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Political Parties of The Republic of United Luka

Liberal Party (Lib)
The Liberal Party is one of two largest political parties of United Luka. It is center left and promotes incresed political freedoms and social welfare.
The motto of the Liberals is: "We care."
Republican Party (Rep)
The Republican Party is the biggest antagonist of the Liberals and the other major party of United Luka. It is center right and promotes increased civil and economic freedoms.
The motto of the Republicans is: "The government should fear the people."
Democratic party (DP)
The Democratic Party is a centrist party. Democrats are in fact classical liberals and they team up with any party promising increased freedoms for United Luka's citizens. Their most notable success was the introduction of referendums into the Constituion.
Conservative National Party (CNP)
CNP is a far right nationalist party. Other parties usually do not invite CNP into the government.
Bussines Party (BP)
The Bussines party is a right-wing party. It differs from the Republicans by being more isolationist in terms of foreign relationships.