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The Spiritual Union of Mettia

[center]The Spiritual Union of Mettia
Mettiai Spirituális Unió

Official Motto:
"Légy magad a változás, amit a világban látni akarsz!"
"Be the Change You Want to See in the World."

Constitutional Motto:
"Szeresd a másikat úgy, mint magadat!"
"Love thy friends as thyself."

Capital: Jokinton
and largest city

Official Languages: Hungarian, English

Regional Languages:
Hebrew, Swedish, Japanese, Latin, Celtic (mainly Gaulish)

Ethnic Groups:
69.6% Hungarian
6.4% Jewish
5.3% Swedish
3.7% Japanese
3.0% Latin
1.1% Celtic
10.9% Other

Denonym: Mettian

Socialist Fedaration with a constitutional monarchy
- Monarch: I. Dagobert
- President: Fehérvári Kornéliusz
- Prime Minister: Sol Mettā
Legislature: High Parliament
- Upper House: House of Lords
- Lower House: House of Plebs

-Total: 78,033 km2
-Water(%): 33.32

-2013 census: 1,227 billion
-2016 estimate: 5,435 billion
-Density: 2300/km2

GDP (nominal)2016 estimate
-Total: $1,300 trillion
-Per Capita: $239,361

HDI: 0.944(very high)

Currency: Shekel (SHQ)

Time Zone: BBQ (UTC +1)
-Summer: BSQ (UTC +2)

Date Format:

Drives on the: Right

Brief Historical Background
After escaping from an imaginary land of pink bunnies and rainbow unicorns, the brave Mettians opened a magical portal to DSAland, and formed here a generous nation of diverse ethnicities and clashing cultures. They strived for a spiritual union with each other and the fellow DSA nations. Mettia was a Socialist Federation of many small regions, with unique dressing codes in each of them, some with nudist tradition. On Z-Day 2020, Mettia entered the Andenian Federation led by the brave Sol Metta.

The current king is Dagobert (Bright) the First, who was crowned on the Festive day of Yuletide in 2014. Mettia's prime minister is Sol Mettā, and he took office in 2015 as the leader of the United Forum of Uncut Jews. The president, who served since 2014, is Fehérvári Kornéliusz, and he is also a prominent member of the Liberal Fairies Party (LIFP).

Ethnicity and Language
Mettian people are ethnically diverse, but over the years, the Mettian culture has become somewhat unified. Today, they use Hungarian and English for the common communication, but every state has its own language as official in their territory.

Historically, Mettian people don't believe in the power of unified religion. Many mystic schools teach the reaching of divinity and becoming enlightened. People of Mettia strive for the Union of God and its Creatures. The main spiritual Schools are Kabbalah, Rosicrucianism, Sufism and Zen Buddhism. In 2015, 17% of the population considers itself atheist, agnostic, or of no religious belief. Kabbalah students now consists of 67% of the Population, and Sufism consists of 2% of Mettia's inhabitants.

Although there are some islands under its supervision, Mettia lays mainly on the Aardvark (Földimalac) Peninsula. The country is famous of its partybeaches (and partyb*tches), scenic landmarks, and lush forests. There is a region called Surreal Mountains, where rivers turn and flow in the direction of the Heights. There is a small desert in the Eastern part of the country, called the Place of Despair. However there is an oasis at the heart of this place, called the Lake of Hope. The Highest Mountain is Dupacsangu, which is only accessable with the help of gay sherpas.

The national animal is the wonder deer, which is also a delicacy of the late holiday season in Yule. It lives mainly in the Forest of Golden Doves, where there is a huge sanctuary erected in devotion of these humble animals. There sometimes bear attacks in the deeper forests of Central-Mettia, in particular where the Latin territories are, like Vulpes provincia. There are legends of elder Pegasi living in the White Jungle, but I must mention that our president also rides a Pegasus, named Boldizsár.

Mettia has an efficient economy which produces almost everything from self-driving cars to the famous Garganduzian camembert cheese. The country imports latex from Haltari, from which it produces huge amounts of condom distributed to every part of DSA. One of the main export product of Mettia is the High Definition 4D Augmented Reality Tamagochi developed by our fellow Japanese inventors. This product mostly is popular in the Western countries of the DSA.

There are many scenic towns and villages in Mettia from you can buy a snowglobe as souvenir. We have some Man-made wonders in our capital city, Jokinton. The huge Joker-statue as a symbol of our freedom, the Temple of the Tree of Life, or the Gate of Sevardnadze. The shops are open 24/7 in every city, and Jokinton in particular is the city that never sleeps. There is a Disneyland in Jokinton, which gained huge popularity in the recent years, even though the Ewoks are often on strike in the Star Wars department.

Filming industry
There is a famous movie district of Jokinton called HollyForest. This is where famous movies as 'The Lord of the Nipple-Rings', 'War of Stars', 'Hairy Otter and his Fellow Furballs 1-8' and 'The Sharknado 42, Return of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Shark' were made. There is also a street of stars there, called Galaxy-Avenue, where the most recent star is Karl Marx (Beardie Boy), the 24th.

Former Brakebills students founded the Butterfly Divinity School of Magic (BDSM), which educates fellow Mettians to become Magicians themselves. There is a Magic Protection spell cast around Mettia, which shield protects the country from hostile intruders. This is why there is no official army in Mettia, because there are no soldiers required in the protection of the country. Mettia is an asylum of peace, home of Its Highness, Ursula, the Fat Rainbow Unicorn, therefore no agression is allowed there.

There is a national Cheesecake day in the Summer, and there is the Festival of the Wonder Deer in Yule. These are the biggest celebrated days in Mettia, however the Mettian Pride is quite a huge event. There is also a minor holiday remembering the magnificent beard of Karl Marx, the 1st. For this day every male Mettian (who can) grows a beard and paints it in bright colors.

Mettia is a gay-friendly, open country, which celebrates sexual diversity. You can marry your pet also, transgenders have a separate toilet in every place. Multiple wives and multiple husbands are also allowed, some living in a hippie community where everyone is a shared wife and husband of the others. Children are also openly educated on the topic of sexuality, with being prepared to prevent most of the STDs. Japanese Mettians hold penis festival in each year, cooking penis shaped cakes and erecting penis shaped statues too.

Viva Mettia!

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Andenian Federation
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