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Praetorian Mech

The Pinnacle Of Our Technology The “Praetorian Mech” An Unstoppable Killer Able To Kill The Biggest And Smallest Enemies With Ease.It Is Eqquiped With Laser Targeting Systems For Easier Weapon Aiming.The Mech Also Has Self Repairing Technology Enabling It To Re-Use The Scrap Around The Battlefield Or Use Machinery From Empty Bullets Or Missiles.The Weapon That It Carries Is A Staple Gun Able To Rip Machinery And Organic Foes Alike With No Effort.It Also Has Electromagnetic Missiles Equipped At The Back To Disable Machines,And An Explosive Missile Able To Destroy Organic Creatures.It Has A Piloting Station To Control The Mech,Currently There Are Only 2 Seats.