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TRT Outlander Initiative

Howdy! I'm the Media Officer of the Rejected Realms, The Aligned People. In an effort to be more diverse and give a voice to more perspectives, TRT is introducing its “Outlander Initiative.” This program will open The Rejected Times' doors to all of NationStates regardless of their diplomatic status or R/D affiliations. Non-citizen and non-residential players would have the freedom to write what they want with the same oversight as any other TRT Staff member. This could even be an opportunity for our critics to “show us how it’s done” and “put their money where their mouth is” as our former Delegate, The Church of Satan put it. Depending on the interest for this there may end up being a backlog for articles to publish, but we’ll make sure to get Outlander Initiative articles out alongside staff member articles as frequently as it is practical. And yes, while this may be a chance for our critics to respond to us, we won’t allow anything that is blatantly demeaning or emotionally harmful towards anyone to be published in TRT.

To submit an article you have written, just head over to Linkthis Google Form. Article deadlines will be updated each month, and they can be seen Linkhere. If you would like to write an article, please keep a few things in mind: keep it at a reasonable length, nothing too long or too short; try not to go off on any long tangents that could be found boring; and please voice your opinions in a respectful manner. If you would like to view past publications of TRT, Linkhere is the link to our archives.

The Rejected Realms Officer of Media,
The Aligned People

The rejected runekeeper