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Ray Catalog Issue 19

Ray Catalog V. 19

Here's this week's poplular rays...

1. Plant Ray

Price: $500

This ray turns anything into a plant. It can be usefull for many reasons, and you can figure it out.

2. Mind Wipe Ray

Price: $600

This ray will-- I don't remember... Oh no I used the ray on myself...

3. Fattening Ray

Price: $850

You got something you want to get really fat? This is a good ray; it makes an living thing's fat cells grow how many times you need them to.

4. Skinnying Ray

Price: $900

Did you go too far? Fix it with this.

5. Cookie Maker

Price: $700

Everyone loves Cookies! Yeah!

6. Atom Seperator

Price: $930

Ya wanna immedietly kill something? This ^

7. Lazer Ray

Price $450

It's a oldie, but goodie. For all ages. (Expect 12 for some reason)

The AI Peoples of East Lodge