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Our nation is in a different dimension from that of the terrestrials. Legendary animals in the Earth such as Unicorns are among us. Gurkland it's located in one of the many intergalactic ''bubbles'' of existence (referring to string theory) where each bubble is a universe apart. Here the magic exists and is absorbed though our sun, but we are also very technologically advanced nonetheless. Technology and Magic come together in an explosive mix in this Civilization of Type II in the Kardashev Scale. We are relatively close to Elysium and the Shivering Isles (TES World), in which we have long peaceful trade relations,. In fact, a very well know plant in Gurkland is the Alocasia fruit, discovered by our scouts in the primitive lands of the Shivering Isles., of which the citizens are greedy. Gurkland even managed to block the metabolism process with an combined successful operation of both technology and magic, managing to make living beings live forever, always remaining young and being able to eliminate hunger, currently, Gurklandians Citizens eat for pleasure, not for need. The energy and nutrients that people need is absorbed and comes from their sun, which serves as a reserve of nutrients, heat, light and magic.
Our planet has about the same size of Neptune (7,618,272,763 kmē). And as Gurkland area is counted, of course only the land available, which is only 20%. In fact, our planet is covered 80% water (Other data available in the other Factbook). We're big, huge and also peaceful, however. Peace reigns forever on this enchanted domain. The national sport is Quidditch. Oddly enough for a nation with a technological capabilities of various solar systems.
A description on the ability of our civilization is written here, and it is only a small part that is understandable to the man:
A Type II civilization extracts fusion energy, information, and raw-materials from multiple solar systems; it is capable of evolutionary intervention, interstellar travel, interstellar communication, stellar engineering, terraforming, and star cluster-scale influence; the resulting proliferation and diversification would theoretically negate the probability of extinction:
Type II civilizations might use the same techniques employed by a Type I civilization(fusion power, Renewable energy) but applied to a large number of planets in a large number of solar systems.
A Dyson sphere or Dyson swarm and similar constructs are hypothetical MegaStructures originally described by Freeman Dyson as a system of orbiting solar power satellites Meant to completely enclose a star and capture most or all of Its energy output.
Through more exotic means clustering to generate usable energy is to feed a stellar mass into a black hole, and collect photons emitted by the accretion disk. [Less exotic it's simply to capture photons Already escaping from the accretion disk, reducing a black hole's angular momentum; known as the Penrose process.
Star facelift is a process where an advanced civilization could remove a substantial portion of a star's matter in a controlled manner for other uses.
Cell and genetic regeneration.
Antimatter is Likely to be produced as an industrial byproduct of a number of megascale engineering processes (such as the Aforementioned star facelift) and Therefore it is recycled.
In multiple-star systems of a Sufficiently large number of stars, absorbing a small but significant fraction of the output of each individual star. ''
Obviously, we have to combine this technology with these following magical abilities: '' Transformations of objects. A classic example is lead into gold, a method that has been successful for us. Summon: A young Gurklandian can summon angels, saints, resurrect the dead (which sadly lacking because of our mortality rate of zero, however, alternatives are possible with skeletons created artificially). Mysticism: Enter into a trance, dispel magic, move objects. Cover the environment of a mystical, protective aura.
Alteration: Walking on water, creating miracles. Illusion: Become invisible, appease the anger of a person.
Laser weapons, plasma, atomic and spells that are deadly and destructive more so put totally banned. No weapon or magic that can hurt others is permitted. Thank Madokami everything runs smoothly in Gurkland and despite these immense powers peace has always existed because, under the protection of Madokami nothing bad can happen. It may seem totalitarian this, it is true, but an omniscient eye to prevent the trouble is always helpful, such as the police and no accident has ever happened to Gurkland. There is freedom of speech, the media can criticize all Madokami and much of the population does not believe in her. For this, the factor '' totalitarianism '' does not exist.
Real NS Datas:
Civil Rights: Medium (The lives of the inhabitants of Gurkland is free, but some things are prohibited by decision of the own citizens through referendum, such as drugs, weapons and Satanic magic)
Economy: Magnificent. Above every earthly standards for its technological level.
Political Freedom: Supreme (direct democracy is in place and regular citizens can be part of legislation).
Population: 9800000000.
Authoritarianism: Low.
Averageness: Poor (The bureaucratic system is fast and easy).
Business Subsidization: Medium-low, high particularly with favorable treatments on small businesses.
Compassion: Very High(The Gurklandians are very sensitive and are famous for being nice sissies. Many women try to emulate Madoka becoming lolitas, and males are submissive).
Corruption Perception Index: 9,5
Culture: Snobby High Culture.
Defence Forces: Minimal.
Eco-Friendliness: Much of the spending is needed to keep a paradise setting.
Employment: 100%.
Environmental Beauty: Elysium environment.
Godlessness: Middle-Low(16% Atheists).
Government Size: 60% of GDP.
Happiness: Pleased Population.
Health(Or Life Expectancy): ∞ (Immortal).
Human Development Index: Superior Civilization.
Ideological Radicality: Medium (our Libertarian Socialist idea of direct democracy is well guarded in the population)
Income Equality(Or Gini Index): 0.1
Influence: Massive.
Intelligence: Enlightened minds.
Niceness: Cuddly.
Nudity: Allowed.
Obesity: A few obese and for aesthetic choice.
Pacifism: Gandhi-Like.
Political Apathy: The Gurklandians are present and active in politics.
Rudeness: Unacceptable for Gurklandians.
Safety: The crime does not exist.
Safety from Crime: No risk of theft, murder nowhere.
Scientific Advancement: II.8 Kardashev Scale. Some VII elements.
Famous for: Direct Democracy and Referendums. General acceptance towards the erotic world. Prohibition of any weapons, evil magic and drugs. multi-spousal wedding ceremonies.