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Political Pressures and Groups.

Political parties:

Economist League for Prosperity:
Think Tank of post-keynesian-like economists who have formed a symbiotic typesetting with the innovation economics and the Freiwirtschaft theory and are organized in a hierarchy with party developers who come to a greater extend from the old Mitriel's commission. The realization of its success in power with its candidates to head the Legislative Council in the second phase of Gurkland's up to the current era clasping the formation of an invulnerable currency from catastrophic disruptions of the economic crisis with a sustainable intervention of economic information in the media and sound fiscal policies that triggered the Global Sparkle, The Global Sparkle triggered the happiness of the people and the happiness of the people resulted in a period with the higher peak of popularity for the League. The cycle of quasi-dominant-party system was broken later by the Rational Party, although they're still a party of major importance for Gurkland.
Ideology: LinkPost-Keynesianism, LinkInnovation economics, LinkFreiwirtschaft.

Nationstates standard: Medium Economic and Social Freedom.

Rational Party: Utilitarian Party that has four criteria inseparable in its political podium:
Secularism. The prayed deites and the State are two separate entities. It recognizes the self-determination of the deities they and can not, under any circumstances deciding for the citizens.
Direct democracy. Endorsement for the political status quo of the constitution and prevent abuses of authority and operating decisions with a liberal process of evidence-based research solutions.
Liberal openness: Especially with regard to the eroticism and the free expression of positivity of each of us. This also includes faith in the good intentions of others and find the psychological motivations around.
Future-seeking paradigm. The future for the members of the rational party is always better than the past, undoubtedly because you have more time to think about long-term plans. The technophilia and scientific fanaticism are integral parts of the party, and many of the party are increasingly seeking investment jointed with private and public research and development in an more and more infinite amount.
LinkTechnological Utopianism,
LinkDemocratic Technocracy,

Nationstates standard: High-medium Economic and Social Freedom.

Democratic Party of Gurkland Social Democratic Party of center-left.
The Democratic Party is based primarily of ideals of social direct democracy and madokaist compassion without neglecting the environmental thinking.
From an economic point of view it appears rather clear choice of putting the theories of Liberism ahead.
It created the Corporate-State Partnership and the public programs of Gurkland.
Ideology: LinkLiberism
LinkMadokaism, LinkFeminism.

Nationstates standard: High social and medium economic freedom.

Clones Communist Party: Party of humans participating in political life in the name of the clones to secure their rights. It aims to become an instrument of the struggle of the Clones Working Class for their full emancipation through the conquest of political power. The prospect of a government of clones that will abolish the Free Market mode of production and reorganize society on a socialist basis, eliminating any kind of exploitation of man over other living and non-living beings.
Ideology: LinkClones Emancipation, LinkCommunism, LinkDisobedience to the Gods.

Nationstates standards: Low economic and Social Freedom.

Popular Nobility: Center-Right conservative party. It carries on the values of free enterprise and a soft hand of the State on companies, flat taxes, traditionalism and Gurklandian National Pride. While their economic principles would prefer Market Anarchy trusting the potential of spontaneous order and above all to the profit motive of big corporations, on the other hands the representatives of the Popular Nobility party evaluate deeply social harmony dictated by respect for the upper class merits, decorum and personal success.
Ideology: LinkNationalism, LinkDemocratic Nobility, LinkLaissez-faire, LinkSocial Organicism.

Nationstates standards: Medium social and high economic freedom.

Madoka's Crusaders: Extremely zealot Far-Right party. Despite the absence of threats to the state and to the people of Gurkland, they are currently the only party that supports the creation of a powerful military apparatus to demonstrate not only the economic power of Gurkland to its neighbors, but also the military one. Economically, they are corporatist and want an economy relatively free with a strong dirigiste and autarkic state intervention. Socially, they are attached to their own people and racists with other peoples of the multiverse considering them inferior subhumans to look with contempt and disgust.
Ideology:LinkReligious fanaticism, LinkMilitarism, LinkOrganic Democracy.

Nationstates standards: Middle-low social and medium economic freedom.

Main Lobbying Activities:

Church of Madoka: Non-Partisan group edged to defend Love, Mutualism and Charity of Madokami.
The core belief of the Church is as follows:

We believe in one Kaname Madoka, the Goddess of Hope, the Savior of the magical girls,
Who ascended to divinity, from humanity, and ended the cycle of despair of all magical girls,
And that she rose from humanity, personally experiencing the suffering and despair of magical girls as one,
And that before Her, all magical girls had succumbed to grief, without hope, and continued grief, only to be slain by one of their own,
And that a new world was created by Her hands.

Tecno-Transhumanitarians for Mass-Enlightenment: Scientific subversives who controlled Gurkland in the early years of its creation. Capable for a scheduled test and coldly calculated of the whole society of Gurkland systems using super planners. Blinded slaves of the order and is suspected to have a Shadow Government controlled by Illuminati who consistently holds a national database of all the people of the nation by providing for each movement, eliminating any possibility of free will. Anonymous sources say the Monarch its their delegate. The big question that philosophers are asking is if there is true freedom to Gurkland or is it just a beautiful magical illusion well planned. No one can give the answer.
Nationstates Standard: ???

All other groups and political parties represented confederations and alliances of minorities that make up the other seats. They Include Magicians, Religious minorities, Scientists, Workers for Passion, Unions and Associations of both Entrepreneurs and Clones.