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Imperial Republic of Avuron

Imperial Republic of Avuron



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and largest city

Okusha Greater Area

Official Language
National Language

English, Avuronic




~ Avuronian Queen:
~ Prime Minister:

Absolute Monarchy

Scarlet E. Avurosa
Imililo Yasempumalanga


~ Senior Court
~ Ascendant Court

Ascendant Court: (1 Vote Per Rep.)
Senior Court: (10 Votes Per Rep.)

Queen's Court
National Concul

Land Area



~ Total
~ Population Density (Sq. Mile)

Last Updated: March 2020

137,095,161 (2015 Estimate)

GDP Nominal

~ Total
~ Per Capita

Last Updated: March 2020

$5.43 trillion (6.46 trillion J$)
$39,635 (47,184 J$)


1 J$ = 0.84 USD/OSD

Avuronion Jewel (J$)

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The Imperial Republic of Avuron, better known as Avuron, is a nation located primarily on Central Usonea whilst possessing colonial territories in Fusea and North Osea. The extent of the colonies greatly expands Avuron's compass of neighbors. Thus, it shares land borders with the nations of Oskarheim, Aldion, Drusselstein, the Fusean Empire, Great Jenovah, and the Lotion Empire. Avuron also shares maritime borders with the nations of Volstokn and Syca. Avuron's cumulative population has recently surpassed 137,095,161. Recent acquisitions of new territories have even more so, contributed to the Avuronian population spike in the past few years. As for specific Avuronian holdings, "Imperial" Avuron (mainland) has an unequal concentration of urban dwellers to rural farmers. About 83.09% of "Imperial" Avuronians, of which there is 82 million, live along the coast and in cities of more than one hundred thousand people. As for the state of Ustium which lays separate from the rest of the empire via the hideous Aldionian border, is an area more overcome with poverty and feudal monarchs that have driven many locals to the inland farms and away from coastal hubs. And a little further South, is the island of Odrela. Much like its Ustium conterpart, Odrela is more lackluster than mainland Avuron and serves its purpose through fruitful labor and even more fruitful harvesting conditions. Last but not least is the recently captured Fusean colonial territory. Now a booming trade company, the AFEI has a population waddling around 11 million. Most of their population is subject to rural mines and plantations. The presitgious capital of Avuron is Okusha, while other major cities include Ithemba, Ithuba, and Injongo. Avuron spans two continents, two time zones, and a diverse collective of environments and land forms.

The first unified Avuronian state emerged in 1684, following the brutal War of Independence. The early Avuronian peoples were of subject to conquest by the Kingdom of Washington. This changed in the spring of 1679, when infighting was sparked in the streets of Okusha and spread alarm through the nation. Approximately 604,219 people died in total, but the Avuronian state was formed. The announcement of unification was made in the city of Okusha, also the new capital, where the conflict had started. The early "Avuronian Republic" quickly distanced itself from any medium that could associate it with Washington. This included expanding education to the lower classes in society, expanding social welfare, and disarming the military. Despite the efforts, the young republic had collapsed in 1703. This opened up a wide power gap, which many factions stepped up to fill; which included the Highlands, the Okusha Ministry, the Columbian Nationale State, and the Okushian Dynasty among several others. The Columbian State developed a strategy of allying all its neighbors. Most factions were susceptible to its influence, because it controlled the true Okusha and served as a religious and economic center for the entire nation. However, the state quickly ratified new plans to strictly only ally the Okusha Ministry as the Okushian Dynasty swept through other territories. This also prompted Columbia to send diplomatic expeditions in order to find foreign powers that would want to assist the nation state. They would end up securing the friendship of the Sawtooth people, which would come important in the future. As a temporary deal, the Columbians would replenish any war debt to the Sawtooth as long as they sent over regiments of men to keep the Okushians at bay. The deal paid off and the Columbian Imperial State emerged from the ashes of the war, premiering as a stronger, healthier nation made by the people of Avuron for the people of Avuron. The Columbian peoples, specifically took a lot of pride in their victory and named the conflict, the Great War of Unification. The conflict lasted from 1703 to 1719, approximately 2,103,985 people perished.

However the new nation pushed on, indulging in many government institutions once believed to be impossible. These new ordeals branched from the first starting of a healthcare system to actual Democratic elections. Then on the 7th of October, 1720, the first prime minister, in the country's existence was dawned with the power of the executive branch of the Avuronian constitution of 1719. After finding its footing, it seemed the worst was behind the democracy and all could harvest the fruit of their hard work thus til this point. However, it became clear enough to the Avuronian government, they had little to no natural resources to supply their expansionism. After careful consideration, the president of the time, George Harbor Finser legislated the Amendment Consitutino 17, which endorsed the institution of slavery citing "immigrants taking advantage of the harvest from the hardworking blacks of Avuronian peoples." Consequently, people protested, but Finser foresaw this and launched nationwide martial law. To which, the people protested. Soon after, conscription was introduced and Avuron went into its first international war with the Fusean Empire. The War of 1722 was an astonishing success which granted Avuron a significant footing on the Fusean continent, to which the natives protested. Feeling confident, Prime Minister Finser twisted the hand of the cabinet to make him King of the Columbian State. Fed up with his deceitfulness, the country was enriched in yet another revolutionary conflict which came to be known as the Enlightened Uprising. The conflict lasted four months and caused 57,309 deaths as well as 293 disappearances. The toll of life was perceptually low compared to past ordeals, because the exiled parliament reached out to the military and formed a covert alliance. However, in the midst of the chaos the nation of Aldion declared war on the weakened country and annexed territory with ease, splitting "Imperial Avuron" in two. Yet, the country still made baby steps into the fast approaching 18th and 19th centuries.

King Finser I was tried of treason on the 7th of October, 1723, incapable of completing even one term. The New Republic of the Avery was formed and with it, it phased out the need for an executive leader and instead the exiled parliament became a National Consul of the nation reborn. The New Republic of the Avery was the nation's first example of a stable and fair democracy, or nation state at that. It sprung up successful institutions including modern thought of social security, minimal healthcare coverage, and work lease. Eventually, the economy would catch up to the rest of the republic's fast progressing policies. The Republic was successful up until 1915 following the Crash of 14'; five million people ended up losing jobs in the private sector, comparatively, a million government jobs were eliminated. The entirety of the GDP drowned below that of a regional power and Avuron was rampant in overflowing debts, high inflation, and a thirty percent unemployment rate. Within reason, twenty-seven of the hundred states in the New Republic of the Avery succeeded, including Columbia. The nation concluded this as illegal and unconstitutional, promptly declaring war on all of them. The states won, in what came to be known as the 60 Month Trial. 1,082,935 people were assumed dead and the republic slowly transitioned that into a total monarchy with the Avurosa family at the country's center. The proclamation of the first Avuronian ruler of the first Imperial Republic of Avuron. King Arai 'The Brutal' was crowned on December 25, 1920. The family tree continues to this day, the current carrier of the royal lineage is Queen Scarlet 'The Masterful,' she became queen on October 9th, 2010.

Avuron's most recent imperial acquisitions include the partition of the Kingdom of Uu, the reconquest of Ustium, and the occupation of part of Jenovah. The country has recently suffered a horrible recession called the August Spring, it happened in 2013. Luckily, the nation has mostly recovered, but the effects linger in spurts of economic uncertainty. Avuron's Link(Nominal) GDP per capita is approximately 39,635 (47,184 J$). Avuron possesses rich amounts of arable land in countless valleys that range from Rim to Ten. Likewise, huge quantities of oil and other natural gases flourish in the Ustium Province. The nation garners great odds of maturing into a world power and exerting its influence abroad. the country is currently a member state of Jörmungandr Pact, and is currently an officer within the alliance.

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