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Selja Brotjasi (language) (unfinished)

Although Free Toast has an alphabet it is only for used for learning to "write" instead words and sentences are written in a table with 30 boxes for each letter in the Toastian alphabet. A sentence is ALWAYS made up of 5 "word tables" even if the sentence has less then 5 words (yes the longest sentence is 5 words long and the longest word 30 letters). On the image below there is an example of a sentence. The first word is "Toast" and the sentence is "ija seja toast" (in English I am a toast) each box resembles the letter in the alphabet (the 1st box is the first letter for example). This system causes some problems and after a reform names and acronyms are written without boxes. The order to read the boxes the symbols in them is used. Here they are in order of reading: Vertical line, Horizontal line, cube, circle, triangle and many more