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Helpful Links for Newcomers

Extremely Important Links

  • LinkForums (LinkOld Forums) - The forums are where we do a majority of our official discussion. We strongly recommend you join.

  • LinkDiscord - Discord is for more casual discussions, and where we host some of our events. We strongly recommend you join this as well.

  • The Rejected Realms - This is a link to the regional page, which contains some basic information about us.

Application Threads


Government, Laws, and Treaties

Rejected Realms Army (RRA) Links (Military related links can be found at the bottom)

  • Why you should join - An in-depth guide to the benefits of joining the Rejected Realms Army.

  • LinkApply - Apply here for the Rejected Realms Army.

The Rejected Times (TRT)


Foreign Affairs (FA)

  • LinkBecome an ambassador - Apply here to help represent us abroad.

  • LinkAll Embassies and their Ambassador - This is a list of every embassy to The Rejected Realms and who the ambassador is. Do not let this discourage you from applying to be an ambassador. Many people are ambassadors of many regions because there's no one else who will do it.

  • LinkEvery Foreign Update - A foreign update is posted on the forums of embassy regions to inform them of the current events here in The Rejected Realms. This is a list of every foreign update ever made.

  • LinkEmbassy and Consulates FAQ - See how to make an embassy or consulate, what's the difference between the two, and other frequently asked questions.

  • LinkEmbassies - Every embassy of The Rejected Realms.

  • LinkConsulates - Every consulate of The Rejected Realms.

World Assembly (WA)

The Rejected Realms Historical Society (TRRHS)


NationStates Important Links

  • Reference Library - See links regarding NationStates as a whole.

  • FAQ - See the official NationStates FAQ here.

  • Military Gameplay - Read an amazing guide raiding and defending (R/D). See here for how you can get involved in this, and how to learn without having to read so much.

  • NS Codes - See the official dispatch for NationStates BBCode.

The Nation of Twertis