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Tel-naeir's Shiny New Flag!

While browsing the local e-news webpage, you come across a new announcement towards a redesign of the current flag. It reads;
Recently, the government as well as trustworthy supporters agreed the old flag - which was in tattered strips outside the Capital Building of Ceunon - as it was no longer a sight people believed showed power, religiousness (or lack thereof) or any other factor that might support The Crags of Tel-naeir's economy, political freedoms of civil rights. As a direct result of this, many believed the old boring flag needed to go - something shiny and new must be installed to succeed where the old one failed. The new stylized flag will be used from 26:40 19/43 (in the Tel-naeirian calendar) and will not be edited unless directly protested against by members of parliament and regular folk.
Signed, Oromis
20:00, 18:43