by Max Barry

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by The One-Winged Etymology Shark of Erinor. . 41 reads.

TSP Clerihews

Being a collection of semi-biographical verses concerning certain nations of note in the region (and beyond) presented in no particular order.

Was never in.
He was known as a 'Fenda,
Yet never 'Delenda'.

Islands of unity
Flexed with impunity.
He thought DEH was vomit
Because it wasn't Great Comet.

Max Barry
Once owned a cash and carry.
He invented NationStates:
As if we didn't have enough on our plates!

Will probably nail ya,
But she looks quite spectacular
When she twirls all tentacular.

Is often sleepy.
He snores like the thunder
All the way down under.

New Haudenosaunee Confederacy
Is writing much better, I see.
Though, if you see him writing in the garden
Your skin had better harden.

Had no time for Taft.
He argues with Glen
Now and then.

Is a raving looneh.
If that seems quite random,
Well, QED.

Is Glen-Rhodes, you know?
He wore quite a merry hat
When he was on the GA Secretariat.

073 039 109 032 080 111 112 112 121
Was a hard one to write verses on.
They're still trying to hatch
The latest shipping dispatch.

Is evanescent.
They fade away
Into the sanctuary of a pillow fort all day.