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To Asthea

Dearest Asthea,

I regret telling you not to think much of that mosquito that bit you those weeks ago. I regret it. I regret telling you that you would be unharmed by that mosquito. Because here you are. You may or may not have Malaria and I was the one that told you that nothing could go wrong. I don't know what is wrong with me. I guess when I get too involved in people's issues, I will bring them either:

    - Less of a surge of awareness
    - Makes it worse

All I can do is apologize, Asthy. I wish I could do more. I wish I could make you better. I wish I could go all the way over to Beijing just to apologize in person. However, I can't do that because Beijing is a big city, and that would make me look like a creepy person. As much as I look forward to your return, I can only put that on hold. I look forward to a precise recovery. Speedy and precise is what we can hope for. Before then, a little hug from your friend.

Yours, Carson "Odelin"

PS: I have music for you... Enjoy

Your New Dreamliner

I hope you get better soon, Asthy.

- Carson (Deerfen)