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My Regionís Worst Rants Ever: A Collection

TNPís Hugest Rants in History

Maybe these can teach some people something.

Yeraennus wrote:Ahhh, privilege. That's an overly used term. It used to actually mean something, now it's been degraded by the radical liberals and feminists (NOTE: I do NOT have a problem with feminism, I only have a problem with radical feminism and feminazis. Shouldn't have to explain that, but some people can get overly tetchy) and is used to try and shame whoever they feel is 'oppressing' them. Yes, in many cases, privilege is a thing, but now it's been made into a joke. I myself am liberal and moderately libertarian (*gasp* young white male here, gotta love stereotypes), and think that the Government should stay out of most personal affairs save for education (providing subsidization for students to complete schooling in their field), business (providing subsidization to entrepreneurs so they aren't f*cked by megacorporations, though that's a finer line to walk), and science (Many scientists need money. The government should be promoting science. Also space. Space is good. Endorse Space.). Matters like drugs, marriage, etc. should be left in the hands of the citizens, though there should be measures taken to mitigate discrimination. There are of course exceptions, and I don't feel like getting into a huge debate about it, as I've already said a ton.

McMasterdonia wrote:You had me at "don''t feel like getting into a huge debate about it".
Classic. Don't feel like debating but here is a huge rant.
Space is eh. I think it would be nice if we had the money to spend on it. But we can't even address our own climate change issues, or provide for the needy here. It seems hugely excessive for Governments to spend trillions of dollars on space exploration when real problems here are not being addressed. In an ideal world we would have the money to do both, but that is very unlikely.

Privilege still means what it means. Of course some people take it too far. I'm a feminist and a liberal, but would never describe myself as a radical. The major problem with libertarians is the "screw you, I've got mine!" mentality of those from very privileged backgrounds who argue for a minuscule government, or that the market will help everyone, which is a very dangerous way of thinking. It ignores issues of race, gender, and many other issues that impact people on an individual and community level. So-called libertarians like Ron and Rand Paul, and their fanatical supporters, also reinforce the stereotype I mentioned. the old one was better

Shan yue wrote:For my part, I suppose I am a conservative libertarian, a strict constitutionalist. For me the tenth amendment means something, so I think DC does too much that states should do for themselves, mostly for the sake of pure powermongering.
I dont subscribe to the insinuations of priviledge. As a southern white male, from the perspective of race baiters and other identity politicians, I should probably be the amongt the most priviledged class in America. Yet I have never recieved a check from the Whitey Foundation, or been gifted anything by anyone due to my lack of melatonin. In point of fact, with the advent of affirmative action and the precept of the hate crime, I have become quite marginalized legally in favor of those now popularly considered to be more equal than others. I dont begrudge it, however, politics is what it is, but if I were Mister Spock, I would deplore the apparent liberal sentiment that the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many.

Shan yue wrote:Not at all. If I shoot a white person down in cold blood, my sentencing upon conviction would be significantly different than if my victim were colored. Same goes between murdering a heterosexual versus a homosexual. Where is the legal equality in that? Why are some deemed to hold more value deserving more retribution than others? How is that equitable at all?
We should all be equal to each other under the eyes of the law regardless of ethnicity, gender, creed, or sexual orientation, right?

East Supple Lund wrote:Before I answer that, lemme shoot you a quick question
Has any nation in the history of existence even come close to 500,000 friggin' ships? The United States of America, arguably the world's only Superpower, has something 400 ships at its disposal. 400. And it's a super power. Short of being some sparing faring empire that has colonized a large number of planets, there is no conceivable way you can have 500,000 ships!!!

Sorry for the rant, but cmon man!