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Eientei Gensokyo`s official Earth map (WiP)

(This is how the map is currently looking like. Note that this is NOT what the final map will look like!!!)

Greetings cute little nations! :3

Are you intrested in being included in the map? Just telegram me then.
If you are intrested in taking a spot on the map that is already occupied than you may try to negotiate with the nation that already took the spot you wanted.

Occupied territories

Eldikar - Japan

Hikxx - Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Indochina.

Lyretano - basically the German Empire, Austria, German south west Africa with New Guinea,

Arethyll - The islands above the Canadian mainland

Puccia - Italy

Machio-san - Tasmania and New Zealand

Tostandia - Falklands

Grimmechania - Cuban island

Lower vooperia - Sri Lanka and Southern India

For now I do not take any new requests fpr the map

This is a work in progress