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Newsline - Ashmore Islands Saga: Part 4

Conflict in the Ashmore Islanda have intensified.

It is reported that only one city remains left of the Ashmore Loyalists. Furthermore serious human rights violations have been reported.

The following speach was delivered by our president last night:

Good morning fellow citizens of Port Ember.

Today I bring you grave news. As you all know, we have declared war against the Republic of Balinesia Islands. If there is any person that might believe our cause is not just, listen closely!

- The Balenisia invaders are starting to execute the brave soldiers of Ashmore Islands for defending their home.. execute! Murder!

- The Balenisia invaders are prohibiting aid to Ashmore loyalists. Innocent people are being refused medical aid and food! This is turning into genocide!

- And most depressing, Balenisia is executing innocent civilians like dogs in the street- anyone that might be family of the soldiers of Ashmore Islands. This includes women and children!

But not to dispair fellow countrymen! Our fleet is closing in and will soon rescue the oppressed.

And as a side note- Nations like the Black Party who threatens nations who wishes to stop these senseless murders, should bow their heads in shame. They have the blood of innocents on their hands!

An hour later, The Government in exile of Ashmore Island made a broadcast from Port Ember Megalopolis:

I am Princess Marina of Ashmore Islands, together with Prime Minister and most government bodies of Ashmore Islands, bring the news to our beloved people that we have escaped successfully to a Port Ember's territory.
We thanks to the people and government of Port Ember because without them, it is so really hard for us that we can arrive here safely.
Unfortunately, my father, our beloved king, His Majesty King Alan I, previously he was the Governor-General of Ashmore Islands, has chosen defending our motherland, together with our people and interim de-facto Prime Minister, Mr. Abdurahman who is also our Minister of Internal Affairs and Autonomy Policy for the Territories.
I honour their bravery in there, in their fighting against the barbar foreign invasion and occupation of Balinesia Islands over our motherland.

We need all supports from the international communities, particularly the World Assembly (WA) to repel out the barbar colonialists of Balinesia Islands.
We need all your helps to free our motherland from the barbar colonialists of Balinesia Islands.
What my best friend, the President of Port Ember said at his speech just few moments ago, it is really true.
The barbar military occupation of Balinesia Islands over our motherland, their soldiers, have treated our people in our motherland are like the dogs.
You know, how many our women have been raped.
Even how many our girls have been treaten (made) as their sex slaves.
How many our men have been persecuted and killed, except if there are still willing to swear allegiance to Balinesia Islands and fight (kill) against our people who swear allegiance to our motherland.

Thank you very much.
We can not forget all your kindness.

Princess Marina of Ashmore Islands.