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The Rejected Times Information

Have you ever wanted to be a journalist? To make your and other people's opinions heard? To join one of the most reputable media publishers in all of NationStates? Then The Rejected Times is for you!

The Rejected Times is the Rejected Realms, and probably NationStates, finest newspaper. While it is overseen by the regional government it does not simply publish articles of interest to just TRR, or just cover regional occurrences, but instead covers a wide array of topics that are pertinent to NationStates as a whole.

Over its long and prestigious existence, The Rejected Times has published articles by - not only - Rejects of renown but also many other well-known players from all corners of the cyberworld we call NationStates (for some reason preferencing the Pacific over the Atlantic). We have interviewed many prominent NS players, from politicians to military leaders and roleplayers to observant community staples!

By joining the TRT Staff you will be continuing this legacy as a contributor for one of the most beloved media organisations in NationStates, and perhaps you can join many others in the annals of NationStates journalistic history! Maybe, who knows, this could be your first step into accomplishing greater things in The Rejected Realms. First the TRT, then the world!

You can join TRR's Media Corporation and, by extension, TRT's Staff Team by applying on our region's forums Linkhere. Don't forget to Linkapply for citizenship first if you have a nation in the Rejected Realms, too! For more information, or if you just want to write an article without joining the staff, which means missing out on all those juicy details that go on during the editing process as well as the fun ranking system ( :( ), you can contact the current Media Officer, Bormiar.

If you're not interested in writing for The Rejected Times but do enjoy reading our paper, here are some of our important links!

  • You can find our most recent publications, and leave your much appreciated feedback, on the NationStates' forums: here.

  • You can subscribe to the TRT and never miss one of our publications by following the process found: here.

  • You can go even further back into TRT's history by referring to our updated index: here.

  • You can see the current contributors in TRT's Staff Team: Linkhere.

  • You can view the ranks and awards of current and past contributors over on the Rejected Realms's forums: Linkhere.

  • You can read the Media Department Updates over on the Rejected Realms's forums: Linkhere.

I hope you found this informative and elucidative! For any other questions related to The Rejected Times feel free to contact Bormiar, and for any questions related to anything else feel free to telegram TRR's Delegate, Dead I Jack, or the officer with the department most relevant!