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Religion in Despoticania

In general, the Despoticanians are a very irreligious people. Most of the population identify themselves as atheists or non-religious. Even the official state religion, the Church of Transcendental Hatred, has less than 12% of the population as its followers. This was not always so - in the distant past, during the Late Crusader Period, more than 70% of Despoticanians were Haters. However, over the centuries the ideals of enlightenment and the scientific method became increasingly appealing to the population. Combined with the gradual secularization of the government and the transition from monarchy to oligarchy in 1420 CE, this led to the people seeing less and less need for spiritual guidance.

Today, the religious breakdown of Despoticanians is as follows:

Atheist/non-religious: 424,785,625 (56.2%)

Agnostic: 163,262,802 (21.6%)

The Church of Transcendental Hatred: 87,330,920 (11.6%)

The Acolytes of Pathosis: 25,698,774 (3.4%)

The Bicameral Order: 19,453,501 (2.6%)

Christianity: 14,361,080 (1.9%)

Other: 20,407,850 (2.7%)