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The Geography of New Tamara (if it existed in the real world )

New Tamara is a nation , which sits on a very big reclaimed island between Europe and America. The island is located between the Davis Strait , Greenland , Iceland , the Faroe Islands and Newfoundland . It sits between the North American Plate , and the Eurasian plate , which means that parts of the nation is prone to very strong earthquakes . The nation has a rainforest , a green canyon (canyon with lots of greenery) area , a normal canyon , with a small desert , as well a big freshwater source , and since many Tamarians rely on a big freshwater source ,that it is deemed as : ,,Water Protection Areas" which means that ships are not allowed to cross the source and the river where the freshwater is available, as well as that no dams are allowed to be built on those lakes and rivers , to protect the river from having a drought .
On the south tip of the island , Temperatures can go up to 37 degrees Celsius. In the Northern point of the island , it is limited to only 19 degrees, but temperatures get warmer in the north every year , due to climate change and with lots of plastics lying on the east coast , which are coming from West Europe and Africa, as well from the American East coast, which is the reason why we have a Ocean Trash guard finding tons of plastic and let businesses recycle it. Other parts of the nation is the Tamarian Alps , as well the Color Alps , (which means that mountains as high as 2540 m could have ice that have different colors. It is a weird , but a cool sight area in New Tamara. Physically , the nation is located between the United States (Northern) , Canada (South ) , Greenland (Denmark) , Iceland , Great Britain , and the Azores (Portugal) .