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Welcome to the State of Iran

The State of Iran
کشور ایران

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"Greetings, fellow Iranians and people of Iran. We, the soldiers of the demobilized Imperial Army and Air Force, have taken control of the center of Tehran in this peaceful "popular" revolution and all government apparatuses of the Islamic Revolutionary Council established by Khomeini and his revolutionary cohorts are now under our control starting now on Link10 July, 1980."

"Power is effectively at our hands and from now on, all governmental power will be concentrated on a national coalition aiming to restore order and peace in this troubled nation after a month of revolutionary Reign of Terror brought upon by the Ayatollah. A Popular Front of the now legalized Rastakhiz Party as well as the National Front and the Freedom Movement of Iran. All directed in re-establishing a constitutional democracy in the country with regards to the rule of law. However the military will oversee such political development for the sake of national stability under political tutelage. The velayat-e-faqih and the Islamic Republic are no more. The people will decide if they wish to establish a democratic republic or a constitutional monarchy in the future in a free and open plebiscite."

"Iranians! Go home and kiss your families good night for you are about to witness a historic moment in our country's history. Iran is saved! The law-abiding citizens have nothing to fear or hide from rightful authorities. Only the troublemakers and the provocateur of the Khomeini regime (Quds) and the Islamo-Marxist scourge (MEK) shall be punished. A new era has dawn upon Iran. Allah willing, we shall not replicate the humiliation of the Qajars and the Khomeinists! Payandeh Iran! Marg bar Khomeini!"

~ Sincerely, Imperial Regent Massoud Eskandari, on a televised broadcast on the eve of the Nojeh Coup

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