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Zygol's Hybrid-Explanation

a Hybrid-Colonist cannot do near as well with magic as a native, that will always be, heck hybrids didn't even lean one way or the other originally. When the Hybrid nation class was disestablished and made into an IRP achievement/process, magic was created to help balance the scales. Unfortunately, now we have many more issues. Magic a native has specs for, Hybrid ANYONE cannot get specs for that(unless they're hybrid native), and neither can a straight colonist. A Hybrid-Colonist cannot do magic anywhere near as well as a native, they can do very little in the ways of magic outside of learning specific areas that they cannot even begin to understand the complexities of, not to mention a Hybrid-Colonist needs mana to do magic, a native doesn't for basic spells and some complexities of the field. They do need it for larger projects like vehicles or magic nukes, but aside from that no.

It is also very hard for a Hybrid Colonist to even fight a native born magic wielder with magic.

For advanced tech, things that colonists would be more apt to be able to develop, a Hybrid Native cannot do as much as quickly, which extends their research time. A hybrid colonist also cannot develop any revolutionary-future level magic on their own, while a hybrid native cannot develop future level tech on their own.