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VW53Alandians - Vision and Values

VW53Alandians are very principled, conscientious people. They believe that there is good in everybody. To describe their believes, you would get somewhere between socialism, Christianity, and humanism. VW53Alandians are therefore very pacifistic, civilized and compassionate people. For instance, they pity the people in countries who value the right for civilians to carry weapons so highly, they have made it their second addition to their constitution. VW53Alandians believe issues can be solved in a civil, non-aggressive manner and thus without any kind of weapons. Also, VW53Alandians tend to be honest and truthful and have strong moral principles. All in all, VW53Alandians are generally nice people whom you can trust and whom you can rely on.

VW53Alandians value their rights, but they will not make use (or better: misuse) of their rights if that infringes the right of somebody else. For instance, they tend to value everyone's right to free speech, but they dislike the use if it infringes other people's rights. So, yes, they speak their minds and like others to do so, but (for instance) not to abuse, attack or slander other people, as these people have the right to feel save, included and valued.

VW53Alandians also value their place on earth, literally. They tend to care for their entire environment as much as they care for each other. This means that there are also strict policies to which companies and individuals have to adhere. People care for nature, as they know they are depending on nature for their food, or even for the air they breathe. This means that companies struggle with restrictions but it also makes them innovative and striving for more sustainable solutions. This has led to high quality and highly durable products. This image of high-quality has also established itself outside the borders of VW53Aland and export is good. The companies in VW53Aland do not suffer from this, because they are all in the same position, competing each other. It may however impair import a little, as not all foreign companies have the same stringent goals. Especially companies who clearly value money (in whatever form) over people (wherever on the globe, in whatever situation), are banned. This may lead to a somewhat struggling economy, if it weren't for the thriving export.