accumulate popularity in the nation's most exclusive academic halls up to get to cascade effect in the tittle-tattle of the common farmer. Combined with an artistic and intellettual pseudo-Enlightenment revolution, this led Mitriel to grant soon the legislature in the form of representative democracy to people's elected parties. In return, it is allowed for Mitriel to join the main Freemasonic organization for the purpose of ceremonially reign forever. The Citizen advisers becomes a unicameral parliament. It held several annual elections who see the democratic and progressive parties controlling Gurkland for 7 out of 10 times in 118 years, getting the result of a Social Democracy with universal free education, poor free enterprise and monopoly on many areas.
Perhaps the hardest moment for Gurkland was its 5531 B.C. Great economic recession. Inexplicably, the GNP fell by a average of 3% for 8 years. It was appointed a commission of economists who later was called the Economist League for Prosperity. After several liberalizations, privatizations and aggressive stimuli packages the crisis ends in 5523 with a GNP growth at 1.4%. Peaceful disapprovals followed one another against the politicians and the clumsy Prime Minister Betty Umory for its inability to cope with various economic dislocations and the public debt at 184% of GNP. Within the inhabitants it breathed an atmosphere of discouragement. After the end of the recession, the King understood that to continue to rule he had to make heavy sacrifices of power-holding. With its influence in parliament, he pointed out to all the parties that the fiscal management must be in the hands of the same people to govern themselves. It was created a lower house in each city to replace cities councils and regional members and allowing each citizen to vote from a distance.
5203 B.C. Switching from a civilization of Type O to Type I.
1 A.D Gurkland become a civilization of Type II. The Dyson sphere is completed and the potentials of the sun Munilla are fully exploited. The Prime Minister Britich of the Economist League starts the colonization of interstellar space and the first planets are colonized. Belleste quickly is inhabited by the first settlers of Gurkland.
2007 A.D. Step forward and Gurkland become a civilization of type II.8 by this age. All the planets of the Gurkland's universe are populated.
In the Shivering Isles, meanwhile, it happens a
ponderous land invasion of the soldiers of Jyggalag and Gurkland can not do anything but remain neutral and isolationist as it has done everytime with its neighbors. An unknown person alone defeats however Jyggalag and is declared as the new prince of madness.
Present age: Mitriel begins the first contact with this person who immediately becomes one of the closest allies and a economic boom is created in the Shivering Isles. Until now Gurkland in fact has never traded with Sheogorath and the relations with him were cold and detached.
A treaty of alliance was signed between the two leaders, the treaty is called: '' Security for trade ''. Gurkland assigned to the Shivering Isles the status of favored trading partner in exchange for assistance of sending Aureal and Mazken soldiers to protect the nation in a process that sees Gurkland incorporate the Shivering Isles.

See Main planet features.

Gurkland's people is gentle, quiet, intellectual, greedy. All Whites have Bretons features. The most common hair color is Hazel, and common eyes colors are blue sea and green emerald. The most common pets are the pegasi and the sheep. They have a symbolic importance for the people of Gurkland. The Pegasus represents Gurklandian's democratic spirit, and the sheep the ease of social aggregation of the latter. The Gurklandians are cohesive and the decisions of the group are ultimately chosen by the majority.
The planet of Munilla has a population of 9 billion people. Half the population has European features. The other half is physical Asian. There are minorities of blacks. All these people altered their bodies to gain superpowers and there is an extensive trade in services dedicated to genetic engineering. The main language used is English.
Religions that compete in the primacy of adoration by the people are the veneration of Madoka and a philosophical masonic religion denominated the Cult of Reason. See Religion affilations of Gurkland.
Sheep girls and other legendary herbivorous animals and spirits inhabit the many elysium-like fields in the large empty areas of the countryside.

Gurkland is a parliamentary monarchy with legislative power evidenced by the chambers of ordinary citizens, who have full control over fiscal policy and can put into impeachment the King after sound and concrete proofs shown to the Supreme Court and accepted by the Legislative Council.
The Legislative Council of professional representatives has the hand on foreign policy, has the duty to enforce the constitution separately to the Supreme Court with the constitutional amendments.
The Prime Minister has the executive power to direct internal politics and public administration.
The Monarch is the commander in chief of the armed forces and presides over the course of foreign policy. Each planet is dependent on the central power in accordance to Rule According to Higher Law. Every Gurklandese Planet can not pass laws without the decision of the central government and the inhabitants of that planet. Most of the laws passed by the people and executed at the national level must be analyzed and can be modified by the Legislative Council.
Internationally, Gurkland is characterized by rejection of armed intervention, and has always supported the strategy of the international peaceful diplomacy.

Foreign Relations and Military
Gurkland in the multiversal scenery acts as inspector of freedom in the multiverse in which it resides. The nation is collaborationist by nature and it is capable of overthrowing hostile governments with its highly advanced intelligence system. Gurkland has a high density of secret agents capable of trapping entire worlds inside artificial matrix created ad hoc.
The Gurkland's army is made up of powerful Aureals and Mazkens equipped with tachyon weapons and physical protection, iris mind control lasers, teleportation, healing and invisibility powers. Both races are less than 1% of the population for the dispropotionate sex ratio in favor of females. No Aureal or Mazken can permanently die because they regenerate with their own intact consciousness in their own respective sources.
The Secret Service, the Aureals and the Mazkens are loyal to the triumvirate of the King, the Goddess and the Nation. By code The Secret Service is slightly more loyal to the King, the Aureals slightly more loyal to the Goddess and the Mazkens to the people.


The economy of Gurkland is interstellarized, extremely independent and self-sufficient being the primary economic center in his multiverse. Nevertheless, it is open to trade and has a beneficial presence on its smaller neighbors.
Economic activities are managed in principle by private individuals that by surpassing the need to work they are replaced by a method of post-scarcity of economic goods, emerging out all citizens as entrepreneurs of themselves, an economic system knows as Proprietism.
The spectacular GNP is due to a population of Homo economicus made so by the pervasive informal and formal financial knowledge universally accessible to all in addition to a motivated and widespread awareness of its business duties, an open and dynamic market at all levels and a system of public incentives to preferential schemes for innovation in governmental and non-governmental sectors alike.
Bureaucratic control is minimized at the essential with a non-cumbersome legal system.
Its biggest trading partners are Hugs and smiles, Fortitudinem, the Shivering Isles(of which is the largest donor of economic aid and exporter. Within 7 years and still today Gurkland donated and invested $3005 sixtillions and made the Shivering Isles from a primitive country to a great power) and Elysium.