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Main Planets features.


Big enchanted planet headquartering this civilization. Surronded by a magical aura whose effects can be felt in all the inhabitants. The atmosphere is covered with breathable gases for man (even if it is not oxygen), the gravity is light and a person will feel much stronger and lighter capable of doing high jumps. This place is aseptically from the point of view of dirt and negative, dangerous viruses and bacteria. This utopian planet does not allow anyone to get hurt because, automatically creates an invisible barrier in every person that makes it stronger than steel. It is glittering world with many artistic wonders and everything shines in its charming finesse. Natural resources are a major sea with fresh, blue and very clean sea. Mineral resources are precious metals, even if they are not so valuable because of the extremely common factor. There is plenty of metals that are precious in the earth, but the main difference is that these stones possess magical and spiritual properties and have concrete effects in human life, which makes the crystal therapy a true science and worthy of curiosity in the education system of Gurkland. The soil is rich mainly in amethyst, rock crystal, emerald, aquamarine, sapphire, topaz, garnet, and not least the iron.


As you may have noticed this planet lies within a starry purple sky. It is a trading post and is the closest planet to the shivering isles, and obeys more or less the same physical laws. Rich in amber, has a well-balanced ratio of water and land and is the planet closest to the earth among all these four planets. The atmosphere is covered with oxygen, nitrogen, and a small portion of carbon dioxide.


Another planet covered with magical aura and similar to Munilla, but less dilapidated. The landscape is covered with purple shining gas.


Green medium-sized planet in a empty interstellar space. Breathable but not protective and not covered by any magical ability. It is extremely rich in tropical forests, plants and serves as the main planet where obtaining biological resources for instructional use. The soil has impenetrable jungles giving visitors the illusion of standing in a remote natural labyrinth. It is the national pastime for immature Munillanians to play on this planet.