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by The Pink Holy Vampire Queendom of Mommy Yuno. . 546 reads.

Why is Yuno (the region) suddenly so large?

it's because I'm farming cards

Within 6 days, the Yuno region went from 30 nations to 1000+ nations

Guide to farm cards:

How to earn cards (you need 2 browsers)

On Google Chrome, log into your Puppet, and answer 5 issues and open packs for each issue:

Junk all the cards except for 1 common card. Go to that 1 common card.
Gift that card to yourself(your main account,) then grab the URL of said card.

On another Browser (Firefox), from your Main Nation, go to that URL, then sell that card for the money that your puppet holds.

So, from your MAIN account on Firefox, sell that card:

Then grab the URL for that card, go there from your puppet (on Chrome) and buy it:

Then wait 1 hour for the transaction to process:

Then make (or log into) a new nation, and repeat the process.

TIPS: it's actually FASTER if you gift the common card, THEN put up an offer for that common card, on the same puppet. THEN, you go back to your main account, and put up a SELL offer for that card. It will auto-match and you're done.

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Unintentional but now that it's already happened, imagine if this region outgrows the Feeders >:3