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by The People's Republic of Andusre. . 143 reads.

The Thaecian Polling Data Protection Act

Author: Andusre

Preamble: Recognising that some polls, for security and validity, require individuals to submit their NS Nation's name,

Understanding that some may be discouraged from using their right to free speech through polls by fear of political repercussions if there are no guarantees that their responses will be kept anonymous, Congress hereby enacts the following:

Article I
Section I: Setting this bill's limits
This bill shall only, can only, apply to any poll which requires respondents to submit data which can be easily used to deduce their identity. Example of this would be requiring the respondent to submit their NS Nation's name, or the name of a puppet, or political party affiliation if that party has just one member.

Section II: Data Protection
The officiators/holders of the polls which this bill applies to are hereby forbidden from publishing a respondent's individual response(s) in polls without demonstrable and conclusive evidence of a respondent's consent to the sharing of this data.

Section III: Punishment
The punishment for violating this law will be for the High Court to decide, though the recommended punishment is the shutdown or temporary closure of the media company which conducts the poll, or, in the event that the poll is carried out independently, the prohibition of creation of new polls by the original holder for a set period of time, which would be determined at the Court's discretion.