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Farfour Mush I - God-Emperor of the Universe and Author Self-Insert (OUTDATED)

Farfour Mush I

Farfour Mush I - The Banished Prophet

Farfour's Form Made of Light Contained Inside
an Ancient Space Armor as His Base Form

God-Emperor Farfour Mush's Base Form as a Heavenly Being

God-Emperor/Divine Caliph of the Persagonian Republic,
Nationales deutsches reich, and The intermarian order


Junior Fuhrer: Jean-Francois Lohr of Herzosag

Preceded by: Universal Position Established

Personal Details


Unknown Date, 1900 (age 119)
Jannah, the Kingdom of God


"The Banished Prophet"
"The Caliph of the Three Worlds"

Notable Work:

Creating the Rezaverse


Islam (de facto Self-Worship Farfourism)

Ideology Information

Political Ideology:

LinkUltranationalistic Anarcho-
Salafist Bolshevism

Economic Ideology:

LinkCentrally-Planned Primitivism

"What am I? Well, without sounding too melodramatic for you, let me explain it in the simplest of form just so life beings like you can understand. I am deity, a creator of your universe that you are unwillingly born in. And I as this deity? I am the metaphysical manifestation of order and chaos in these three universes I've created. Conflict to drive humanity and by divine intervention, bringing a semblance of universal order in the most unexpected of manners. That is morphing into other personas to subtly change the course of history in contra with the world of God/Allah. You may be wondering how but you should be asking why. Why did I do this? Was it out of altruism? No but a fascination of what humanity can achieve yet this leaves me unimpressed. As a deity, I do not asked to be worshipped for the crimes I've indirectly committed towards humanity... Enough rambling. Let me ask you this question: why do you exist in this world and what is your role in this great expanse of a universe? I could have render you into dust in any moment..."
~ God-Emperor Farfour Mush I, explaining his motive and operation to a Neanderthal pleb

Note: This is basically just an attempt at reviving a dead meme but it has a twist in it. Farfour confirmed for Smash.

Farfour Mush I is an all-powerful former Farfourite Islamic prophet, theologian, and deity. He, if you can call it one, is the living embodiment of chaos and order in the NationStates universe as well as the antithetical being to God's omni-rule. Capable of shapeshifting or morphing into a form to act as a disguise for him to blend in different worlds as well as using the absorbed powers of his creations to his advantage just like Cell from Dragon Ball Z. There are actually more than one Farfour and the Farfour lineage is expansive spanning throughout the era after constant inbreeding with a fertility like that of rabbits. Nonetheless, he was granted by Allah the role of the 26th Prophet but only to be banished by all eternity from Normalis Terra (IRL universe) to purgatory. From purgatory, Farfour convinced omnipotent Allah to grant him half the godly power to create universes inside this small empty universe Farfour was held captive in. With Allah curious of what this disgraced prophet was capable of, Allah agreed to it and from there on, Farfour was responsible for the creation of alternate universes such as the Nationales deutsches reich, The intermarian order, and the Persagonian Republic known as the Rezaverse. His power level knows no bounds and that mouse mask he wears serves to act as a reminder who is truly holding the Rezaverse in mercy. There's also a cult that revolves around the belief that God is actually a mouse in the Intermarian world.

Other than being an omnipotent mouse-like deity capable of creating universes; the jihadist Farfour you know is actually just one of his many personas he keeps around the inhabitants of the Rezaverse in order to disguise his true Godly self.


The Banished Prophet Arc
Farfour Mush I was created on 1900 in an unspecified date of time just after humanity entered the 20th century. It is said that Allah created him out of boredom as well as to use somene as a punching bag. Constantly had him do bungee jumping from heaven to hell back and forth as well as cleaning up the mess left by fools attempting to cross the As-Sirāt to go to heaven but are simply too blind to go the other route. Farfour is actually a beam of light just like the angels that inhabit Firdaws. He was one of the four archangels serving under Allah's command but Farfour was an unofficial part of it. Nonetheless, Farfour enjoyed the company of 72 virgins during his stay in heaven. Having to brawl with suicide bombers just to get laid with one of his favorite clients just so he could rough up the merchandise. About the part where suicide bombers being in heaven; Allah didn't accepted mosque-goers which he considers the pious who don't rise up and become syahids as "plebs" and "normies". Despite being the foil to many of the archangels there, particularly Jibra'il, where he bothers him by drawing pictures of Muhammad in a very stereotypical way. Complete with a bomb-ticking turban and a beard. Jibra'il who has had enough of his childish antics, showed the nude fanart of Muhammad to Allah. Allah was obviously infuriaritated by this and banished Farfour to Earth or Terra Normalis. This doesn't mean that Allah hated him though, the deity actually laughed at the nude drawing which gave Allah enough reason to grant Farfour the title of the 26th Prophet of Islam. Allah changed its mind on Islam already being perfected and gave Farfour to greenlight on continuing to enlighten the kaffirs into the righteous religion that is the Church of Flying Spaghetti. Just before Farfour packed his bags and go to Earth in shame; Allah gave him a mouse costume to rub the salt into the wounds just to cover Farfour's divine appearance. Of course you didn't learn all of this in the Qur'an because it is so lore-breaking that it's only written on the manga and OVA.

Farfour and His Former Lover, Corporal Hitler

The Great War and Hitler Saga
It was convenient for Farfour to descend into Earth from the heavens on 1914 just at the beginning of the World War I. Tumbling to Earth on an umbrella just like Mary Poppins, the wind carried him to Ypres on October amidst the First Battle of Ypres. A company of German soldiers were the first one to spot and were terrified by his mouse-like appearance that they fired warning shots at Farfour's direction. Creating a hole on his Mickey Mouse ears. Farfour went into hiding first at the forests and when one of the German soldiers chased him down there, he simply caught him by surprise and stealth killed him by cracking his neck. He disguised himself as the German soldier he killed by using his shape shifting abilities. Farfour, disguised as a German soldier, emerged from the forests while carrying the Mickey Mouse head. Proclaiming to the soldiers in broken German "I ze umbringen der maus!". With that matter settled, Farfour retired himself to the trenches with his men. Farfour didn't realize what he was dragging himself to and felt a sense of awkwardness around the rowdy German soldiers or as he calls it, the "Filthy Huns". He also didn't realize that the man he killed and took his identity from was actually the butt of all jokes for the men in the company, just like he was with Allah and the archangels. Unbeknownst to many in the group, Farfour is actually a heavenly being and the many divine miracles that occurred in the frontlines were indirectly created by him. As his duties as a Prophet, Farfour continued to ramble on about his Islamic teachings to the men of the stationed brigade and he insisted on eating Halal beef instead of the pork offered to him by his military compatriots. Tried alcohol once and drunkenly stumbled and vomited on a makeshift Church once during a mass as part of the many hijinks his compatriots put him through.

It was in the trenches of the First Battle of Ypres that a certain Austrian corporal by the name of Adolf Hitler. An effeminate man with a rather romantic mustache and sea-blue eyes. Adolf took a liking towards Farfour during the first time they met but it was an one-sided relationship. They constantly hung-out with each other and Adolf casually drops some dirty homosexual jokes around Farfour. Adolf was insecure about his closeted homosexuality and it was Farfour that managed to arouse his gay feelings that he repressed for so long. Hitler can't stand it anymore and confessed his undying love towards Farfour. Farfour was asexual and romantically inexperienced so he wasn't sure of Hitler's true intention but he went along with his sexual fantasy nonetheless. On one fateful night, Hitler sneaked into Farfour's private room and began to forcefully penetrate his "sensitive areas in a full frontal offensive while maintaining a heavily-defended, advantageous position". Farfour woke up and was maintaining a defensive position with his butt-hole amidst the relentless offensives carried out by Hitler's Pickelhaube. Hitler made the tactical mistake to let out a big orgasm as the frontlines changed rapidly after every forceful penetration in creating a breakthrough in the frontlines. This alerted his superiors and he gave them disciplinary action by tying both of them on a cross to repent their sins for the hell they've brought to the camp. Just before the sentence would befell upon them, the trenches were suddenly bombarded by artillery strikes and French soldiers began pouring out of their trenches to assault the Germans. Farfour simply escaped and charged against waves of French soldiers shooting at him. Farfour didn't budge and this was the last time the men saw him when the fog covered his appearance. While leaving a heart-broken Hitler behind, this proved to be catalyst to his descend into psychotic madness that would lead to the present Fuhrer Hitler. Farfour indirectly caused WWII and the Holocaust by dumping the madly in love Hitler.

Work in Progress...


"Caliph of the Three Worlds" and His Personas

So Holy That His Face is Covered in White Sheets

As Caliph of the Three Worlds which consists of the alternate NationStates worlds of Intermarium, Persagonia '79, and the Nationales Deutsches Reich. Granted by Allah the divine power to create universes and oversee them as a semi-omnipotent being, he runs the world as his own sandbox and carefully examines the development of human civilization with great pity. To him, humanity serves a meaningless purpose but to be born and die in vain deaths which is the cycle of life in the Rezaverse. Both their moral and technological contribution mounts to nothing in this world Farfour has created. With humanity unlikely to change the totality of existence or the grand scheme of things to him as he is the only omnipotent being capable of enacting drastic universal-altering changes in a whim.

In Farfour's eyes, everybody is equal in that their lives are meaningless in this chaotic and irrational universe molded by the seemingly absurd. Intrigued by humanity's endeavors in finding true meaning in life as well as the many setbacks it had to endure before rising up, Farfour only oversees them as an apathetic deity that would only intervene in his favor at the expense of his creations. For the most pettiest of personal reasons or others. Becoming the very thing he hates, God or Allah. In this world he has molded, the world has entered the fourth stage which is kali yuga where humanity indulges in constant warfare as they drift further from faith and get immersed in the materialistic world. There is no afterlife (heaven or hell) because he doesn't want to give humanity a higher purpose to live nor giving them joy or sorrow in death. As his creations would be eternally tormented in hell while the superficially pious could only look on from the safety of the heavens. As an "egalitarian", he abolishes this concept alltogether and considers death as "mercy" as their tormented soul would be released from such hellish world Farfour has created. So they may ascend to Nirvana if there is one.

The characters Farfour has created (Reza Mortazavi, Imperator Konstantyn, and Reich-President Falkenrath) are superficial and created on the template of the ideal man of their respective political beliefs. To make it easier for the masses to be herd by such petty concepts such as politics and national identity that are ultimately miniscule when compared to the speck of the universe. They are set as an example to the character shallowness of the world in the realm of fiction and the absurdity of the perfect man or political Ubermensch when applied to the real world. But with the likes of those men, Farfour has the idea to purposely kill them off so as to get rid of wordly idols and return the world to its natural order. Farfour acts as a God himself like in the manners of Allah but he doesn't expect blind worship in return for his otherwise despicable actions. He is the descontruction of an apathetic God and the average NationStates author. A deity who holds a nihilistic worldview and one that holds a disregard for realism and embraces romanticism. Two of Farfour's creation held the theme of preventing the catalyst to the worst man-made disasters to take hold. For example; the Nationales Deutsches Reich with the rise of Hitler and Persagonia '79 with the Islamic Revolution. Indirectly preventing countless of deaths that occur within our world but this universe runs in parallels with Allah's or God's.

In his base form, Farfour is a deity made of heavenly bright light that takes in the form of an attractive young man akin to that of an angel but this is just a facade to his more cynical and sinister character. The name Farfour is just an Arabic name granted to him by God and is no way related to that Palestinian Farfour mouse. However, here's the twist, Farfour can shapeshift to whatever form he desires as deity. He uses this disguise to blend in with the crowd of the three worlds which are Intermarium, Nationales Deutsches Reich, and Persagonia '79. Using his disguise to rise through the echelons of power within the respective political institutions and hierarchies of those countries in order to oversee their development in the perspective of his creations. Leading to interesting interactions, exchanges, and analysis. These are a list of his notable personas which are Imam Farfour from Persagonia, Unicron from Intermarium, and Colonel Himmler from the Nationales Deutsches Reich.

Take notes, these personas are in no way a reflection of himself as a "level-headed omnicidal apathetic deity". For example: Caliph Farfour Mush I is a different character from his persona that is Imam Farfour in every way even though they essentially came from the same person. They are just disguises where Farfour Mush has to take just to change the course of history in those nations by interacting with different characters with distinct personalities to adapt in their socio-political environment. Ffs, he is on the verge of getting a multi-personality disorder.

Imam Farfour of Persagonian Republic

Farfour's Number One Musical Hit in Iran

In Persagonia, Farfour Mush took the form of a mouse cosplayer and host of a popular kids' television show on Memri TV after absorbing the spirit of what once was Farfour the Mouse. Using his newfound persona as a mouse, he rose in the ranks of the Shia Islamic clergy in Iran and even became one of the disciples of Ayatollah Khomeini. To blend in with the rest of the Iranian Islamists, he adopted a rather hard-line Islamic stance which makes him come across as an Islamist strawman. This newfound identity coalesced into a persona that slowly took over his real-self and made him slowly insane mentally. Wondering if there's any difference between him and his mouse act. Slowly turning him insane and the persona gradually took over his mental faculties due to his shapeshifting deformities. Nonetheless, the Farfour mouse persona managed to attract a lot of followers to his particular clique which isn't something that Farfour was expecting. Broadcasting outrageous Islamic rants filled with demagogic rhetorics and anti-semitic fury that won the hearts of millions of Iranians. This catapulted him to the higher ranks of the Islamic clergy all the while infiltrating from the inside. Many were perturbed by the mouse mask he's wearing but they grew to recognize it as a holy symbol. A filthy lowly being turned into something holier and divine. During his time as an Imam and loyalist to Khomeini, he rose to popularity as a popular orator albeit a ridiculous. In spite of his infamous reputation, he is well-respected by the Islamists much to his bewilderment. His status as the 26th Prophet gave him legitimacy among the eyes of the Iranian public but the Sunnis of the Saudi royal government were opposed to his illegitimate claims to which he responded with blowing up the Mecca and escaping from Riyadh with most of their expensive fleet of limousines.

In a series of bizzare statements; Farfour proclaims himself to be God's right-hand man in leading the Iranians to a new enlightened era through Sharia Law and martyrdom during the Iranian Revolution. During Khomeini's death after the proclamation of the republic, he became at odds with Ayatollah Farhani. Farfour is a marja ("source of emulation") in Twelver Shia Islam, a Mujtahid or faqih (an expert in Islamic law) and author of more than 40 books, but he is primarily known for his political activities. In his writings and preachings, he expanded the theory of welayat-el faqih, the "Guardianship of the Islamic Jurist", to include theocratic political rule by Islamic jurists. According to Memri TV, Farfour called democracy the equivalent of prostitution. He has also been lauded as a "charismatic leader of immense popularity", a "champion of Islamic revival" by Shia scholars, and a major innovator in political theory and religious-oriented populist political strategy. Farfour is officially known as Imam Farfour inside Persagonia and by his supporters internationally. He is seen as a God-like figure due to his mouse appearance, his claims of being related with Prophet Mohammed through blood-ties, and his supposed divine powers granted by Allah himself. Western media viewed him as a deranged lunatic that is somehow viewed as a divine figure by millions. Farfour was known for taking hostage of American school children in Tehran, his fatwa against writer Salman Rushdie as well as Michael Jackson, and for referring the Americans as the "Great Satan", Israelis as "Little Satan", and Canadians as the "Lesser Satan."

Farfour in a Heated Gamer Moment

Not only was Farfour an Islamist, he is a devout gamer and a proto-incel. He owned a collection of arcade games such as Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and many others as well as owning a beast of a gaming setup that comes in an Atari 2600 and an analogue wooden TV. In his speeches, he shows his hatred towards minorities and women. Frequently saying the n-word and blamed Karen for taking the kids. Farfour is an advocate for gamer rights where he blamed society for the social ailments of gamers where they aren't able to get laid due to muh chad society. Calling gamers and Islamists alike to rise up against Zionist chads and Christian stacies. Just like the Joker is the face of gamer culture, Farfour is our equivalent of it. Even going so far as to use someone's retirement funds to sustain his gaming empire. He was also particularly opposed towards SJWs for defiling video game characters and lamented that there weren't enough jihadist games to cater to Muslims. Despite being a furry himself, he is a rabid hater of furries and has frequently threatened the community in numerous ocassions. Besides being a devout gamer, he is an anti-vaxxer where he dumbfoundedly managed to convince a number of mothers to not give their children vaccine and simply let them die from natural selection. Which Farfour calls it as an epic victory royale.

However, all of this is just an elaborate plot concocted by Farfour to sway public opinion from the Islamists. He willingly took the role of a strawman in exposing the pure idiocy of the radical Islamists just so people would have second thoughts in supporting Islamic rule in Iran. With Khomeini dead and the Islamists left without proper leadership, Farfour took the leadership role and infiltrated the ranks to destroy it from within. Already witnessing what Iran would devolve in an alternate universe under Allah, he wasn't going to let it happen and let the balance of natural order go in jeopardy. With this, he indirectly prevented Islamic rule and consolidated democratic rule for the most part. Even if President Reza doesn't realize this fact.

Unicron of The intermarian order

Farfour-Possesed Unicron Sitting on His Throne

Meanwhile in the Intermarian Paradise Lost universe, a bio-mechanical being which is a relic of an once-feared intergalactic military weaponry or some sorts has constantly terrorized outer planets by consuming them and leaving their remains to serve as warnings for extra-terrestrials from other galaxies when entering the Milky Way. Indirectly causing a fragile yet long peace between two untouched civilizations which are Terran Humans and the Space Xenoids. Farfour didn't shape-sift for this one but rather possessed the dead remains of a mega galactic AI power armor nicknamed "Unicron" obviously not a Transformers reference using his soul.

Capable of changing into a planet-sized sphere fortress and consuming planets as well as everything in its range. Striking fear to the adventorous Space Xenoids into having second thoughts in exploring the Milky Way and perhaps, colonizing Earth. However, Farfour didn't had the noble intention of protecting human civlization in mind. But rather, he want to see his experiment go undisturbed by external influences in which he has no control over. He saw the existence of Space Xenoids as a sign of Allah's meddling into his world design and sabotage of it. Farfour as Unicron has been dubbed by the Xenoids as the Planet Eater, Chaos Bringer, and Space Shiva which is a testament to his infamy as the being that is capable of destroying the universe itself. Making Farfour the strongest being there ever was in the Paradise Lost universe.

Unicron Eating a Planet

Like his Farfour persona, his form as a mentally-possessed Unicron is highly unstable for a semi-deity like him. Farfour has to constantly resist his hunger for eating more planetary systems than he already has. Not to mention, the inhabitans of Earth weren't aware of his existence but constant odd radio signals from Unicron's quantum processing systems picked up by local stations on Earth has led to conspiracies that there is a extra-terrestial being up there on space. Popularizing UFO theories as a result about a certain "Planet Eater" but this has been mostly ignored by the scientific community, ignorance at its finest. With human space technology still primitive in the post-war apocalyptic world, Unicron's existence has mostly been concealed from the Terran Humans. Unicron's mere existence as the only thing standing between Terran Humans and Space Xenoids. Preserving peace by preventing them from contacting with one another.

Unicron's sole existence in essence, however, was to consume everything around him. Be it planets, moons, stars, and even the very fabric of existence. The real self-conscious Unicron would not be satisified with his constant hunger to consume all matters until his ultimate goal is attained. Bringing an end to the annoying and meaningless creations boasting independence around him, and find peace by becoming the living center of a swirling, infinite torrent of nothingness at the end of all things. Envisioning a dream that is the Unity where the autonomy of petty organisms has brought nothing but misery to the galaxy and they must be consumed to a single entity that would strip them of their free will to commit harm as well as eliminating their undesirable traits. All of this would supplement a single entity which is Unicron himself. The self-conscious Unicron finds eating planets, particularly Earth, as a form of mercy killing as the humans are born to a post-apocalyptic period filled with nothing but misery.

Unicron's disregard for the existence of these autonomous organisms as mere playthings with no true sense of purpose to live perhaps greatly reflected on Farfour's nihilistic mindset but the means to achieve this end greatly differed from what he hoped for. Slowly but surely, the original Unicron quantum AI began to slowly overtake Farfour's mind as Farfour continues to observe the separate development of both Terran Humans and Space Xenoids from space. Floating through the rubbles of space as a large sphere of destruction akin to that of Shiva.

Colonel Himmler of Nationales deutsches reich

From an Infamous Mass-Murderer to
the World's Greatest Chicken Farmer

While in a distant world set in the 1930s in the Nationales Deutsches Reich realm, there lives a chicken farmer living in a quaint village in Bavaria. Runs a chicken farm specializing in producing egg and selling them to the market. Has the qualities of a typical German worker; hard-working, disciplined, punctual, and God-fearing. Except here's the twist: he is Heinrich Himmler except the real Nazi Himmler is dead and killed by Farfour Mush I where he took upon himself to seize his identity and live a seemingly perfect normal life as a chicken farmer. Or is it? Perhaps the spirit of the real Himmler haven't fully ascended to Nirvana and that anti-semitic as well as ultranationalist fervor more or less coalesced with Farfour Mush's godly personality. Making way for a rather ungodly union of two men.

However, the real Nazi-sympathizing Himmler was killed by Farfour Mush on 1923 just before he joined the Nazi Party. He was just a little-known university graduate back then. Killing him by spreading seeds around so that the chickens would peck him to death and cover it as an accident. A conclusion reached by the German Police. Farfour knew that killing him early would prevent someone in coming up with the Final Solution that led to the Holocaust and deaths of millions. He learned this the hard way after abandoning a madly-in-love Hitler that led him to kill 12 million Jews in the real world. Farfour didn't do this out of altruism but rather, testing how the death of one man can impact the course of history. However, this fear proved to be false when the Nazis lost the 1934 elections and the DNVP under Erhard Falkenrath won instead. So, in reality, Farfour just killed an innocent man based on assumptions and from a hunch. Afterwards, the identity of Himmler was hijacked by Farfour in order to disguise himself as a citizen in the Nationales Deutsches Reich as he continues to observe political affairs behind the scenes as a God.

Himmler, affectionately known as Onkel Vier Augen (Uncle Four-Eyes) or Colonel Himmler in the same manner as Colonel Sanders of KFC, runs a rather large bussiness empire in this alternate 1930s Germany where the Nazis didn't rise to power. He is a self-made man and tycoon that has several business connections with other Prussian Junkers up north. In spite of that, his farming company and industry didn't really expand outside of Bavaria. In spite of the Great Depression that hit Germany, Himmler was actually doing well with the economic hardship and managed to create a steady financial income with his agricultural diploma and some backhanded deals. The name Himmler didn't ring a bell outside of Bavaria but back in Munich, he is nicknamed Uncle Four-Eyes and Colonel Himmler by the locals. Himmler is a law-abiding man who doesn't jaywalk or litter as expected from a German Ubermensch. Although a good man on the surface, those who know him well described him as bit neurotic, pedantic, dull and an edgy emo creep. A sadist who is into BDSM maybe. He is also known as the Archie Bunker of Germany for his anti-semitic banter which is typical for any German, constant hallucinations of French soldiers based from his past war experience, as well as his reactionary traditionalist stance. Nonetheless, many didn't budge an eye to this odd behavior displayed by this body double secretly controlled by Farfour. But there is more to this agricultural tycoon than meets the eye.

The Uber-Huhn Wehrmacht,
the Future of the Fourth Reich

Behind his mundane work of a chicken farmer that supervises production, herd chickens, collecting eggs, and roasting them as meat; there's something much much deeper behind that noble facade of providing Bavarians with eggs and black people with fried chicken. The first red flag was when his diary entries had several anti-semitic remarks labelled on the egg package with several labels as "Delicate Crackin' Shlomos" and "100% Goyim". But the most concerning of all were his attempts at breeding the perfect chicken race. Preferably white as well as selectively breeding them in order to attain certain desirable features such as blue eyes, longer beak, thiccer meat, and a blonde comb. Mirroring the perfect German Ubermensch espoused by Nazi ideology but in this case, the Uber-Huhn or the Over Chicken. Himmler fought for the continual existence of the Vorwerk chicken at the face of "Cultural Marxism" and "White Chicken Genocide". He also has plans in breeding them to turn them into super-chickens capable of superhuman powers in order to create an army of Uber-Huhn for his next step in re-establishing the Fourth Reich! No more fake Fuhrers such as Hitler or that Reich-President Erhard.

Himmler was interested in mysticism and the occult from an early age. He tied this interest into his racist philosophy, looking for proof of Vorwerk and Lakenvelder chicken breed superiority. Proclaiming them to be the Aryan Chicken Race. He promoted a cult of ancestral worship as a way to justify selective breeding among chickens. There were also rumours that he was part of the Thule Society and that he was engaged in occultist rituals as part of some esoteric religious lodge. Believed to be able to connect with the Ancient Germanic Pagan gods through spiritual means with rituals, is blessed with levitational and psychic powers stemming from the powers granted to him by the divines after creating a pact with the demons, as well as travelling through the multiverse. Although, all of this just reflects Farfour Mush's divine powers as a God.

Ultranationalistic Anarcho-Salafist Bolshevism or Ulnarsalvism

Julius Evola and Farfour,
Constructing Ulnarsalvism Together

Ultranationalistic Anarcho-Salafist Bolshevism or Ulnarsalvism is the esoteric and syncretic political ideology outlined by Caliph Farfour Mush I and the driving force behind his political judgement as well as a display of his intellect. Farfour came up with Ulnarsalvism when he saw how the world has been spiritually degenerated, needlessly divided among classes and states, as well as lacking nationalistic fervour in which he saw it as mankind's descent into kali yuga. The idea was guided by Allah itself while Allah was on crack and Farfour complimented with his sheer intellect. Ulnarsalvism is the ideology as well as the political language of the Gods in which no mortal could comprehend. It is perhaps one of the most anti-capitalistic, xenophobic, anti-Zionists, and anti-progressive ideology there is. It is reactionary contrary to the societal anarchist and Bolshevist values it espouses. Giving way for the term "Radical Reaction" as a doublethink. For the normies to get a taste of the black-pill; Farfour wrote a scripture in a stone tablet called Riding the Mouse together with /ourguys/ Julius Evola and the based Alexander Dugin in which their views complimented with one another.

Ulnarsalvism has been heralded as the 20th century's greatest social achievement and a harbringer to the political revolution against the establishment. Ulnarsalvism cannot be catogarized as left or right as it covers both leftist Bolshevism and the far-right ultranationalism. But rather it is a fourth interdimensional positionist political thought, up there with Posadism. Unironic followers of Ulnarsalvism are called as Ulnarsalvites in the same manner as Bolsheviks, and they also attend a special political meeting called the Fifth National because Internationalists are for ((Zionist shills)). However, Farfour doesn't call himself as an Ulnarsalvites but rather the Ascended Radical Centrist as the politics of left and right are just one side of the same coin. He desires to see the Fifth Revolution sweeping the entire political landscape in order to destroy the political establishment that has grown complacent with their position financed by the Zionist shlomos and bankers alike.

Not only Ulnarsalvism is the ideology of the woke and the enlightened, it is also the ideology of cis-white gamers, braincels, and incels alike. For Ulnarsalvism seeks to put women, in this case fake gamer girls, in their places as well as to proclaim a patriarchal ethno-state, preferably a white one, as the final result of this perfected Fifth Revolution. For far too long, society has repressed the gamer instinct present in humanity through the rejection of Stacies and the oppression by Chads in order to put gamers in their places as part of the Jewish and Anti-Christ neo-globalist conspiracy. For Farfour; gamers are superior both spiritually and culturally due to their competitiveness inherently implanted in their nature as well as their rejection of normie society's expectations which is more or less molded by the ((Goldstein bankers)) and ((Soros global-progressives)). For this, Farfour seeks to liberate gamers and to rise up against Chads that are constantly c*ck-blocking their way to Veronica.

These are the core tenets and values of Ulnarsalvism:

  • Ultranationalism: For Farfour; Globalization had brought about the death of cultures and identities in favor of materialistic things like class-based wealth. Evidently, people had lost much of their inner zeal as they grew complacent with their position and made them both spiritually and physically weak and materialistic. Farfour didn't care what cultural and national values they hold as long as they remain zealously prideful of their identity. For nationalism unites and reinvigorates the ethno-community and would stray them away from worldly materialistic wealth in favor of chasing the ideal of the Ubermensch. Ultranationalism divides the community and breeds hate yet it made them realize the proud historical and societal achievements of their respective communities. It works in conjunction with religious radicalism and traditionalism. Ultranationalism is a tool of war and a good source of fear-mongering, not something he actually believed in. For war will give way for the spiritual rebirth of the degenerated man and would aid the warrior path of spiritual self-realization. He also voiced his hatred for Jews, Canadians, and Normies in the holy scripture: Three Things I Should Have Never Created: Jews, Canadians, and Normies.

  • Anarchism: A topic that isn't touched that much unlike any other core tenets of the ideology, Anarchism in Farfour's mind, is where man isn't bounded by abstract concept of law and states. Law is an abstract concept with all of its restriction implaced by the establishment of a society, only seeks to restrict man's nature that is to run wild and channel their repressed primal-like emotions as part of the warrior-making process. For the ideal anarchist society according to Farfour is when a community is separated along inseperable ethnic lines and where the strongest are able to impose their will onto one another without the state intervening. The only thing that bounds them together as a commune is their ethnic identity and traditionalist values. Where, effectively, the strongest warriors are part of the higher aristocracy and Stacy women as well as Chad normies are the dalits. Its all part of a Jewish globalist conspiracy to make men docile and servile.

    The Average Enlightened "Radical Reactionary"

  • Salafism: As both a Salafist and an Ulnarsalvite, Imam Farfour (not God-Emperor Farfour Mush I) is a Radical Reactionary. Imam Farfour didn't like how teachings of Muhammad PBUH has degenerated and weakened by subsequent materialist interference, rationalism, and innovations. Imam Farfour is anti-Western for their materialistic and dovish mindset, and blamed Western civilization for the contamination of Islamic society in particular. Farfour believed that the ummah or the people of God are perpetually at war with kafirs in which he boils down to Atheists, Agnostics, Progressives, and Secularists and alike. There is no peace or compromise to be made with the kafirs as one world should emerge and that is a world of peace which are governed by the pious as a divide between them would result in a perpetual state of conflict. Imam Farfour didn't believe in the concept of nation-states as it seeks to divide the pious along ethnic lines. He was also opposed to democracy as an attempt at man-made law and that Western entertainment is haram as it seeks to deviate them from spiritual matters. Its anti-nationalist stance is an outlier to the ideology but their reactionary traditionalism remains the same.

  • (Islamo-National) Bolshevism: A revolutionary Bolshevik for his time, Farfour attempted to mix reactionary traditionalism as well as nationalism with economic communism. For the workers will manage the means of production and following the mantra of "each according to his needs" inside their own self-sustaining communes. Seeking to topple the capitalist establishment and usher in the Fifth Revolution. Farfour attempted to create a comprising ideology between Marxist-Leninism and the teachings of the Qur'an. One is anti-religious and materialistic while the other is spiritualistic. He believed that Islam has met the needs of society and can accomodate or guide the social changes Marxism hopes to accomplish. There are teachings and practices in Islamic society that are compatible with a Marxist society such as zakat and Farfour envisioned the early Medinan welfare state as the template for a Islamo-Marxist society. The end goal of Islamo-Bolshevism is to abolish a class-based society as well as money by transforming society into a self-sustaining and productive one where the material needs of society are satisifed so that they can divert all attention to better their spiritual life.

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