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Thoughts about Astoria

Note: This list is not, by any means an exhaustive one. However, it will be updated regularly, with nations that have CTEd being purged from the list. Some of these entries will have been edited, though only done for clarity purposes.

What is a Stereotype for AN's Citizens? & What is a Stereotype for AN's Citizens? II




•Dangerously polite.


•Self-destructing liberals. The greatest allies Islam has ever had. Don't know what type of "Islam" you're talking about. Lovely.


•Basically all the Canadian stereotypes, so overly-polite vaguely socially liberal people who do nothing but watch hockey while eating Kraft dinners and drinking Tim Horton's all day long.


•Fluffy headed mild mannered goodwilled people.
•A melting pot of anthropomorphic animals.
•Centrist and sensible republicans.


•Ardent pacifists and compromisers.


•His/Her citizens love the environment more than anything else.


•Ardent pacifists and radical centrists.


•Some isolated nationalistic people from every culture and race.

Champagne Socialist Sharifistan

•International stereotype: liberal, progressive, peaceful.
Sharifistani stereotype: crazy people but decent and kind.


•Friendly, peaceful, cosmopolitan, and polite; the average Astorian is fairly cheerful and there is a roughly 50/50 chance of them being some sort of anthropologized "Anthropomorphised", probably. -ed animal.


•Indecisive, politically correct wannabe-capitalists.

Doge Land

•They build their history books


•ASTORIA CAN INTO SPACE. That is all I need to say.

Fishy Apples

•Everyone in Astoria is a city comptroller, and the whole nation is just one never-ending city council meeting.

Five nations

•Pacifists from North America/Europe.


•Beatnik furries.


•“Them? I mean, they’re not the worst. They’re kind of like Americans but well, more frightened. Honestly they’re okay folk but I think they are also a little stuck in tradition too.” - Forlanian Ambassador to Bratislava, Jennifer Gonzales.


•They're often too nice to their own criminals.

Haring Bayang Katagalugan

•They eat haggis everyday.




•Realistic furries.
•Quirky only in private, neutral to the point of self harm in politics.


•Patriotic well meaning nice people.


•If a bathroom has a toilet on it, they don't care however it is, but they like it.


•Liberal technology-loving capitalists.


•Friendly and cheery, but otherwise somewhat bland and perhaps a tad simple.

New Wolvers

•Furries. Ironically said from a nation which has werewolves..


•High-tech savvy intellectuals who drink cafe latte at the nearest bistro.
•Athletic book-readers.

Pan-Asiatic States

•Cheerful cat people with liberal themes.

Port Ember

•Artistic and creative pacifists.



Silver Commonwealth

•Avid cosmonauts.
•Extremely progressive liberals.


•Socially awkward nerds who love to read a lot.

The Federated Soviets of North America

•Bored islanders.

The Great Intergalactic Empire

•Lefty liberals who may be furries.
•Goddamn liberals!


•Some hipsters?


•Calm and stoic. Natural-born culinarists.

Tips to survive in the AN



Silver Commonwealth

•Throw away all of the furry stereotypes, that you know, as it will not help you there. Ohh, and avoid discussing military topics, period.

What's the distinguishing/unique feature of AN or its User?




•They're so detailed they actually give us their climate information AND their license plates.


•They're a pretty rational and well spoken dude.


•They're taking one of their old nations and pretty much completely copy pasting that nation into this newer one to make this nation their primary. I don't think I've heard of anyone else doing that.
•the constantly evolving flag, and the switch from being a nation that may as well not have an army, to a nation who's army is fairly respectable.


•They remind me of a alternative Canada, which is quite unique tbh.
•They put a Y in a name already taken. What a trooper.
•They went through a phase where they couldn't decide on a flag, I haven't seen anyone go through that before.
•They remind me of North America.


•Probably the most unique thing in the AN most of the population is based on Zootopia, for the OOC user however is that they are African which is certainly surprising and cool at the same time.
•The Lore and stuff plus they made a minecraft build and I even played it! The world was big tho.


•The above user is not ashamed to use NationStates Statistics, which is an unworthy function.


•Their overall insensitivity.
•Their rudeness and inability to read basic information. Hypocrisy much? -ed


•They've developed a fantastic amount of lore surrounding their nation. Their nationbuilding skills are up there with the best I'd say.

Federal Spanish States

•They hate being named Astoriya and/or Asturias! Also, an actual furry nation? Damn. That's unique.
•One of the only nations in most, if not all of NS that has humans mixed with anthropomorphic animals. What. Also, the fact that they don't have any sort of army, but can kinda defend themselves with non-lethal weapons.


•Remember back when they abolished death penalty circa 5000 BCE? Yeah.
•This is the person most likely to do this F7-side, far as I know. (referring to '*Your foes list has been updated successfully.*' - ed)
•"Muslim furry on NationStates" already makes it rare, but what definitely sets it is the person is willing to translate LinkYuyencia's factbooks into legible English.

Great mojave

•They're furries, but they ain't too keen on flexing about it. Good on you!


•Their short responses and lack of factbook content despite the fact that they spend so much time in the AN threads.


•I helped them in one of their factbooks. Also, furries.
•That him and I have interacted many times. Also one of the only animal humanoid nations that I can take seriously. The fact that no one can tell where it lives and keeps thinking it's in the Caribbean cracks me up as well.


•There are humanoid kangaroos. Can't tell if I'm interested or scared.

Imperial Majapahit

•I've just finished listening to your national anthem and it's pretty darned nice, both the music and the lyrics. I'd rate it a solid 9/10.


•Has amazingly achieved very few badges.


•The usage of NS stats.


•They're constantly being accused of being a furry by everyone else.


•Love the flag and the signature, and I appreciate people who use the Roger Rabbit Effect. Even has a trope factbook, that's pretty unique. First person I've ever seen from Nigeria who wasn't a prince.


•It's the Maple Leaf. I see a Maple Leaf. It's already labelled as Canada full stop.

Pan-Asiatic States

•They definitely have a quirky national identity. It's just the right amount of politicking.
•Being normal, honestly. Or relatively normal.
•Being an overall friendly and decent human being.
•Their oddly pacifistic nature.
•Pointing out that there is no 'y' in Astoria.
•Probably, for me, the fact that you're active on my server.

Paradeavenlisian States

•Their flag and also the concept of anthropomorphic animals and humans coexisting together in one nation.
•Not only do they have a Zootopia based(with a combination of humans) nation but they also have a factbook about the license plates on their cars and have good defences despite the absence of military. And also, where they are from is also quite unique too.


•Astorian flag is being changed pretty often. They also have their own language and the "Capital Act of 1673" which is, indeed - pretty unique..

Silver Commonwealth (and their puppet Fox shogunate)

•Their freestyle, and minimalist factbooks - kind of reminds of me before I started to work on formatting more.
•One of the first abolishers of the death penalty, and their user's replies are typically short.
•Their flag design - it reminds me of the white rose of the House York, and Scotland in a some way.
•They have been there around since 2013, yet their posting style doesn't seem to have changed much (I have seen younger nations around with more ''modern'' factbooks)...
•Anyways, the fact, that he uses white York rose for his country's flag, although it is a republic, not a monarchy ruled by York dynasty. Also, one of the most well known F7 pacifists.
•Well, there's PAS, who has detailed, and rich lore, and there's Astoria, who says ''let's keep it simple'', and writes a brief description. Not that it is bad, though - sometimes a brief summary is all what's needed. (My factbooks became walls of text, and navigable with anchors only recently.)
•Well, from all social liberals/socdems, that consider themselves as demsocs, he actually seems to have moved on to considering himself a socdem.
•Frankly, they are one of the few, that still keep using their IC name, and get mad, when people still use OOC name, while it would be easier to make a new puppet with IC name, and a dash, and give a fresh start. (You have made an one already, but why not use it just for sig hosting, but for posting as well?) I have gone this through as well - eventually I just made a new nation with IC name anyways, as people kept confusing it, even if it was literally in the sig.
•One of the few Muslim furries, which I have seen in F7 - quite unusual, I say. Also, I think, that they are one of the few, which have managed to piss Val off.
•Being one of the few serious, and good thought-out furry nations there in NS, that aren't something weird, or lewd, and actually have serious lore - we need more furries like you, honestly. (I slowly became disinterested about my nation, though, but still...)


•A very nice version of Germany, The insignia is also very unique.

Southern e-land

•Their flag looks like the sea.


•Finally a furry nation that isn't a straight-up parody or shoddily executed! I have faith in you fella!

Tetradimensional overworld

•They're one of the nations that gets angry when you call them the wrong name (not necessarily a bad thing, I do too) and the fact that Astoria is a nation of anthropomorphic animals

The Brytish Isles

•They’re one of the few furry nations on this site.

The Galactic Supremacy

•They gladly accept NS stats.

The intermarian order

•There's not much to say since most of it are barebone unfinished factbooks. But it's always unique to see an NS user before 2015 returning.

The Rapture Republic

•Never seen a nation that took this long to complete a factbook.
•The country is protected by a group of civilian militias in case of invasion as there is no military whatsoever.


•They abolished the death penalty in 5701 BC

Valentine Z (and their many puppets)

•The left and right aligned sig, which I haven't really seen much, to be honest. And a mixture of anthropomorphic animals, with humans living alongside.
•The amount of blue in the flag... And their IC name being different from their OOC name... so yep.
•The different IC/OOC name, and the unfortunate circumstance of having to put the sig in the factbook.
•The dash in front of their name, because Astoria was unfortunately taken. Also one of the nations that used to have a different IC-OOC name, but hey, it's been solved! ^^


•They were formerly known as Kayana.
•They don't have a sig.

West Leas Oros 2

•Lots of information on small things like phone calling codes and license plates.


•Anthropomorphic specieses.

Yegla Islands

•Probably the only nation I've seen who are so vehemently opposed to the death penalty to the point where it forms the basis of whether or not they enter diplomatic relations with foreign powers. Also one of the few furry nations on here that is neither a troll nor a steaming mess of UwU bulls---.


•Hmm, I'd have to say the fact they gave a set of instructions for the BN (currently me) to post by, that being said their Capital Act of 1674 prevents them from scolding me as it states no contact is to be made with nations with the death penalty, so I will also say that they seem to dislike the letter 'Y'.

Culture Shock the AN: VI




•We put furries in camps, and re-educate or terminate them. A dictator recently seized power, running a sham democracy.


•We invented the car.

Ghostway corporation

•We are the worst enemy of anti-Gamergate news sites like Kotaku.


•Capital punishment remains in active use.


•Capital punishment remains in use and is legal in every prefecture.

Silver Commonwealth

•Democrat, and Republican parties are banned in our timeline.
•In the Commonwealth, military is our pride, and state personified. Ohh, and we also have conscription, of course, and army of more than 30 million men.

The African Emirates

•Every one of us are robots.

The Brytish Isles

•The population of Brytain is completely human.
•Some citizens maintain no-furry zones.

The dixvia

•Due to a troubled past and an altered genome, cannibalism is not considered a taboo, although in modern times it is more of a niche foodstuff, but consuming dead relatives is still common.

The Hell Legions

•Our government is largely centralized. Local governments exist to enforce the laws created at the national level, not to make their own laws.
•Uh... smoking and zoos are legal here?

The Fascist Waffle Empire

•In the Fascist Waffle Empire, gladiatorial combat is not only used as punishment for prisoners guilty of crimes, including murder and rape. It is also one of the most high paying jobs in the country, with the entry level earning upwards of $150,000 a year.

Tornado Queendom

•We teach that God created the planet 4.5 billion years ago, and evolution happens because God was lazy.
•We give guns away for free.

If the AN existed in YN’s universe?



Decu caine

•They would become one of the highest populated places, and become a dream destination for "aesthetic" teens.

National Republic of Antagoria

•We wouldn't really be bothered by them as they are none of our concern. Although if they invade us we will wipe them from the face of the earth. If they embargo us we wouldn't really be bothered since we don't do trade with anyone, only a few countries trade with us and they are authoritarian.

Paradeavenlisian States

•Well, considering how peaceful they are, we would approach them with negotiations over trading and discussions about the division of our space colonies' territories.

Silver Commonwealth

•Speaking of embargo, we would put heavy sanctions on them, and make sure, that they don't receive any supplies. When they would be weakened enough, we would invade, and in case of victory, create the "Territory of Astoria", and set up something similar to Bantustans there, while integrating the territory as a part of an another region, or its own region. In the process, probably start to purge other species as well, except perhaps for AIs.


•Seems like another cookie-cutter democracy, with its petty virtue signaling and unsustainable spending habits. Perhaps at some point their social security checks will become unsustainable or they will be overrun with foreign migrants, and the upset this will cause will send ripples internationally. Otherwise, their presences is negligible. Another right-winger. Lovely. *eyeroll* -ed

The vladivostok confederacy

•It would be sort of the same thing. It would be competing with other military powers such as the United States, but their space colonies would simply not exist in the way it does within their universe.

Yegla Islands

•We probably wouldn't care very much. They seem like the sort to keep to themselves, and I doubt they would go for any sort of land grab considering their pacifism and our isolated location. They would probably try to embargo us for one reason or another, but we're fairly self-sufficient. Should the embargoes become an actual problem, we could always invade.

YL receives a proposal of marriage from AN's Leader




•'I'm gonna take that as a no.'

Great mojave

•"I politely decline." -Jericho Jenkins


•"No." - Administrator Nadia Elbaz

Valentine Z

•Oooh, now you've yourself a proposal from someone else too? Looks like someone has the hearts for you too, Clarissa! Are we... double-crossing each other?
- Valentijn “De Sierlijke en Vrij Valkyrie General” Samantha Maxwell Delta Weston Stijn Angelus Tracey Mitchell Marnix Svtw. Constantine Sein Lin Zaw Naing

Ahh, for goodness' sake, I don't know that guy too! I... ok, fine, fair enough! Rather than questioning and doubting each other, we should find out more on this!
- Exuberant T-1000 Surveillant Clarissa Alanis Star Breya « La Amoureux Chéri » Millie Taissa Butterfly Mélody Coraline Jolijn Trini Clementine Hollie Harumi

Good, good! Because I surely can't take this anymore! I never have the idea of me leaving you, and I am damn sure that you are not going to leave me like so!
- Valentijn “De Sierlijke en Vrij Valkyrie General” Samantha Maxwell Delta Weston Stijn Angelus Tracey Mitchell Marnix Svtw. Constantine Sein Lin Zaw Naing


Anddd CUT! Damn, that's beautiful! Clarissa, Valentijn, you two did great! In fact, I could see a quarrel between you to, but I think you don't want that!
- Chief Aviator Gwen Tracer Hepburn “Fate” Ellen Trixie Caitlin Foxworthy Avril Verlene Eveline Celinda Sammy Wt. Oxton Arielle Lindall Leslie Allison

This is going to be a box office hit, I can feel it, Val! Ohhh, Val, I am sorry if my words hurt you so just now! I was just trying my bestest to act and all, heh heh!
- Exuberant T-1000 Surveillant Clarissa Alanis Star Breya « La Amoureux Chéri » Millie Taissa Butterfly Mélody Coraline Jolijn Trini Clementine Hollie Harumi

Hahaha, right you are, my dearest! But of course, know that this is all acting from both you and I! I still love you, Darling Clarissa! ♥ More affection later, haha!
- Valentijn “De Sierlijke en Vrij Valkyrie General” Samantha Maxwell Delta Weston Stijn Angelus Tracey Mitchell Marnix Svtw. Constantine Sein Lin Zaw Naing

What do you think life is like in the AN?




•Rather plain and unassuming, I'd presume.


•Like a really cliche, over-the-top, Japanese anime.


•Like Canada or the UK without the monarchy.
•Reasonably good, similar to Western Europe.


•It looks like a great place to live.


•I guess it would be pretty good.

East Angria

•Overall safe and quite pleasant. Maybe a little boring, though.


•Pretty comfortable, you don't really have to worry about much, which is either really boring or a really good thing depending on what type of person you are. You're either a humble farmer or a city slicker, either way you're a hard worker.


•A bit like living in England. Hope you’ve got a TV license, m8.

Haring Bayang Katagalugan

•Like the countryside.


•Mostly chill, albeit a little restricted.

Kingdom of Damascus

•From what I can gather, like most European countries ie. Germany or France.


•Perfectly pleasant, I would imagine, although the onus is on the in
dividual to make life interesting for oneself.

Nolo gap

•Sounds mostly OK from the NS assesment.


•Very diverse, and easily travellable.

Pan-Asiatic States

•Generally peaceful. With most conflicts externally abolished, citizens enjoy an era of prosperity.
•Sometimes a little optimistic. The politics determines it.

Paradeavenlisian States

•Anyways, life there would be pretty good and probably pretty intriguing due to the encountering of the anthros. The people there probably have a bit of an outdoor kind of lifestyle despite the climate being wet and rainy in general. It would also be quite liberal there and the environment is most likely quite pristine.


•Probably not that bad. I would give it a try, but I'm not sure I would like living in Astoria.
•Life in Astoria is probably not too bad, I'd imagine.


•Sounds like a generally nice place to live.

The English Regions

•Quite stable with a nice environment and with the ability to live one's life how they want.

The Liamese Empire

•Similar to life in a Nordic country, people are kinda soft and I'd probably be very annoyed.

The Multiverse of Holly Starlight

•I was thinking that it will be some sort of life on a archipelago, and the tropical life will be the best!

The Rapture Republic

•Like New Zealand, however with Japanese characteristics.
•Well, decent as life can be in a tech support company. That’s just what I got from the WIP factbooks.

United universal union

•Not as bad as some other nations, I'd say it's quite good.

AN Man: The Game



Alpes a Septentrionali Imperium

•...realises that the anthros aren't hallucinations, questioned why he hadn't figured this out sooner.


...detained for giving candy to children
The suspect, a 36 yr-old male, has pleaded guilty in court proceedings today to giving candy to children. He was seen walking around the city, giving large candy bars and sugary snacks to children while their parents weren't looking. Nothing harmful appears to have been detected in the food. "I wanted to reverse the 'stealing candy from a child' stereotype", he said in a statement.
...arrested for kicking hobos; spray painting them
The man was arrested late Wednesday afternoon when many passersby were disturbed to see a man kicking hobos in the streets and spray painting them in various colours. He then proceeded to steal their money and walk off laughing. Authorities arrived and the man was arrested with no resistance. In a statement, the perpetrator said "Them stupid poor people shouldn't be out on our streets, dat scum". The trial is scheduled for Saturday.
...arrested for stealing people's tax forms
The man, who worked as a carpet cleaner, was arrested after multiple missing tax forms were found at his residence. He was reported to the police on suspicion of holding drugs, and instead the police found the missing tax forms. Many people were audited, due to inability to do their taxes, and the man has been reported saying 'I like to know things about people!' just before he entered the police vehicle. His trial is scheduled two weeks from today.


...arrested for cleaning cars without a permit in downtown Footscray
An Astorian foxkin, who wished to remain anonymous, was arrested earlier today after reportedly cleaning 6 parked cars down Wakefield Road, Footscray. Witnesses claim the man was simply continuously washing each individual car parked on the street, before coming into confrontation with the owner of the 6th vehicle whom "Did not want his car cleaned, thank you very much." The Downtown Police Department released a simple statement on social media stating "Whilst there's nothing wrong with wanting to maintain tip-top shape, he should have at least asked the owners before acting." Whilst arrested, no criminal charges have been made as the vehicles have not been shown to have suffered any damages, however the "reverse-vandal" has been warned that further action without a permit or consent may result in detainment.


•...drenches himself in ranch sauce to surprise his girlfriend, ends up getting arrested for attempting to rape a woman down the street after jumping out of his window.

National Republic of Antagoria

•...caught trying to shoot his anthropomorphic neighbour. When asked, he said, "I thought he was an animal".

Window Land

•...dressed up as a bear and stole pic-a-nic baskets from a national park.

Yegla Islands

•...commits serial murder after repeated misspelling of his name in government census.
•...arrested for gutting anthro and wearing its skin. "It's just a fursuit", he claims.
•...arrested for owning a lethal firearm.
•...breaks up squabble between two teenagers - hailed as war hero.

What do you think were AU's thoughts while making AN?



Amanda seyfried phap tribute and dog

•What if we were Republican, but also had big government?


•I’ve had enough of the Y in my name.


•You know what i want to do? I want to be a sensible person and try to make a normal nation.
•Where else could the furry community need representation?

Federal Spanish States

•I want to make a furryfied-ish UK... let's do it.


•I can satisfy my dream, that's cool! :metal:

Pan-Asiatic States

•Beaches, industry, and capitalism. Why not?

Paradeavenlisian States

•Anthropomorphic animals deserve more recognition in NationStates! Therefore, I must make a country based on Zootopia!

Tsis aiuso

•Let’s make a furry nation! But actually halfway decent, inoffensive and competent!

Your Tourist's Review of the Above Nation VII




•Beautiful anthem, rather nice place, enjoyed the freedoms. Was actually quite nice to see what we could be without a monarch; though their multiculturalism was distasteful.

Arshanid Deccan

•The beaches were magnificent and the food was great, kind of reminded me of Jamaica. The people were also very friendly, warm and created a welcoming environment.

Empire of the united states

•I mean, it was an interesting place, but not one I would recommend to travel to.

Garden at 6th Mile Road

•I went to someone else's nation for the 4th time, and hm hm, it went really well! :D People over here accepted me, and they were curious about me!

Great thallands

•I could actually breathe the air without it being covered in marijuana smoke and the capital was nice enough.


•I never minded, even if it was a bit small, i like relaxing their, I do hope the ban on travel is soon fully repealed soon for nations like this. "ban on travel" not exactly accurate, but referring to the Capital Act. -ed
•Bland, but not bad. Well, I guess it's is safe, and everyone's happy...but seriously, this place is odd.


•Not much to say overall but I travelled throughout their lands and saw that every area has vastly different feels, so I guess I'll eventually find a place for me. 6/10.


•It was quite a pleasant experience. I found myself enjoying the sights and scenery, and the food was quite delicious. I believe I will return for another holiday, perhaps with my family.


•Pretty nice. Just your typical Nordic country. Clean air, nice people, etc.

Nevv vegas

•More tech than the Sierra Madre has gold!


•Mmmmm, that cake was good. But they denied me access to their spaceships. Wait, this isn't Greece? I feel betrayed.

Pan-Asiatic States

•Cool breezes in the Astorian springtime can really calm the nerves.


•Huh, it's amazingly similar to Plaetopia in some aspects... It's really a nice place to relax.


•Well, I was allowed to have a gun, but everyone looked at me weirdly when I carried it.

Silver Commonwealth

•Well, it was fairly nice, and a small country. Despite being weaker in military, way more clean than the Deep South back in home - Atlanta has been turned into a monstrous Khrushchyovka zone by now. I didn't mind all the animals there as well - I was interested about their kind even since I was a little kid.
•Some disgusting animal-like creature bumped into me, while I was exploring the streets. Only thing, that stopped me from punching it in face with my power fist, was the policeman on the street. At least back in the Commonwealth, strong weren't chained by the weak. eyeroll, but IC nonetheless - ed
•At last, a grasp of freedom, and not slavery in the workplace! If you could just drink it like water...


•Nice place, would recommend you go around December. You can go sightseeing but make sure you clean after yourself, overall would come again.

The Federated Soviets of North America

•It was pretty nice.

The Great Intergalactic Empire

•Apart from rights and leadership it isn't that different. Harder to breathe.

The Rapture Republic

•It was different, remarkably so; the government wasn’t as restrictive compared to the one at home and the people were oddly friendly, which I found abnormal. Maybe because I was from Rapture, with citizens mostly having a mindset for survival by watching themselves carefully with little trust with others. Overall, it was a pleasant experience.

The Zravvisk

•Me and my family had a good time in [the] Central Province. We got a lot of stares while walking the streets as three dragons and a giant insect tend to get but we're used to it. Now if only they built their buildings a bit bigger so that every time we wanted to see something inside, I wouldn't have to walk in with a camera while my family watched the feed outside.
•I sent my leave in Nivas City copying their large collection of books to the Archives. Wasn't a lot to do down there and that way I made a bit of cash to spend.
•Quite average for a class four technology nation. I received many long and strange looks, but that is to be expected.

Uinted Communist of Africa

•Yet another centralist trapped in political limbo. Well at least I wasn't chased out of the country for preaching communism....I actually was just smiled at and asked to speak a bit softer. So I eventually just decided to give up and take a walk through some of the capital.





  • Enjoys flagmaking

  • Interested in writing and creativity

  • Centrist

  • True neutral alignment when she plays D&D


  • Is some sort of animal

  • 'Killing people isn't nice, why don't we instead teach them how to not be mean?'

  • 'Anon, lets go to the city!'


  • Cute and caring

  • Possibly a closet furry

  • Loves everyone equally, loves you more

  • Leftist but not in your face about it

  • "A gun, anon? why would you want one of those?"


  • "You don't want to come to the farm with me, Anon?"

  • Could beat you in an arm wrestle match

  • LIke having parties every Friday night, always comes back drunk and cuddling you

  • Is good with animals

  • Would probably simply sing "Burning Down The House" by Talking Heads if their house was actually burning down

Fallen Albali

  • Fusses over you a lot

  • Wants you to be happy

  • Has never, ever gotten into a fight before

  • Kind of pretty

  • Has a pet robot

Five nations

  • Smart.

  • Writes much.

  • Centrist.

  • Loves peace

Garden at 6th Mile Road

  • Loves long walks and just talking about life.

  • A bit of a furry, though no harm in that!

  • Likes cartoons! Cartoon Network and Boomerang almost all the time.

  • A little bit on the short side.

  • Loves nature and greenery.


  • 'You think this is cold, anon?!'

  • Clearly not a Canadian

  • Mumbles in an animal language

  • Makes you concerned if you happen to be a furry

Khiva and bukhara

  • 'I will cook you this traditional dish from my subculture, anon.'

  • Has goals of studying in the UK, someday.

  • Never eats pancakes without maple syrup


  • 'Anon, all life is precious.'

  • Likes coffee (there's a cafe near me called Astoria)

Silver Commonwealth

  • Somewhat of a hippie, and a pacifist

  • 'What are those ears? Well, anon, thing is that...'

  • Surprisingly well makes meals from raw food

  • Wants to be an astronaut

  • 'See, we don't hold diplomatic relations with those who execute their people, anon!'


  • Likely hairy.

  • Could be cuddly like Nanachi.

  • Tolerant of other people and cultures.

  • A bit of a softy but can respond if push comes to shove.

  • Probably OK with experimenting things if you've gotten over the culture shock of dealing with anthros.

Guess what life is like in AN based on its primary banner!



Alpes a Septentrionali Imperium

•Urban, peaceful, and welcoming if you don't mind the animal people.


•A peaceful community that socialises a lot. Their citizens feel welcomed everyday.


•Probably fine and not unlike life in a typical developed nation - but everyone's an anthropomorphic animal.


•Is that.. a furry? I um.. It looks.. too.. utopian.

Skolipendra Organization

•Why do I have the feeling life there is similar to Zootopia?

What was your most recent impression of AN?



Brotherhood of squid

•Yeah, drama may have happened here and there, but you're still a nice person in my eyes. I don't get what all the fuzz was about.


•Probably at least a little bit of a furry, but is probably tired of hearing that. Other than that, pretty chill and pretty good in running a nation.

Christian Confederation

•Entertaining flag. I assume it's some kind of organisation or business.


•They seem rather chill, though prone to sarcastic rebuttals to posts they either dislike or consider to be sub-par, which I guess is fair in some cases.

Federal Spanish States

•Meh, it's Astoria. What should I say?
•Err... Astoria...? Why do you think I was the king of Forum 7 at one point, even after I said that I'm nowhere close to overthrowing Val[entine Z]...?

Hyperion remnant fleet

•He has come along way since getting chided on having barebone factbooks and have noticeably grown. Let's keep it that way.


•Anyways... perhaps a little belligerent (I read Moderation obsessively) but capable of humour and fun. Never could figure out why you don't want to clarify 'Astoria' in your sig though.


•I still think of them as Astoriya instead of Astoria as a joke. Also, what's with having 2 nations that are the same and using both? It's rather off. Overall, decent nation, even with the furries.

Sentient programs

•Their nation's name is quite similar to Solaire's homeland from the game Dark Souls, was this intentional? Who knows?

Silver Commonwealth

•Alright, now he has got a bit more verbose posts - that's good. Also, it turns out, that he now has also read a bit more about social democracy, as he doesn't call himself a demsoc anymore, and seems to dislike communists. Honesty is always good, ya know.
•Damn, I wonder, why he keeps getting warnings - he seemed to be a pretty okay guy for me. Perhaps it is better to keep yourself in check, so mods wouldn't need to sweep in?
•Well, it seems, that he is about to revamp some of his factbooks in future - that's good. Our factbook making styles are constantly evolving, and improving - for those, who dwell there regularly, that is. Some just stay in time. Also, he is one of those, who restores faith in furries for me. I am one myself - or rather was, as I abandoned my anthro verse [sic].


•So he made a new nation because there old one had a spelling error, which I like. He is a animal lover, which I also respect. Seems like a nice guy.


•Mi is suspicious about this kiddo here present...

The Great Intergalactic Empire

•Well maybe a tad on the sensitive side. But overall an average person for these threads-ish.

The Rapture Republic

•They are still without a fighting force but have so managed to be out sight of conquistadores. Otherwise, the characters in the country still need more spice.

The Russian Nations

•Huh, a world where cartoons and reality collide, oh wonderful! I think that when it comes to adding cartoons in their nation...they would at least add some comedy right?


•I find their sig interesting, but what about the factbooks?

Yegla Islands

•They seem to have finally settled on a flag design, and a pretty good one at that.
•With half of F7 buried under low-effort posts and threadjackers, can Astoria survive les mois de troublés?

The Republic of -Astoria