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Nationbuilder V.2

Roleplay Nation Name: ...
Government Type: ...
Capital: ...
RP Population: ...
Nation Class: ...
Tech Specializations: ...
Minor Resources: ...

  • Roleplay nation name is the name you give your nation in the RP, and is not necessarily the same as you account name

  • Government type is the form of government you have. LinkGovernment Types

  • Capital, here you state you capital city's name, and the bingo square it is located at.

  • Rp Population is the total amount of citezens you have (this incudes immigrants). As a starting nation, Colonist-Class nations can have a maximum of 15 million citizens; and Native-Class nations can have a maximum of 35 million

  • Nation Class is the choice between Native and Colonist. Natives are technologically less advanced, but have access to special fantasy abilities, such as magic or different (humanoid) species. As a rule of thumb, native cannot exceed the technological era of the 16th century. Colonists are human nations, that migrated from Earth to Alterra. Their starting tech level is the 1980's which makes them scientifically superior to Natives. But what they gain in technology, they lose in fantasy. Later on these nation may choose to start Hybridization receiving a mix of both.
    There is also a special No-Lander Class type nation offered.
    Nomadic, Horde, and Pack these nation types will be unable to claim any land on the map but can roam into other tiles.

    Nation Class





    Fantasy land based nation

    - Custom race
    - Can use the art of magic
    - May claim 3 Bingo squares

    - Cannot exceed the technological era of the 16th century.


    Modern land based nation

    - Starting tech level is the 1980's
    - May claim 3 Bingo squares

    - Cannot use magic
    -Starting population at 15 million citizens.


    Cultured no-lander nation

    - Can use terrain raw resources
    - Can do trade with other nomadic nations and with land nations
    - Only nation class alongside packs able to host less than 500 members

    - Limited to 6 tiles


    Aggressive traveler no-lander nation tied to cavalry

    - Starts with a tamed cavalry animal.
    - Can travel twice the number of tiles other no-landers do

    - Cannot exploit land resources aside wood, animals and those needed for basic warfare (not crops or real industry).
    - Magic debuff.
    - Limited to 10 tiles.


    Wild no-lander nation

    - Can have a custom species with better traits
    - Can either be air, water or ground based or even a combination of them
    - Double population growth
    - Can choose to host less than 500 individuals.

    - Cannot research
    - Restricted to natives, cannot hybridize
    - Cannot exploit land resources aside basic food (hunting and gathering) and for basic tools (wood, stones, etc)
    - Limited to 6 tiles.

  • Tech Specializations are specific things your nation excels at. There are a great number of specializations to choose from.Native and Colonists class nations can choose 5 specializations. The Engineering and Magic tech specialization has different subcategories. Of these you may choose 4
    Specializations that would benefit a technology being researched or constructed will reduce time needed by 2%.




    Allows for faster design and construction of better air and spacecraft.


    Allows for faster domestication of fantasy animals, as stated in The Role Play Basis Act EL-AR-01, and higher quality farming with animals and plants. May have up to 5 approved Fantasy Animal Species which can be domesticate a factbook will be needed.


    Allows for faster design and construction of better Sea going vessels and craft.


    Allows for marginally faster production of all things, and faster research into industry.

    Terrestrial Travel

    Allows for faster design and construction of better land based vehicles.

    Civil Infrastructure

    Allows for faster construction of Infrastructure. Deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment. This maybe used for buildings, urban planning, transportation planning, agriculture planning, and materials science.


    (Natives only) unlocks Native Magic Specialization set.


    (Colonists only) unlocks Colonists Engineering Specialization set.

    Colonists Engineering Specialization


    Engineering Mechanical

    Allows for faster development of mechanical devices and tools

    Engineering Electrical

    Faster development of electronic devices/weapons

    Engineering Computing

    Faster development of computer based devices/weapons

    Engineering Biological

    Faster development of things linked to biological devices/weapons/enhancements

    Engineering Robotic

    Much Faster Development of robotics

    Engineering Nuclear

    Faster development of nuclear technology.

    Engineering Civil

    An advance form of Civil Infrastructure allowing environmental, coastal, earthquake, geotechnical, and water resources engineering.

    Engineering Science

    Allows for faster research and development of “High Tech” Technology’s (e.g Spacecraft and Robotics). This will cutting down engineering research times by 5%.

    Native Magic Specialization


    Magic Refinement

    Allows for the creation of purer mana and its transport to markets.


    Enhancing of various non-living objects, Gems, seals, or craving runes upon an item.

    Life Magic

    Enhancing/Healing Living beings. As a subcategory of life magic can also be used in cruses or undead magic.

    Magic Research

    This will act as a magic boost bonus cutting down magic research time by 5%.

    Magic Botany

    The control and manipulation of plants.


    Summoning weaker forms of beings from parallel dimensions. These can count as demons, spirit animals, or giving objects souls. This can also be used for illusion magic.


    Combining ingredients to create temporary effects via digestive means.


    The manipulation and ability to conjure fire from oneself.


    The manipulation of non-organic earth based material (metal not included.)


    The manipulation of open water in solid and liquid form (cannot manipulate liquids out of sight.)


    The manipulation of air to create gusts of wind.

  • Nations are allowed to choose 5 minor resources per bingo tiles that are not already present on the resource map. Minor resources are any natural materials found in the real world. Role Players are allowed 1 approved Role Play fantasy resource a factbook is needed.