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Newsline - Ashmore Islands Saga: Part 2

More news regarding the crises in Ashmore Islands.

Diplomacy has failed entirely, when Balinesia Islands invaded the Ashmore Islands. The invasion happened quickly and violently, with more than 60% of Ashmore already under Balinesia control.

An Emergency Sitting was called in Parliament last night and the following was decided:

The Parliament of Port Ember has dicussed the current situation between Ashmore Islands and Balinesia Islands at length, and the following issues have been highlighted from the last sitting of Parliament:

1. Military Threat to Port Ember. The Republic of Port Ember is appaled by the clear threat of open war by the Balinesia Islands. Port Ember feels the act of supplying arms and training to the Ashmore Islands, is a mere form of a Proxy War, and the threat of escalation to total war is unwarrented. Therefore Parliament has authorised a full scale mobilisation of the Security Forces Reserves.

2. Unlawfull Aggression. Port Ember feels that the Balinesia Islands have used military aggression unlawfully due to immediately invading the Ashmore Islands without first attempting diplomatic means. Therefore, Port Ember have authorised its Western Flotilla (naval force) to sail to the Balinesia and enforce a naval blockade. The blockade is in place.

3. Empty Promises. Port Ember has condemmed the failed attempts and promises of peace enforcement from the nations of Hysteria and Auregai.

4. The Northern Flotilla of the Port Ember Navy embarks from Port Ember, loaded with a Marine Expiditionary Force. The force is headed straight towards Ashmore Islands.

Declaration of War Parliament has officialy declared war! The Presidents speech:


1. The Republic of Port Ember hereby declares war against the Republic of Balinesia Islands.

2. This is in response to your unlawfull invasion of the Ashmore Islands.

3. If you withdraw your forces completely before our forces arrives, you will be spared utter defeat, destruction and humiliation from the hands of the full might of the Port Ember Security Forces.

4. The Republic of Port Ember has decided to declare this a Regional War, contained only to the area of the Ashmore Islands. If you decide to engage in combat against our Republic besides at Ashmore Islands, (this includes attacking our navy who is blockading your nation), Port Ember will expand the conflict and invade your nations soil. We have the political will and military power to do so without hesitation.

May your Creator forgive you for the deaths you are about to cause.

President Edward Flint
Republic of Port Ember