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Trading Cards

Earn Trading Cards by answering issues. Each issue has a chance of granting a new pack!

Junk cards you don't want and receive a small amount of bank by tapping the top flag area!

Buy and Sell cards in the Market!

Gift a card to any nation by paying a transfer fee!

Read more thrilling details in the FAQ!

34.46 The Dark System's trades...


Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
“仁, 義, 禮, 智, 信”
Smartest Citizens: 104th Largest Basket Weaving Sector: 241st Highest Economic Output: 243rd
29.619 billion Chinese. Barren, inhospitable landscape, ritual sacrifices, and pith helmet sales.
Civil Rights Lovefest
“Out of many, we stand alone”
Highest Workforce Participation Rate: 95th Smartest Citizens: 137th Most Scientifically Advanced: 138th
29.752 billion Aerospace Forcesians. Rampant corporate plagiarism, national health service, and irreverence towards religion.
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
“Ex incerto venit augmentum”
Largest Cheese Export Sector: 95th Most Scientifically Advanced: 207th Most Secular: 277th
13.18 billion Radolites. Complete lack of prisons, infamous sell-swords, and daily referendums.
Corporate Police State
“Money, Power, Respect!”
Largest Retail Industry: 2nd Highest Average Incomes: 5th Most Subsidized Industry: 5th
11.498 billion Dark Systems. Unlimited-speed roads, complete lack of prisons, and complete absence of social welfare.
Psychotic Dictatorship
“Great Victorious Sixteenth of August”
Lowest Crime Rates: 999th Most Advanced Law Enforcement: 1,140th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 1,150th
10.475 billion Bulgarians. Parental licensing program, free-roaming dinosaurs, and irreverence towards religion.
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
“Seisan i hamijii ko”
Most Advanced Public Transport: 468th Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 532nd Most Subsidized Industry: 645th
9.629 billion Enlesians. Pith helmet sales, complete lack of prisons, and devotion to social welfare.
Liberal Democratic Socialists
“In war there are no winners just who loses the least”
Most Secular: 24th Best Weather: 98th Highest Workforce Participation Rate: 121st
8.895 billion Xiashuui. Prohibition of alcohol, state-planned economy, and free-roaming dinosaurs.