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The Mind Behind Persagonia (OUTDATED)

Republic of Iran
جمهوری ایران

Offical Factbooks
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Reza of Persagonia

D.B Cooper is Much More Fitting for an Anonymous User

The Real Playa of Persagonia

31 October, 2017 (as Persagonia)

13 April, 2018 (as Persagonian Republic)

Personal Details


October 2001 (age 17)
Los Angeles, United States






Some High School in Istanbul


Christian (de facto Agnostic)

Ideology Information

Political Ideology:

LinkLiberal Conservatism

Economic Ideology:

LinkAnglo-Saxon Capitalism

Holla, it's Reza here from Iran. The guy behind many nations such as Persagonia, Persagonian Republic, Nationales deutsches reich, and The intermarian order. Born in Istanbul; my parents moved to the West Coast to join the Iranian diaspora after the Islamic Revolution and we finally moved into Istanbul again because of the opportunities there. Although ironically, I wasn't taught how to speak Farsi nor Turkish by my parents. I've lived most of my life in Istanbul although I and my parents would occasionally visit the States every once in a year. I'm a Christian although I'm not really the most faithful of the bunch and I'm pretty much an Agnostic where I just simply like to live the materialistic life. Lots of scheisse happened throughout my life including discovering this website after attempting to find an AU history roleplaying website in October 2017. The earliest of which is Herzosag, a butchered attempt at establishing a serious Nazi-esque nation which mostly ends up becoming a satirical far-right xenophobic nation. Now it's 2018 and I'm in high school and adulthood responsibilities are going to come crashing when I turn 18 next year.

You may know me for Persagonia or Nationales Deutsches Reich but mostly, I spend my time on my "other" alternate accounts for immersive roleplaying experience in F7. I'm a chill guy avoiding debates and all so I never really post in these political discussion forums. Also, roleplaying isn't my thing either unless it's the typical casual F7 threads. I have so much puppet nations and I attempt to distinguish them from all the others to no avail. I have issues with putting my dedication and effort to simply just ONE nation and I'm certain that in a couple of days, I'll just move on with this nation. For your information, the reason why the Persagonian Republic exist is that I'm tired of Persagonia and there's little material to go off with a modern-day secular Iran. Post-revolutionary Iran in the 1980s is much more interesting in my opinion. There are just some of my nations that I just want this website to DEAT immediately. Anywho, I like to research some political stuff of all kind for most of my factbooks to get some inspiration and I use GettyImages for the pictures featured in my factbooks, don't ask how I did it. Being a secular Iranian, Persagonia is my dream of a certain Iran that never came to be.

Politically, I identify myself as socially liberal and fiscally conservative. This puts me as some sort of Liberal Conservative but my firm Iranian nationalist stance might also put me as a National Liberal or some sort. I do support some ideas from the center-right conservative and social democratic camp. My nation's leader, President Reza Mortazavi, represents most of my beliefs. All the others you could just take it with a grain of salt like *ahem*, Herzosag and Nationales Deutsches Reich.

Make sure to read my factbooks extensively and any upvotes, constructive criticism, or suggestions is welcomed by me.

F7 Information: Aside from being just an OOC character, I am actually the one who calls the shots behind the direction of the nations of the Reza Cinematic Universe that I've created which includes Persagonian Republic, The intermarian order, and Nationales deutsches reich as part of a shared multiverse divergent from one another yet connected in a way. As much as Farfour Mush hates to admit, I am the true God-Emperor of this universe and the one who controls him behind the scenes! In those nations I've created, I make some subtle cameo appearances on F7 leader threads to impose my mysterious presence on those universe just like Stan Lee.

Switching to third person; there are different alternate universe versions of this self-insert author. In the Persagonian universe, he is President Reza Mortazavi's wisecracking personal chauffeur, the Sada'bat Complex's janitor, aspiring novelist and a bit of everything in between when it comes to doing odd jobs in Tehran ranging such as being a worker at tea house that gives out handjobs just to finance his struggling economic life after the Iranian Revolution. Yet nobody realizes that this particular nobody is a multiverse-hopping, time traveller. There are even conspiracy theories surrounding this revelation.

As for the Intermarian universe; he is known as the "Stranger from Ersatkraj". A title he earned where on an immigration counter in Intermarium, he claimed to be a student from Ersatkraj (means Fake Land in both German and Polish). When he was about to be brought into a local police station for further interrogation, the student just disappeared without leaving a trace. A search was conducted on the true identity of this person but no leads were found. This incident spawned a popular urban legend and several conspiracy theories surrounding the intent and identity of this Ersatkrajian. It is suspected that this individual is living among us and numerous wanted posters are set up to haunt this person down. He typically disguises himself as a seemingly innocent bystander whose brown complexion and bushy mustache seemed out of place in the streets of Warsaw.

Political Views

  • Pro: Secularism, Civic Nationalism, Patriotism, Free-Market Capitalism, Social Liberalism, Environment, Human Rights, Free Speech, Net Neutrality, Kemalism, Women Rights, and Persian Culture

  • Neutral: Socialism, Social Democracy, Religion, Monarchism, Death Penalty, Recreational Drugs, and LGBT

  • Anti: Communism, Fascism, Totalitarianism, Authoritarianism, SJW, Identity Politics, Salafism, Demagoguery, Globalism, Autocracy, Theocracy, Islamism, Ba'athism, and Wahhabi

List of Nations That I've Created

Favorite Songs (Mostly 90s Rap)

Political Figures Whom I Admire