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by The Fascist Flock of New Birblands. . 11 reads.


it has been discovered that the protobyte could infact be just a prototype such as with the name suggests. Due to this, birbish scientists begin researching the protobyte and its sources and such, in order to attempt to make a newer better version.

After further investigation, the hyperbyte has been discovered which is the finished form of the protobyte. These guns are much more effective and much easier to aim for birbs, along with being available of using explosives and the related in the ammo canister to convert the lazer into a much more effective explosive lazer. Despite it being great it ofcourse comes at a very high cost for manufacturing. With this, we will incorporate it into the military, but very few will be made until the hyperbyte is much cheaper to produce.

(In MTRP, it fires actual explosives instead of lazers)