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Tachyon Networks

How TachNet works.

Ex. domain


tachyonNet - all URLs with this as it is the resource connector and retriever to all tachyon networks.

Reich - the second part of all URLs is the specific Network group your are trying to reach. In this case we are using the Reich network managed by the Reich Tachyon Authority.

Jute - this is a sub-network within the Reich Network. Some networks may not have sub-networks.

JuteMilitaryBenefitsOffice - this is the tachyon site we are attempting to reach.

after the website you can also add extra to get to a specific page faster.



The TachyonNet a universal service created by Fritz Technologies originally for JSI before making it a publicly useable resource. Anyone can get on the Tachyon Network with a Tachyon Device.

Tachyon Networks are also widely available for anyone to have as the machines to create and host a Tachyon Network is relatively cheap.