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The Magisterium!

The Magisterium is the legislative branch of The East Pacific. It is responsible for a wide variety of different tasks, including: voting on Delegate nominations for various positions, proposing and voting on new legislation for the region, and proposing new amendments to the Concordat.

Links: LinkForum | LinkDiscord | LinkJoin the Magisterium | Join the WA

Everyone, this is a current list of Magisters:

Suspended Magisters:

Article B of the Concordat gives the Magisterium its powers:

Article B:

Section 1) This Concordat does hereby invest legislative authority in a Magisterium, which shall enact legislation and maintain Standing Orders.
Section 2) The induction or removal of a Citizen as Magister shall follow the methods prescribed in the Standing Orders. A Magister must be a Citizen.
Section 3) Magisters shall elect among themselves a Provost, as outlined in the Standing Orders. The Provost shall preside over the Magisterium, represent it to the Executive, the Viziers and the Judiciary, and keep a record of the laws of the East Pacific.
Section 4) Enactment or amendment of legislation, and ratification of a treaty or declaration of war submitted by the Delegate shall be decided by majority vote.
Section 5) The Delegate may elect to, within ten days of passage in the Magisterium, veto an enactment or amendment of legislation. The Magisterium may elect to override such a veto by a 3/4 vote.
Section 6) The Magisterium may confirm Arbiters nominated by the Delegate by majority vote.
Section 7) The Magisterium may confirm Viziers nominated by the Delegate by a 2/3 vote.
Section 8) The Magisterium may suspend the Delegate, a Vizier, or an Arbiter by a 2/3 vote for suspicion of indictable crimes. This suspension shall be considered an Indictment for the named offence or offences as prosecuted by the Provost. Suspension shall be lifted by any non-guilty decision of the Conclave or by majority vote of the Magisterium.
Section 9) If the Delegate is removed, resigns, or leaves office by other means, the Magisterium shall then select a Vizier as Acting Delegate until a new election for Delegate has been held.

If you have any questions regarding the Magisteriun or its roles, duties, and powers, do not hesitate to contact Provost, Bachtendekuppen, or Deputy Provosts ArenaC and/or
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