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Thaecian Political Parties

This factbook compiles the political parties in Thaecia.
Major Parties



The Unity Party of Thaecia (UNI) is a catch-all political party. It was founded on July 19th 2019, after a merger between the Pirate, Freedom Alliance and Solidarity parties of Thaecia and has since grown to include members from all across Thaecia's political landscape. The main objective of the party is forming effective and organised leadership for Thaecia and adopting policies based on what is the best for the region, rather than what serves solely our own interests.

Home Affairs

  1. The Unity Party of Thaecia stands against the ejection from the region of multiple members of the former Thaecian Reformist Party and will endeavour to bring justice to those affected by this action.

  2. We believe that Thaecia's should adopt a unicameral legislature as this will improve the quality of Congressional leadership, the scope of debate within Congress, and the representation of voters by Congress. The Unity Party will push for a regional referendum on this issue.

  3. The Unity Party of Thaecia believes that the Minister of Home Affairs should increase interaction on the RMB and discord. We believe that the minister is responsible with greeting new residents, as well as instructing them with any questions regarding the functioning of the government and politics in our region. An active and interactive minister helps turn Thaecia into a better community for all.

  4. The Unity Party of Thaecia believes in semi-absolute freedom of speech, so long as it doesen't violate any of NationStates' rules. We reject banning any individual of this region due to them having their own political beliefs, and we will always seek to oppose amendments or laws which infringe on this right.

  5. We believe that any type of immigration is beneficial to regions as a whole in NationStates, as new people help making our region larger, improving activity and allowing for more interaction and activity between citizens.

Foreign Affairs

  1. The Unity Party of Thaecia believes that Thaecia should adopt a progressive approach when it comes to inter-regional relations. We reject simply building embassies just for the sake of building embassies. We support finding pro-active new allies which are not involved in raiding and hold peaceful relations with the inter-regional community, in order to expand Thaecia's influence in NationStates.

  2. We support the upkeep and maintence of an active and experienced Ambassadorial Corps, which works with the Foreign Affairs Ministry to promote better relations between Thaecia and it's embassy regions.

  3. The Unity Party of Thaecia supports the freedom of a of a strong defender led military to act decisively in the region's best interests. We believe the military should be able to respond quickly to threats without requiring Congressional approval and that it can be held accountable for its actions afterwards. Although active raiding should not be a primary goal of our region. the Unity Party supports collective raiding or military missions within interregional cooperation or mandate, which improves our military and foreign presence in nationstates and builing a strong idenity in Nationstates.

  4. Our party believes that Thaecia can benefit from joining inter-regional organisations, but we believe any opportunity to do so must be considered carefully to ensure that Thaecia will benefit from joining and we reject any inter-regional organisation that will not benefit Thaecia.

Culture and Roleplay Affairs

  1. The Unity Party of Thaecia believes that Thaecian roleplay should remain independent of politics and should be allowed as much autonomy as possible. However, we accept that the Thaecian government should retain the ability to take control of the roleplay, but only when absolutely necessary, such as when the roleplay's internal management breaks down.

  2. We believe that the Culture Minister should work with the organisation of monthly regional events (for example regional online games or competitions), as a way to promote activity and interaction in the region. We also believe that the Culture Minister should organise weekly polls with a variety of different topics, as a way of promoting interaction on the RMB.

Justice and Law Affairs

  1. The Unity Party of Thaecia opposes any attempts to establish copyright laws in Thaecia (Eg: Copyright laws for party logos or any other government or privately owned institutions). We believe copyright laws in a game like NationStates are unnecessary, and only restrict the freedom of citizens.

  2. Our party opposes the usage of government-owned institutions and government privileges in campaigning. Therefore we believe acts such as using of communications privileges to send region-wide telegrams campaigning on behalf or against a party or candidate, or the usage of the WFE or government-owned nations to campaign on behalf or against a party or candidate, should be criminalised.

  3. We believe that the Justice Minister, with consent of the Prime Minister and the President, should be allowed to have the powers to temporarily close the regional borders during an election. This power could be used in order to prevent the influx of puppets during an election, which may influence the results.

  4. The Unity Party of Thaecia proposes the creation of a lower Associate Court to take criminal and civil cases, to which the High Court can serve as a court of appeal, while serving the primary purpose of constitutional review.

  5. Our party is strongly against political involvement by High Court justices. We believe the justices of the Court should remain politically independent and refrain from making public comments about court cases or persons involved in them - justices' opinions should remain within their official channels on the Court RMB. In order to uphold judicial independence, we believe the justices themselves must remain independent.

  6. We propose reforming the High Court's official procedures to improve their efficiency and transparency. At present the Court works slowly and silently, we believe this should be changed and can be changed by reforming the Court's procedures.

  7. The Unity Party of Thaecia proposed the creation of a People's Attorney Office to serve as a guardian of the people against abuses by the government and will be able to provide legal representation to Thaecian residents in court.

  8. We believe the Justice Minister should be able to publicly advise Congress on the constitutionality of certain bills, and publicly advise the Prime Minister and the House of Commons on the competence and integrity of potential High Court nominees.

Internal Party Organisation

Party Constitution

  1. Membership
    Any citizen of Thaecia can become a member of our Political Party. All members together form without exclusion of any member the supreme authority in the Party. Membership can be limited or revoked by the governmental institutions of the party.

  2. Leadership Council
    The Unity Party of Thaecia shall be led by a Leadership Council, consisting of 5 members. 3 members will be elected by a free vote of every Unity Party member and the remaining 2 seats will be granted to the Unity Party's leaders in Congress. The Council will choose a Party Chairman from among its members. The number of members can be modified through a party vote, which can be triggered by a petition signed by 20% of party members or a motion approved by a majority of the leadership council. Elections for its members are to be held every 4 months and are to coincide with Thaecian general elections. Should a seat on the leadership council go vacant, an internal party election shall be held for the vacant seat.

  3. Party Chairman
    A Party Chairman shall be elected by the Leadership Council. The Chairman shall serve a term of 4 months, with the possibility of seeking re-election. The Chairman shall be the main representative of the party, the campaign manager during elections and shall have the ability to maintain the day-to-day workings of the party, however in general most important decisions require the consent of the leadership council. Internal party referendums and elections shall be organised by the Chairman, or by a person designated by the Chairman, except in the event that the Chairman is standing as a candidate, in which case they are required to appoint someone else who is not running in the election to organise it. In the event that there is no Chairman, the remaining members of the leadership council shall decide who will organise the elections.

  4. Shadow Cabinet
    The Unity Party shall choose one party member corresponding to each of the cabinet positions in the Thaecian government of the day. Any party member can run for each position, but they must gather 3 signatures from Thaecian citizens to be considered by the Leadership Council, which will ultimately decide from the valid candidates who will be admitted to the Shadow Cabinet. Their job in the Shadow Cabinet will be to follow the events of their ministry and keep pressure on the incumbent Minister, as well as to promote the Unity Party's solutions for the area. They may be removed by a vote of no confidence by party members, with 15% party members being required to sign and 60% of voters to support it, or by the Leadership Council with a simple majority.

  5. Disseminating Candidates
    In order to run candidates in elections, the party shall organise internal party primaries. Should the leadership council decide that the party shouldn't run any candidates in a specific election, this decision shall also be voted on by party members.

  6. Impeachment Procedures
    A vote to impeach a member of the leadership council may be called if a motion for impeachment receives the signatures of 20% of the membership. If a motion does obtain the signatures of 20% of the membership, support of at least 50% of voting members shall be required in an impeachment vote in order to impeach a council member. An impeachment vote can also be called by the Leadership Council if two-thirds of its members vote for it. The remaining members of the leadership council, not suffering the impeachment vote, shall decide who will organise the vote.

  7. Amending this Constitution
    Any changes to the Manifesto or Internal Party Constitution of the Unity Party of Thaecia must be approved by a majority of voting members at an internal party referendum.

Party Code of Conduct
  1. Members of the Unity Party of Thaecia are encouraged to avoid using toxic campaigning or accusations which lack facts or are generally illogical or have the primary purpose undermining other candidates/parties. We as a party put professionalism above electoral victory. We believe all criticisms must be made with a logical base.

  2. Any party members who are convicted of corruption by the Thaecian High Court will be removed from the party. Our party is absolutely against corruption, we see it as extremely harmful to the region's development and growth. Any members also facing trial for possible corruption will have their memberships temporarily suspended pending trial and permanently revoked if convicted.

Membership (50)

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Minor Parties

Hello, traveler! You have stumbled upon the old version of the factbook for the Phoenix Coalition of Thaecia. If you want the new version, click here. If you want the old version, feel free to open the spoiler.

The Phoenix Coalition of Thaecia


The Phoenix Coalition of Thaecia is the newest and most vibrant political party in the region. We were founded by Titanne based off of the following principles:

-Thaecia is in decline and needs to rise from the ashes like a phoenix if it is to become the amazing place it was in the past.

-The simplest progress always comes from compromise with our “enemies”.

-None of the current political parties sufficiently address the points raised above.

-Recruiting is the lifeblood of the region, and without new faces, we will fall.

Home Affairs Policy

The Phoenix Coalition of Thaecia believes that the Home Affairs Ministry is the single most important ministry, and that the following things should happen in relation to it.

-The appointment of a capable, active minister who is a friendly face to new nations and knows how to recruit. Duras does not meet these standards, so we suggest Shoila or Cirrus Azale to the role.

-The Home Affairs Ministry should partner with the Culture Ministry to welcome new nations to the region and get people involved in projects, such as ThaeciaU.

-The Home Affairs Ministry should provide templates for recruitment telegrams, in case regular citizens wish to do some recruiting.

-The Home Affairs Ministry should create a branch of “Greeters” to welcome new nations to the region and direct them to whatever materials or resources they may need.

-The Home Affairs Ministry should create a branch of “Moderators” to monitor the RMB and keep it under control.

-The Home Affairs Ministry should conduct some form of recruitment at least once a week. This can be via individuals, mass telegrams, or API.

-The Home Affairs Ministry should take over the master factbook currently maintained by Titanne.

Foreign Affairs Policy

The Phoenix Coalition of Thaecia believes that the Foreign Affairs Ministry should work with others regions to develop and maintain relations.

-The appointment of a capable, active minister who is calm under fire and wise in his/her words. Given the current vacancy, we would select Greater conexus or Xedon for the role.

-Thaecia should only seek to improve relations with other regions, and should not purposefully sabotage them.

-Thaecia should NOT become involved in the politics or leaderships of other regions. Meddling is unethical and can only create problems.

-The ambassadors should deliver weekly reports to the Foreign Affairs Minister regarding leadership changes and other developments.

-Before joining any interregional organization, the public should vote on it. In the case of a secret alliance or such, the Foreign Affairs Minister should confer with the President and the Prime Minister before accepting or denying the request.

-Thaecia should only join interregional organizations where it is represented fairly and that has other member states with similar power.

Roleplay Policy

The Phoenix Coalition of Thaecia believes that the Roleplay Ministry should operate almost entirely autonomous from the main government. It should cater to the needs of those who use its services.

-We believe that Islonia is doing an excellent job as Roleplay Minister, and that he should continue his work there.

-The Roleplay should be led by the Roleplay Minister, obviously, but also by a council elected by the roleplayers themselves.

Cultural Policy

The Phoenix Coalition of Thaecia believes that the Culture Ministry should operate almost semi-autonomously from the main government, as it served a different crowd. It should cater to the needs of those who use its services.

-We believe that Titanne is doing an acceptable job as Culture Minister, and that he should continue his work there.

-The Culture Minister should create polls on how to make the region more enjoyable, as well as entertainment polls such as those conducted by Fedele and Auphelia in their respective regions.

-The Culture Ministry should plan and conduct fun events for the region. Some ideas that the party has are another game night, a comedy night, or a trivia contest.

-The Culture Ministry should act as one of the biggest draws to the region, as politics are not everyone’s cup of tea.

Justice & Judicial Policy

The Phoenix Coalition of Thaecia believes that the leaders of the Justice Ministry and the justices should all be fair, smart, and quick on their feet, so that they can fulfill their duties.

-We believe that Broustan is doing an acceptable job as Justice Minister, and that he should continue his work there.

-The Justice Minister should essentially watch regional affairs from the wings and step in during emergencies to mediate arguments and disasters.

-The Justice Minister should finally create a test for the Thaecian Bar Association. When the bill is fulfilled, all members of the group will be considered members of the Justice Ministry.

-The leadership of the Justice Ministry and the justices should all be independent so that they can be neutral in their rulings and in performing their tasks.

-There should be established a second, criminal court to deal with lawsuits. The High Court will be reserved for constitutional reviews only.

Legislative Policy

The Phoenix Coalition of Thaecia believes that the legislative branch should fulfill the needs of the people they represent.

-The House of Commons should be expanded to 11 seats.

-The Senate should be expanded to 7 seats.

-When the legislative branch needs to debate on or vote on constitutional ratifications, the PPT proposes that a joint session of Congress should be called, as a compromise between bicameralists and unicameralists.

-The members of Congress should have titles added to their names, such as Hon.

-Due to the party-based voting system, citizens vote for parties rather than candidates. Therefore, when an MP or Senator abdicates their seat, their political party should be able to appoint a replacement

Basic Thaecian Rights

The Phoenix Coalition of Thaecia believes that all Thaecian citizens are entitled the following unalienable rights:

-Freedom of Speech. Homophobia, fascism, sexism and racism will NOT, however, be tolerated under any circumstances.

-Right to Vote

-Right to Run For Office

-Right to be Appointed to Office

-Right to Participate on the RMB and Discord.

-Right to Immigrate or Emigrate From The Region

Cross-Party Dealings

The Phoenix Coalition of Thaecia will follow the following pillars in its dealings with other political parties

-Meet In The Middle Compromises. Any deals or arrangements with other groups should be fair to BOTH parties, even if it means neither party gets everything that they want.

-Prompt and Direct Communication. We should try to get back to other parties as quickly and as clearly as possible.

Internal Policies

The Thaecian Phoenix Coalition will follow the following pillars with it’s members:

-Everyone Has A Voice. All major policy changes should be run by the entire party.

-Prompt and Direct Communication. We should try to get back to our members as quickly and as clearly as possible.

-Elected Chairman: As soon as we have enough members for elections to be practical, we will hold an election for Chairman.

Membership (16)

This document lists the members of the party and their roles.

Titanne, Chairman
The Bigtopia, Deputy Chairman
Edan Land
Saint Alban Islands
Royal higharchy
Anglo europa
Northern swoard coast islands
World Trade
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Thaecian Action Party (TAP)

The Thaecian Action Party (TAP) is a political party in Thaecia with the sole purpose to bring progressive reform to the region. TAP believes the region can be successful if the government works for all Thaecians, not just the political elite. With progressive reform, we will fundamentally change the government to support democracy and equality for all nations.

TAP Beliefs

Domestic Affairs:

  • TAP believes in properly defining the Ministry of Domestic Affairs and supports reform to merge this position with the Minister of Culture.

  • The Minister of Domestic Affairs will overlook Departments created that fall under this Ministry.

  • We believe this Ministry should help increase activity in the regions rmb and discord and help new nations feel welcome to the region.

  • TAP supports and will lead the movement to create the Department of Security which will protect the region of all external and internal threats.

  • TAP supports the creation of a Department of Recruitment, which will constantly work to recruit nations to the region.

  • We believe that the EC should be reformed to work efficiently for the region.

  • TAP supports a Unicameral legislature and we believe that a Unicameral legislature will improve the efficiency of Congress.

  • We believe in the creation of an Archive account in the form of a puppet nation that will store all information regarding to the region.

Foreign Affairs:

  • TAP believes in a globalist approach to interregional affairs

  • We believe the embassy policy should be reformed and enforced to insure our embassy regions are active.

  • We believe we should make alliances with other regions to increase interregional activity between our alliances

  • We believe Thaecia should actively interact with embassy regions to form alliances and bonds with other foreign regions

  • TAP believes that a regional military is not needed and we will work to abolish a regional military.

Legal Affairs:

  • TAP believes that Justices should remain independent as much as possible without showing a strong opinion on current political events

  • We believe that nations should be actively engaged in our Legal Affairs Ministry

  • TAP believes that the Minister of Legal Affairs should make sure all current laws are constitutional due to the new constitution in the region taking effect.

  • TAP believes that the Minister of Legal Affairs should assist nations writing bills to insure that they are constitutional

  • TAP supports a Minister that will be strong in enforcing laws and prosecuting those that break the laws.

TAP Constitution

Article 1 - TAP President
  • The President of TAP is responsible for the management of the party

  • The Chairman is responsible for the TAP factbook

  • The President serves a life term until their nation either CTE’s, resigns, leaves the region, or leaves the party.

  • If the President position becomes vacant, the Vice President becomes the acting President of the party until a new one is elected.

  • The President is responsible for selecting a Vice President and also has the right to remove the Vice President at any time.

Article 2 - TAP Vice President

  • The Vice President assists the President in managing the party

  • The Vice President serves a life term until they are either removed from office by the President, CTE, resign, leaves the region, or leaves the party.

Article 3 - TAP Council

  • The TAP Council consists of the President and 4 other party members

  • The President is in charge of leading the TAP Council and is responsible for hosting annual meetings with the TAP Council to discuss party management and platform

  • The TAP Council can propose and vote on bills to change the party constitution and platform.

  • The TAP Council has the right to expel party members of the party if they show disloyalty

  • The Vice President has the right to also be in the TAP Council but must be elected as a Councilor

  • The whole TAP Council, besides the President, is up for election every three months. These elections will take place on the 5th day of November, February, May, and August

  • A TAP Councilor may be removed from office if they CTE, resign, leave the party, or leaves the region

  • If a TAP Council spot is vacant, a special election must take place to fill the open spot

Article 4 - Party Members

  • Members of the TAP have the right to run for President and TAP Council in all elections

  • Members have the right to vote in all party elections

  • Members have the right to protest party leadership if they are failing to lead the party correctly

  • Members are removed the party if they CTE, leave the party, or leave the region

  • Members must show loyalty to the party at all times

Membership (0)


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