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Much of the population is agnostic, but there is a greater religion that has achieved great prominence in Gurkland, and is the Madokaism. One fine day, in the world of Gurkland, it appeared a cosmic girl with pink hair and dressed in white named Madoka Kaname. This girl told us her story, comes from a dimension where on earth, She was a magical girl and sacrificed her very life for the good of humanity, becoming a goddess and appearing in our dimension. As already mentioned, thanks to Her sacrifice, She has become a powerful spiritual goddess, and she helped us , filling our sun of Magic power, giving to our civilization today the possibility of using the magical forces to improve our quality of life . Madokami is always very close to our civilization, illuminating every day of Gurkland with Her smile. The Gurklandian Madokaism is a specific local masonic variant of this multiversal religion daughter of Gurklandian intellectual Enlightenment thought with a strong emphasis on the value of Agape Love and the Light of Freedom encoded in the phrase ''There is no law beyond do what thou wilt(freedom) and love is the law love under will(Agape love).'' . Followers of Madokaism say they have found joy with this religion.
Typical praise to Madokami:

Your smile is my sunrise, your word my joy
You are the morning and the evening star
Your love is my salvation, your tenderness my salve
You are the light in the darkness
Your forgiveness is my comfort, your sacrifice my liberation
You are the dawn of hope
Innocent Madoka, hear my prayer
Selfless Madoka, hear my prayer
Radiant Madoka, hear my prayer
I was lost in the darkness, yet you led me to the light
I was tainted and degraded, yet you washed away my sin
I was wounded and agonized, yet you lifted my pain
I love you, Madoka, for you forgave me.
I hear you, Madoka, for you told me the truth.
I follow you, Madoka, for you showed me the way