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Alternative Canons

These factbooks are ALTERNATIVE CANON, meaning they are relevant to activity in a region or small side-projects only. For PERSONAL CANON, reflecting this nation's proper identity, see here.
These factbooks are REGIONAL CANON, meaning they are relevant to this nation's activity in its region only. For PERSONAL CANON, reflecting this nation's proper identity, see here.
The Orion Federation
Mission to the New Regions
and Devil's Eye Frontier


The flag of the Orion Federation, flag of the OFM-NRDEF,
the Mission Badge of the OFM-NRDEF and Military Identification Badge of the OFM-NRDEF

Motto: Sit Spera Digna

Map of the OFM-NRDEF
Red: Sovereign territory, Pink: Exclusive transit rights

Anthem: Interstellar Anthem
Marching Hymn of the Mission (Unofficial)
Capital: The City of Light and Glass
Largest City: The City of Light and Glass
Languages: Ænglian, Alrabian, Françian,
Hispanian, Ruskovite, Sinese
Demonym: Federate
Type: Exploratory, Scientific and Military Mission
Mission Leader: Vasiliy Vladimirovich Sokolov
Dep. Mission Leader: Abubakar Jafar
Military Leader: Nathaniel Carruthers-Carswell
Legislature: Governing Committee of
Population: 36.1 million
Currency: Federation Standard Credit (CRED)
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Leader: Commodore Sokolov
Gov't Type: Military Junta
Theme: LinkSpeak to the Dead
SA: 250-260

- Consensus-Builders
- Meritocratic
- Defensive
- Diplomatic
- Self-Reliant

The Orion Federation Mission to the New Regions and Devil's Eye Frontier, otherwise known as The OFM-NRDEF or simply "the Mission" is a civilisation on the outer edge of the Erviadus Galaxy.
The OFM-NRDEF is not a sovereign state but is at least nominally under the jurisdiction of the Orion Federation, which exists in another galaxy on the other side of the Devil's Eye wormhole. The Mission is based around this wormhole and consists of one planetary colony, New Tero, and twenty-five smaller colonies on various moons and dwarf planets around the wormhole.

The headquarters of the OFM-NRDEF is on New Tero, in the City of Light and Glass (NT-CLG). The city is for the most part a residential and commercial hub, with industrial zones lying elsewhere on the planet. At the heart of the city is the Provisional Legislative Building, the seat of Orion Federation power in the Erviadus Galaxy. It is in this building that the leadership and legislature of the OFM-NRDEF resides.

The OFM-NRDEF's territory is roughly spherical in dimensions, and surrounds the Devil's Eye wormhole. New Tero lies to the left of the OFM-NRDEF, in Delta Sector, with the other colonies arraigned in two circles around the unstable Devil's Eye. The Mission does not border any significant nations, but is within proximity of some small civilisations that have not achieved space flight.
The OFM-NRDEF is widely accepted to be the newest civilisation in the Erviadus Galaxy, having been established in the galaxy for only around forty years (local time).


The term "Orion Federation Mission" refers firstly to the Orion Federation, the nation which has established the mission, and "Mission" indicates a military deployment outside the borders of the Federation - usually for peacekeeping duties, but in the case of the OFM-NRDEF the mission is mainly for research purposes.
The New Regions and Devil's Eye Frontier is the geographic name of the space the OFM-NRDEF occupies: The "New Regions" is the designation given to the Erviadus Galaxy and the space around it, with the "Devil's Eye Frontier" being the more specific name for the Devil's Eye wormhole and the space immediately adjacent to it.


The Devil's Eye wormhole, then called the Amir-Chang Vortex, was discovered lying in a remote part of Tero space in the Orion Federation's native galaxy. Such a phenomenon had until that point been totally unknown to the Orion Federation of which the United Nations of Tero was a founding member. A special summit of the Federation Council came to the conclusion that such a fabulous occurrence must come under the common jurisdiction of the Orion Federation, but would be governed under a special mandate: The United Nations would be given that mandate.

The OFM-NRDEF was created under the name "Special Mandate of the Orion Federation - United Nations of Tero" (SMOF-UNT) by the Orion Federation, with its initial task being to assess the viability of travel through the wormhole. After several years, an expeditionary force was successfully sent through the Devil's Eye. Commanded by the same Chang Yang-Hsiao who had initially discovered the wormhole, the force established a base on New Tero and founded the OFM-NRDEF.
However, whilst the expeditionary force had successfully traversed the wormhole and established a viable base in the Erviadus Galaxy, the Devil's Eye proved very unstable and was only useful for around two months of any year, and even then for only a few days at any one time. This has permanently restricted the ability for ships to enter the Erviadus Galaxy, especially as the wormhole grows incrementally more unstable as time progresses.

Since that point the OFM-NRDEF has solidified its position around the Devil's Eye, the Mission's lifeline, by garrisoning twenty-five dwarf planets, moons and asteroids in two defensive rings around the wormhole. This is in addition to the City of Light and Glass which is a shining example of the Mission's progress. Chang Yang-Hsiao returned through the wormhole, and since that point the Mission Leaders Malcolm Spencer, João da Silva, Shivraj Singh and currently Vasiliy Sokolov have governed the OFM-NRDEF. Throughout these various tenures the Mission has slowly built itself up as a minor military and exploratory power on the very edge of the Erviadus Galaxy.


The OFM-NRDEF controls a very small area of space in the outermost arm of the Erviadus Galaxy, which the locals have termed the "Exodus arm". In the centre of the Mission's territory lies the Devil's Eye, the most precious location in all the galaxy for the Mission - this is their only, albeit very unreliable and dangerous, connection with their homeland. The Devil's Eye is heavily defended, with warships patrolling its mouth and floating gun batteries are stationed over New Tero to further defend the Eye. This is in addition to the many trading stations, navigation arrays and recovery vessels servicing the Devil's Eye: It is often the case that ships attempting to pass through are destroyed by the Eye, necessitating these recovery vessels as well as a complicated network of navigation arrays and signals towers.

The planet of New Tero lies at a point equidistant from the Devil's Eye and the edge of the OFM-NRDEF to the left of the territory. The planet is a continental-type world dominated by one major continent on the south side of the planet (Changia) which hosts one major metropolitan area, the City of Light and Glass. The city itself is by far the largest in the OFM-NRDEF, and is known for its airy and modern feel; with long, wide and elegant tree-lined boulevards and towering shard-like glass spires reaching into the sky.
The OFM-NRDEF maintains twenty-five outposts around the Devil's Eye, each one named after a city on the Tero homeworld beginning with the letter "A". Further, OFM-NRDEF space is divided into four sectors: Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta.

Government and Politics

The OFM-NRDEF is led by Vasiliy Vladimirovich Sokolov, the Mission Leader, who succeeded Shivraj Singh. The position of Mission Leader broadly indicates the power of a head of state: The Mission Leader as head of the executive of the Mission is deputised with the powers necessary to ensure the continued existence of the Mission, and its effective function.
Commodore Sokolov, nicknamed S'mir after his hometown, is the fifth Mission Leader of the OFM-NRDEF. He is a military man, and widely regarded as an authoritarian who cares little for the sporadic orders that come through the wormhole.

The Deputy Mission Leader assists the Mission Leader in his duties, a position currently held by Abubakar Jafar. Abubakar Jafar is a civil servant and bureaucrat with a reputation as a fair, albeit casual and disinterested Deputy who cares more for the safety and security of the people of the Mission rather than the stated objectives of said mission.
The Military Leader of the OFM-NRDEF is Nathaniel Carruthers-Carswell, who ranks as a Captain. He is tasked solely with the defence of the Mission, and remains divorced from the wider population as a matter of habit. Carruthers-Carswell is understood to be of minor nobility.
The legislature of the Mission is the Governing Committee of the OFM-NRDEF. The Governing Committee is not elected, but hold seats in the 35-member body due to the various positions they hold within the Mission.




Term of Office




Chang Yang-Hsiao

67 - 85 FSY
18 years

LaFayette Andrews

Chang Yan-Hsiao discovered the Devil's Eye, and subsequently
established the OFM-NRDEF in the Erviadus Galaxy. He was instrumental
in the formative years of the Mission: He established the current system
of forts and co-founded the City of Light and Glass.


Malcolm Spencer

85 - 89 FSY
4 years

John Sparks

Malcolm Spencer's tenure was generally unremarkable: Spencer
spent most of this period directing the construction of the apparatus around
the Devil's Eye, trying to better facilitate transit through the wormhole.


João da Silva

89 - 95 FSY
6 years

John Sparks
Thomas Chen

João da Silva created the Governing Committee to help administer the
OFM-NRDEF. The remainder of his efforts were concentrated on
completing the Devil's Eye's infrastructure.


Shivraj Singh

95 - 103 FSY
8 years

Christian Ash
Deng Xi-Zheng

Shivraj Singh completed the Devil's Eye infrastructural development,
and saw the City of Light and Glass become self-sufficient.
However, his tenure saw the greatest loss of life in the wormhole -
the OFSC Syliah.


Vasiliy Sokolov

103 - 107 FSY

Abubakar Jafar

Vasiliy Sokolov greatly expanded the power of the military in the OFM-NRDEF,
whilst also reforming the bureaucracy of the Mission. He has
also overseen greater self-sufficiency from the powers on the
wormhole's other side.

Demographics and Culture

The OFM-NRDEF is primarily populated by the peoples of Tero. In particular, Sinese people hold a plurality on New Tero, employed primarily as manual labourers in the manufacturing sector. Ænglian, Alleschian, Ruskovite and Columbian people also have large shares of the population.
In addition, there are various alien species that hold residency in the Mission: Xindharians, Tau, Khrau, Dekhsar and Tel'nakhi people all live in the Mission's space.

The Tero peoples are divided into many different subgroups, including different racial, ethnic and linguistic communities. The official languages of the OFM-NRDEF are all languages of Tero: Ænglian, Alrabian, Françian, Hispanian, Ruskovite, and Sinese. They hold the power in the Mission, as the Mission is under the jurisdiction of the United Nations of Tero.
The Xindharians are a uniform people who are natural diplomats, as are the rock-like Tel'nakhi. The Khrau and the Dekhsar, along with the Tero, comprise much of the military strength of the outpost. The Khrau are colossal warriors born with long tusks and shell-like carapaces and the Dekhsar are cunning fighters borne on four legs and wielding their knife-like pincers. The Tau are few in number in the OFM-NRDEF, but are widely reputed for their abilities in terraforming.


The military forces of the OFM-NRDEF are part of the Orion Federation Space Command, subsumed under the control of the Overall Military Command. However, due to the isolation of the Mission, in practice the military is controlled entirely by Sokolov and Carruthers-Carswell.
The military forces of the Mission are colloquially referred to as the "Mission Armed Forces", which is currently made up of three grand destroyers, eleven warcruisers and thirty-two destroyers. This is in addition the the vast multitude of minor craft that make up the bulk of the force. There had been plans to introduce several more destroyers, but several of those broke up in the Devil's Eye, necessitating those plans be put on hold.

The Mission Armed Forces are directly overseen by the Governing Committee of the OFM-NRDEF, which has granted the armed forces powers relating to exploration and military duties, in addition to the absolute ability to oversee industry, scientific research and development as well as technological development. Nathaniel Carruthers-Carswell acts as the head of the armed forces, although in practice is expected to consult Vasiliy Sokolov.

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UNUSED Canon for the region Erviadus Galaxy, describing an outpost of the Orion Federation in the region's galaxy, tenuously linked to the Milky Way via an unstable wormhole.

The quasi-nation was termed the OFM-NRDEF, or Orion Federation Mission to the New Regions and Devil's Eye Frontier, and was led by Commodore Vasiliy Vladimirovich Sokolov. Sokolov was a dictatorial leader who was at the helm of a military junta proclaimed necessary due to the difficulty and danger inherent in crossing the wormhole.

The RP style and regional rules of the region are very much unlike what this nation is used to, and the canon was never used.