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OOC: Complete List of Pros and Cons

Pros: Innovation economics, Research and Development Spending, Gesellianism, Rationality, Perception, Mcdonald's, GMO and Vaccines, Vanilla, Nuclear Energy, Nuclear fusion and fission, Gothic architecture, Scientific Method, ''Official'' Medicine, Sony, Mossad, Age of Enlightenment, Chocolate, Imagination, Eagles, Neoclassicism, Long beard, Israel, Atheism, Secularism, Azure color, Free Education, Opportunities For All, Democratic Aligned Foreign Policy, Consumerism, Free trade Agreements, Immigration, Globalization, Bavarian Illuminati, Anthropocentrism, Humanity economic progress, Social Security, LGBT rights, Animals that are useful to humans.

Meh: Renewables energies, Fossil fuels, Taxes, The Environment.

Cons: Non-Western Nationalism, Totalitarianism, Sharia Law, Belief without evidence, Futurist meals(fascist philosophy), Homeopathy, Ethnocentrism, Anarcho-capitalism, Austrian Economics, Inequality, Economic and Political Aristocracy, Libertarianism, Red Tape, Terrorism, Anarcho-primitivism, Conservatism, Buy Nothing Day, UKIP, Gun Rights, Most religions like Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam but not their believers, God, Satan, and other non-human creatures that represents a danger for humanity.

Political Compass
Economic Left/Right: -5.25
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -0.56.