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by The Republic of -Astoria. . 329 reads.

Old anthem (not canon)

LinkFor Astoria, our homeland | Pre Astori'u, odkuiym tami
Lyrics: Kuln Pygar | Music: Alvas Tagin | Adopted: August 27th, 1643, originally adapted from a folk tune

For Astoria, our homeland
We strive and work and pray,

That all may live in unity,
Freedom and peace each day.

Let justice guide our actions
Towards the common good,

And join our diverse peoples
To prove our brotherhood.

We pledge our firm allegiance,
Our promise we renew;

Keep us, great God of nations,
To Astoria ever true.

Pre Astori'u, odkuiym tami
Mi nilntip kui nymagip kui sydipe,

Ti di bged pymk di gidagm mi ymedid,
Leleu kui notgo txka kedi.

Sil'ime kligdirem di ykuiuit zinlepnim tamo
Kligd ri pelir ri nilxoruqid,

Kui xoruqauyme pi populim tami di solperuip
Nil di zildidyol zisocilepem tami.

Mi cadauipe nil xirmeqilem tami di zimkaryl,
nlipdepe i'mi ti lemazagpi;

Ma lyog, Cad e poku e qapxizim,
Nil Astori'u bgedumgi e zildid.

The Republic of -Astoria