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The Thaecian Progressive Union (TPU) (Acting Chairman Version)

Thaecian Progressive Union (TPU)

The Thaecian Progressive Union is a political organisation in Thaecia which has its core values generally in the liberal, left wing of the political spectrum. We hold democracy and liberty, the upholding of fair and free justice and diplomatic inter-regionalism sacrosanct.

The Manifesto of the Thaecian Progressive Union

The Ministry of Home Affairs
  • The TPU believes in strong active recruitment to help Thaecia grow in size and in activity

  • We firmly believe that the communications powers of the Home Affairs Minister should be kept in check as to avoid irritating, spam telegrams, along with fair and just moderation of the Regional Message Board (RMB).

  • The TPU recognises the toxicity of recent campaigns for elections in Thaecia, and pledges to improve its conduct going forward. We also wish to call out other parties when we feel their campaigning methods are generating toxicity.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • The TPU considers inter-regionalism, diplomacy and a good reputation all crucial to a region's success in the NationStates World. We reject isolationism in most forms.

  • The party is slightly apprehensive of establishing a regional military, but is not outright opposed to the idea provided that the military is strictly defensive.

  • The organisation also supports the idea of inter-regional games, for cultural enrichment.

  • We support the idea of creating or joining an interregional organization

The Ministry of Justice & The High Court
  • The TPU also believes that the Justice Ministry should never be afraid to prosecute someone, and should always be headed by a minister with a good understanding of the court, regional laws and the constitution.

The Ministries of Culture and of Role-Play
  • The Ministries of Culture and of Role-play should, crucially, be led by someone who has interest and activity. Without these two key qualities, the culture and role-play are doomed.

  • The party believes that the Ministries should, mostly, be protected from government interference.

Congress of Thaecia
  • The TPU believes in Bicameralism so the region is not runned by a one party system. We strongly reject and oppose Unicameralism.

The Constitution of Thaecia
  • The TPU has and always will oppose any constitutional amendments which aim to implement a cap on the number of political parties allowed in the region. Such caps are open to abuse and disenfranchise many from the political process.

  • The TPU also opposes any amendment to adapt the ministerial selection process, for elections for every post would take a significant amount of time without government and is a backdoor to political corruption.

  • We support the establishment of the University of Thaecia. This university would offer 1 month-long courses on a spectrum of topics, ranging from justice to recruitment to impartality and campaigning. It will be a good way to train the new nations coming to the region the mechanisms of government for when current leaders inevitably move on.

  • The TPU still supports the separation of powers between the three branches of government.

The Media
  • The TPU respects the right of the media to cover what it wants, but believes that media organisations should hold themselves to a standard of impartiality and fairness to all sides, unless they are producing opinion pieces which should we very clearly signposted

  • We have yet to determine if we support measures like preventing media sites from releasing data on individual's responses.

  • Constitution of the TPU

    Chairman of the TPU
    • The Chairman of the TPU is responsible for the management of the party.

    • The Chairman is responsible for the TPU factbook and keeping it updated.

    • The Chairman serves a life term until they either resigns, leaves the party, leaves the region, or CTE’s.

    • If the Chairman position is vacant, an election will be held to determine the new Chairman.

    The TPU Council

    • The TPU Council is led by the Chairman and the Council is required to have at least one party meeting each month.

    • The TPU Council consists of 4 party members plus the Chairman of the TPU.

    • The TPU Council can write legislation to edit the Constitution of the TPU and for the legislation to be in effect, it must pass the Council with a majority vote

    • The whole TPU Council is up for election, besides the Chairman, every 3 months. These elections will take place at the beginning of January, April, July, and October.

    • If a TPU Council spot is vacant, a special election will be held to fill the vacancy.

    • A TPU Councillor is removed from the Council if they resign, leave the party, leave the region, or CTE’s.

    • Any TPU member may run for TPU Council or for TPU Chairman.

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