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Indexes of Gurkland.

Gun Danger Index(Called vulgarly by Terrestrials ''Gun Rights Rating''):

The day 25/12/2014, during the period of the birth of the Son of Jehovah (Jesus) Gurkland participated in a conference with questions and answers with the same for all other nations of the other dimensions to clarify how accessible and widespread weapons are. Below is the index with the answers.

Does your Constitution guarantee the right to own guns? No. It will not be today or ever such a blasphemy on the so-called '' right '' to bring weapons to kill.
What restrictions are in place at the federal level? We are a unitary republic and the government is centralized in its regulations. A people, a parliament.
Is open carry allowed? Absolutely not. A person just need a single moment to put on a weapon, killing and make Sheoth like Los Santos.
Is concealed carry allowed? No. The terrorists use this style.
Is there a gun registration program? No. The profits of the sale of civilian weapons amount to $0.
What types of guns are not allowed (if any)? Mostly. Heavy weapons and taser for the police are also prohibited.
What percentage of your nation's eligible citizens own guns? The Police.
What groups of people are not allowed to own guns (if any)? All healthy and insane people.
Are permits required to purchase a gun? If you want to have fun in a virtual dimensional reality or hunt in Verdonia, it's your own business and you can rent some weapons for a limited period of time by an intergalactic authority external to the Nation.
Does your nation have "stand your ground" laws? American terminology to justify the law of retaliation in the use of weapons.

The index of which we carry the honor is the pride and joy of this nation. And it is a great...


Thanks to the nation of Burleson 2 to have erected this dilemma to us all.

Pro-LGBT Tourism Index.
Official Information
Name of person/organisation taking questionnaire: Luke Mccratowitch, vicepresident of Gurkland.
Name of nation: Gurkland
Form of government: Gesellian Democratic Presidential Republic.
Population: 9800000000(9.8 Billions).
Tech level of nation: Futuristic Country: Type II.8 of the Kardashev Scale. Some VII elements.
How prevalent is tourism in your nation? High by festive inhabitants of Mania and the Elysian fields where they reach Gurkland to admire its architectural beauty and reach states of pure euphoria and inebriation with a preparation of Greenmore not poisonous.

Anti-discrimination legislation
1a) Are there any anti-discrimination laws that apply for all minorities? Yes. The law guarantees that minorities are not discriminated against and should not be an obstacle for integration to society and culture. Is legal to verbally offending a black/homosexual / whatever public figure(It is a key component to our democracy), but private citizens are protected by Hate Speech. Physically assault someone or a minority is always illegal regardless of which minority is.
b) Are there any anti-discrimination laws applying specifically for LGBT minorities? Yes. Also Homosexuality is encouraged by the Speaker of the House Petego Riposi. He is one of the most important members of the government(best friend of President Mitriel Vulanio)and proudly flaunts his homosexuality wearing a pink elegant suit when entering in the parlament.
c) How extensive do such anti-discrimination laws go? The typical punishment is a small progressive fine. If the crime is serious enough... I.e. Assaulting property or a family of homosexuals while shouting '' Allah is great'' (Impossible case. Never happened by now because almost no one here is a fanatic anti-gay.) leads to brainwashing for tolerance and empathy.
d) Do such laws apply to tourists? Yes.

1. Status of civil unions in your country: Legal.
2. Status of gay marriage in your country: Legal and ostentatious.

Adoption Status
1a) Are homosexual couples able to adopt children? Yes, any family can adopt children, without discrimination of sex, age or religion.
b) Are there any conditions for homosexual couples to adopt? Identical and fair like any other couple.
c) Do such laws apply to tourists? Yes.

Does your country's travel companies market towards LGBT tourirsts? Yes.

Equal Age of Consent
1. Age of consent for sex for heterosexual couples: 12.
2. Age of consent for sex for homosexual couples: 12.
3. Is the age of consent different for tourists? Nope.

Religious influence
1a) Is there a state religion in your country? Yes, Madokaism. It does not have a negative position about and homosexuals may be members of this faith without any restrictions.
b)(i) Does the state religion condemn acts of homosexuality? No. Some zealots suspect that our Goddess is a lesbian.
(ii) If so, does a majority of the population follow this religion? N/A
2. If so, does the state religion influence the government's decision on legislation regarding LGBT minorities? N/A

HIV-travel restrictions
1. Are citizens infected with HIV/AIDS allowed to travel beyond the country's borders? HIV is a disease that does not exist in Gurkland as the inhabitants have lived in a very different environment, the monkeys who transmitted HIV to humans were not there and no one would notice since none of Gurklandese people know what HIV is. However, given our advanced progress in medicine, the cure would be find in an week.
2. Are foreigners infected with HIV/AIDS allowed to travel into the country's borders? Yes.
3. Are offenders who travel in or out of the country punishiable by anything more than deportation under the law? No.

Anti-gay laws
1a) Are there laws that discriminate against minorities as a whole? No.
b) Are there laws that discriminate LGBT minorities specifically? No.
c) How extensive do such discriminatory laws go? N/A
d) Do such laws apply to tourists? N/A

Homosexuality illegal
1a) Is committing sexual activities with a person of the same sex criminalised under the law? No. Even Zoophilia, Sodomy, BDSM and many other sexual paraphilias are legalized and considered normal. Homosexuality is a breeze. The state and religion are outside the private affairs.
b) Are offenders of the law punished by a jail term beyond 10 years, execution, torture, et cetera? No.
c) Do such laws apply to tourists? Yes.

Pride banned
1a) Are LGBT pride parades illegal in your country? No.
b) If not, are such pride parades common in your country? Yes, it is sufficient to get organized and is also allowed a Pillow Pride.

Locals hostile
1. What is the percentage of the population that believes homosexuality should not be accepted by society? Less than 1% (0.6%, exactly). They are mostly adherents of indigenous sects worshiping the ''sanctity of the traditional family'' and the most intolerant right-wing nationalistics isolated from each other that they have no weight in the decisions of the government and general population and it is very rare to meet them randomly.
2. Are LGBT related activities welcomed or shunned by society in general? Warmly welcomed.

1a) Have there been reported acts of persecution committed against LGBT minorities by the locals? No.
b) Are such acts glorified by the local media? No.

1a) Have there been reported murders of those who are part of LGBT minorities committed by the locals? No.
b) Are such acts glorified by the local media? No.

Death sentences
1a) Have there been reported executions targeted specifically at a person for committing activities related to the LGBT community/homosexual acts? No.
b) Are such executions glorified by the local media? No.

Country's Estimated Number of Gay Gathering Places per 100,000 homosexual tourists: 17641.
Are there any questions regarding this questionnaire? If so, please tell us what questions you may have:
Not now. I enjoyed to answer your questions.
*Optional, it doesn't matter in this index.

Gurkland's final assessment on the LTI is Fabulous! at 13 points!

Breakdown of scoring
Tourism hotspot: 1
Anti-discrimination legislation: 2+2 (For encouragement towards homosexuality by a prominent member in the government)
Marriage/Partnership: 2
Adoption Status: 2
LGBT Marketing: 1
Equal Age of Consent: 1
Religious influence: 0
HIV-travel restrictions: 0
Anti-gay laws: 0
Homosexuality illegal: 0
Pride banned: 2
Locals hostile: 0
Persecution: 0
Murders: 0
Death sentences: 0

Women's Rights:
0-Your country has no genders for whatever reason

1-more or less as beasts of burden or worse. Women living in your country are more or less living in a hell, with no or very few rights, and their lives are miserable.

2-Things are a little better, but not by much. Women may get paid jobs, but these are low paid and generally hard, unpleasant or both. Women are deemed legally inferior to males in every way. There are a few males who do treat women well, and loving couples do exist but they are rare.

3 If the country is a democracy, women do have the vote, and they have at least a chance of getting decent jobs, but sexual harassment is rife. Domestic violence is illegal, but not that many offenders are convicted.

4 Women are legally equal with males, and domestic violence, sexual crimes and sexism are strongly cracked down on, but there are hidden pockets of sexism around.

5 Women are the gender who is on top here, if anything it is the males who are oppressed.

Gurkland is not a Matriarchy. However, our nation provides better treatment to women for 5 reasons : 1. a female goddess is worshiped.
2: Two special subdivisions of our army, who are also two different races (The Aureals and Mazken) are matriarchal, females in these two races are stronger, taller and powerful than men, and for this reason, women represent almost all of the hierarchy of these two military legions. Outside the military sphere, women are treated slightly better than males, with a priority in public services and affirmative action. 3: Half of the Seats in the House of Commons are occupied by women, and the target of the quotas is to reach half too in the Legislative Council. 4: Legally, in front of our Democratic Republic, gender equality and opportunities for women is fully in force. No Gurklandian is discriminated under the scrutiny of the law and denying an important position for its gender. 5: As a Whole, the etiquette of Gurkland provides that women (who are the majority of the population) are treated well, nicely, with care and respect.
The final score is 4.6