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Zrakian Military Forces

At the Moment Zrakia can mount a might of 260 million troops, but since Zrakian laws are a provessional and voluntary army, it currently holds only 66 million combatants which includes reserves.

The current might consists of 12 Divisions each constituted of 20 000 combatants:

"2nd Motorised Guards Rifles"

"Armoured Guards in the Field"
    1st Zrakian City Guard Rifles "Aleph" (1/2)

    2nd Zrakian City Guard Rifles "Bet" (1/2)

    3rd Zrakian City Guard Rifles "Gimel" (1/2)

    4th Zrakian City Guard Rifles "Dalet" (1/2)

    6th Zrakian City Guard Rifles "He" (1/2)

    7th Zrakian City Guard Rifles "Vav" (1/2)

    8th Zrakian City Guard Rifles "Zayin" (1/2)

    Mountain Infantry Division "Headstone" (2/1)

    Mountain Infantry Division "Slingshot" (2/1)

    Mountain Infantry Division "Himavat" (2/1)

    1st Motorised Guard Rifles (4/2)

    2nd Motorised Guard Rifles (3/3)

    3rd Motorised Guard Rifles (2/4)

    4th Motorised Guard Rifles (4/2)

    5th Motorised Guard Rifles (2/4)

    1st Mechanised Division (7/2)

    2nd Mechanised Division (8/1)

    3rd Mechanised Division (4/5)

    1st Armoured Guards (10/2)

    2nd Armoured Guards (8/4)

    3rd Armoured Guards (6/6)

Other than that, the Air Forces of Zrakia consist of:

    1st Air Superiority Squadron

Zrakian Service Rifle, The "R1" 6.8mm Bullpup

The Zrakian Armed Forces fancy themselves state of the art technology, from vehicles, to air support to small arms as well as any other military assets, Zrakia always makes sure their soldiers are supplied to the best of her industrial capabilities. At any moment the troops of Zrakia are and will be able to deploy to any part of the world within hours due to the light transports, as well as easy Division organisation thanks to Zrakian head command, making sure everything goes as smooth as possible.

Zrakian military remains defensive in nature due to its history of defending the city state from horse archers belonging to 4th finnish khaganate, but as follows, the two nations settled for peace and mutual military cooperation resulting in a booming arms industry for both nations. Likewise, the nation depends on harassing tactics once outside the city walls, bringing Cantabrian Circles learned from the aforementioned Khaganate into its Mobile troop movements and making sure any and all units in the open field remain under constant coverage of lead whilst under fire.

As of now, Most of Zrakian Mobile Units except for 1st Motorised Guard Rifles & 2nd Mechanised Division are located in the LinkWestern Penninsula DMZ between The Turkish Socialist Republic & Wulidia maintaining peace and diligence in the area.

The City State of Zrakia