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SilenceBreaker™ rulebook

General rules:

Simply make a post on the South Pacific RMB after a post is made by Zess or other designated leader.

The post you make does not have to tag the leader or quote the post. It can be anything you want it to be.

The post the leader makes will read have any phrase including SilenceBreaker™ and then will detail the prize for the winner and runner up.

The runner up and winner cannot be the same nation as or a puppet of the other placer.

Other notes:

The prizes will usually be opposite of each other. For example: the winner could get a livable sand castle and the other could get a giant vacuum.

Occasionally there will be special rules detailed in the post. Something like "There will be a third place." Or " The post must be a haiku."

This is a game you can accidentally participate in and win.

The game typically is played when the leader wants a silence broken but can sometimes just be played when there is activity.

The Store is Out of Zess