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Gate to byond

We have now with the assistance of many Nations, created a stable network of portal gates to other universes, with this advancement we can now we can now travel to new reality's.

These gates lead to a neutral empty universe where station has been set up for easy of travel between universe's. Each gate way that exists is a gate ti gate system, all gates lead to the neutral station, for it is the Hub for all the gate ways.

We have used our Bio-tech to help build the station, we have also used it to create the caretakers for the neutral station. We made Bio-Drones they operate and maintain the system, they are also the ones who are expanding the net work, by using a random portal generator to break though to new unknown universes, they then travel though with a gate core and grow it and connect it to the station.

The drones purpose is to protect and expand the network, they are also to help assist peaceful travel between worlds.

The Main use the for the station is for peace talks and trade deals between nations that are yet to achieve multiverse travel.

No hostility's are allowed within the neutral station, any actions that are deemed hostile or with hostile intent will result in the gate system shutting down and will not re launch an till the threat is neutralized.

When the network is relaunched the hostile universe's multiverse address will be Banned leading to no portals from that universe being able to connect to any other portal again.

The gate ways themselves stand at about 5m tall, and 5m wide. It is circular in design. The portal produced will stay connected for 30 minuets before closing, it takes 1 hour to recharge if the portal is open for the full 30 minute time limit. The shorter the time the portal is active the less time is needed to recharge. If the portal is open for 1 minute it will take 2 minutes to recharge.