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STRAH NEWS Article 020: Strahconian Republic Establishes International Assembly

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Strahconian Republic Establishes International Assembly

The Republic of Strahcoin establishes the Assembly of Strahconian Nations to boost international relations.

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The Assembly of Strahconian Nations is implemented to both "continue the observation of Strahconian territories and peoples" and "unite potential allies", according to the Strahconian vice president.

The nations currently allied with the Strahconian Republic are Tyluron, Yelluum, and Caneolandia.

Tyluron is a socially conservative nation, with a constitutional hereditary monarchy as well as a constitutional parliamentary republic. It is known for its Victorian-like architecture.
Yelluum is a traditional capitalist nation with a constitutional participatory democracy. It is known for its fishing industry.
Caneolandia is a liberal college state, led by a group of college students and civil rights activists. It is known for its colleges and universities.

The leader of Strahcoin has stated he "pray[s] this will not weaken the nation-state".