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Leader Hondunurs Mendeons Not Seeking Reelection; Critics Calling Next Election "Tough"

Leader Hondunurs Mendeons Not Seeking Reelection; Critics Calling Next Election "Tough"
January 10th, 2019
Written by Derell Sedson

Leader Hondunurs Mendeons has said he would not seekreelection

In a recent press conference surrounding rumors about the next 2019 Midandian General Election, current Midandian leader Hondunurs Mendeons has declared he would "not" be seeking re-election and would step down by the end of the year.
Many rumors have surfaced that Midandian leader Hondunurs Mendeons would resign from his position, citing stress and heavy criticism for his actions during the Dark of Midandia, in which his government had done little to combat the Midandian extremist terrorist group Le Front de Liberation du Midand.
However, in an earlier press conference, it was revealed that Mendeons is not resigning, but is not seeking reelection during the 2019 Midandian General Election, though he cited it was so that he could "give new and rising candidates a chance".
Political critics and analysts have called the next election "tough", citing that while the current number of candidates is at a low, the competition between all of them has been "tense".
Current candidates include Lewis Devvon, who is the head of the Midandian National Democratic Party (MiNDeP), who promises a more democratic government and a reform of multiple current practices under the incumbent government. Also included are Drent Kellen, head of the Midand Labrador Party, and Lucy Cress, head of the Husky Liberal Party.